Carleton College Welcomes Feedback on Master Planning Effort

Since last spring, Carleton College has been engaged in a facilities master planning effort to determine the physical changes needed to support the College’s academic mission, and to make the best use of its existing buildings and space.  The College has shared these emerging plans for the long-term layout of the campus, including desired locations for future academic, administrative, and residential functions, with many groups on campus and at a recent Community Open House.

As the planning process comes to an end, the College would like to provide an additional opportunity for feedback on the planning.  A short power point presentation and the original charges for the planning committees have been posted on Carleton’s website, along with a feedback form for written comments or suggestions.

The College asks that comments be received by Friday, April 11. 

The presentation can be found on the facilities master planning website. The feedback form is also live and available.

For questions or more information, please contact Joe Hargis, associate vice president for external relations, at or 507-222-4327.