City to Consolidate Library Expansion and Skateboard Park Projects

Northfield Public LIbrary Rooftop Skatepark

At its meeting on Tuesday evening, the Northfield City Council voted unanimously to consolidate the library expansion and skateboard park projects. The skatepark will now be incorporated into the design of the new library space.

“We’re excited about the opportunity to improve the connectivity of City services,” said acting Mayor David Peterson Graham.

Peterson Graham added that this action heralds a new era of harmony on the City Council.

Council member Erica DeLudescher agreed.

“The City Council has merged into a single consciousness,” she said. “Resistance is futile.”

Library Director Nollie Jensen was enthusiastic about the potential of a combined library and skatepark. When it reopens in 2016, the library plans to offer a new Books and Boards program, with skateboards available for checkout at the circulation desk. Jensen, who is currently City IT director as well as director of the public library, will take on the additional role of skatepark supervisor and skateboarding instructor. 

“We’re looking forward to drawing more skateboarders to the library,” Jensen said.

While disputing the stereotype that skateboarders are not avid readers, Skateboard Coalition adult advisor Ollie McHardy expressed relief that, after so many years, the skatepark would finally be built.

Skateboard Coalition founder Tony Hawkson added, “Dude! It's taken considerably longer to bring this project to fruition than it took me to read A la Recherche du Temps Perdu.

When asked whether the noise of skateboarding would mix well with the quiet atmosphere of a library, McHardy insisted that skateboarding was no louder than the screaming toddlers in the library’s children’s room.