Carleton Grad to Discuss Critical Watershed Management



Bernstein Geologist-in-Residence James Pizzuto, a 1975 Carleton Graduate, and now Professor of Geology at the University of Deleware College of Earth, Ocean and Environment will give an alll campus talk on Friday, November 8 at 3:30 p.m. in Olin Hall 149 on the Carleton Campus. Everyone is welcome.

Pizzuto says most watersheds in the U. S. are no longer entirely natural systems, but rather reflect centuries of human impacts, many of which have impaired the valuable ecosytem services that watersheds provide.  He will argue that restoring watershed ecosystms will require a new discpline of goengineering, guded by a new ethos of our relationship with nature. Professor Pizzuto says that what is needed is a "new marriage of science, engineering, ethics and values."