Cancer Care & Infusion Center Open House


The public is invited to tour Northfield Hospital & Clinics’ new Cancer Care & Infusion Center Monday, May 7, 3 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.

Visitors will have an opportunity to see the new clinic space, meet the staff and enjoy refreshments. Northfield Hospital’s new Sleep Center, the Breast Care Center and the relocated Kaleidoscope gift shop will also be open for tour.

The new Cancer Care & Infusion Center features specially designed clinic space to match the medical expertise and patient-centered care that has long been a hallmark of the hospital’s medical oncology and infusion service

    Mary Quinn Crow, chief operating officer for Northfield Hospital & Clinics and project manager, said the objective was to create a healing environment and an integrative service to better meet the needs of patients.

    “Cancer treatment is complex and personalized,” Quinn Crow said. “This new clinic space creates a real focal point where we can seamlessly address all of the patients’ needs. It’s a better model of care that brings the caregiver closer to the patient.”

    The center is located on south side of the hospital’s main floor. It consists of eight treatment rooms, six semi-private, with heated recliner chairs, and two private rooms with beds for those who need extended treatments.

    There is clinic space for the medical oncologists, P.J. Flynn, M.D., of Minneapolis Oncology and Hematology, P.A. of Minneapolis, and Robert Dalton, M.D., of the Mayo Clinic, to consult with patients on site, and nurse substations close to the treatment rooms. There will also be space for patients to consult with nutrition therapists and Social Services.

    New to the clinic is the position of “care coordinator.”  This registered nurse will educate patients on the course of care chosen and help them set up their appointments They will then be there to coordinate their journey through the network of care, offering support, direction and follow-up.

    There are a number of amenities in the clinic designed to soften the experience for patients. The clinic captures natural light at every opportunity. A number of treatment rooms have a restful, scenic view of the natural prairie on the St. Olaf College campus. There are a small kitchenette and a library for patient use.

    Quinn Crow said the Cancer Care & Infusion Center will be a great asset to the community, providing that complement other local medical resources such as the year-old Mayo Clinic Radiation Therapy center.

    “Partnering with top oncologists from Minnesota Oncology and Hematology and Mayo Clinic brings cutting edge treatment right to our doorstep,” she said, “And the Mayo Clinic Radiation Center is a great local resource. Now, we have a cancer center that will allow patients to take full advantage of all of the great services available locally.”