City Council Approves Settlement Offer to Waterford Township

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For Immediate Release

Thursday, March 7, 2019

Northfield MN - Last Tuesday evening, the Northfield City Council met in a closed session with the City’s attorney regarding the pending litigation between Waterford Township and the City related to a 1980 Annexation Agreement.

In order to avoid additional time and cost for both parties, and to demonstrate the City values building and maintaining positive relationships with other jurisdictions, the Council acted after the closed portion of the meeting to make a settlement offer to Waterford Township that would pay the Township approximately $47,000 in exchange for the Township’s dismissal of the appeal.

“The city council wants to have good relationships with our neighbors and believes our community will be better served by dedicating more attention to resolving this dispute, than by spending more time and resources in the court system,” said Mayor Rhonda Pownell.

In December 2018, the Dakota County District Court issued an order dismissing Waterford Township’s complaint against the City.   The Township is appealing this decision to the Minnesota Court of Appeals.

City Administrator Ben Martig says “The District Court ruled in our favor, and the City is confident in its chances on appeal; extending this settlement offer is intended in good faith to mend and build relationships.”






For more information, contact:

Ben Martig, City Administrator at (507) 645-3009 or