Piano for Pyros: video and photos of Carleton's "Piano Burning"

Piano BurningI was one of the hundreds of curious onlookers gathered on Carleton's Bald Spot last night to witness "Piano Burning," a 1968 performance art piece by artist and composer Annea Lockwood. The artist and a few faculty members also held a well-attended Q&A session beforehand to place the work in a more academic context than "hey, look...a burning piano!" I shot a bunch of photos and a few video clips, and you can find more coverage of the event on Locally Grown, MPR, Kare11, the StarTribune, and the PioneerPress.


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Great photos

Doug, those are great photos. And thanks for the link!


Thanks, Griff. That was the best campus photo op since Scarlett Johansson's visit last year!