Butler, Coleman, Gonzalez-George receive "strongly endorses" from NEA for school board election

(Press release from the Northfield Education Association)

NEA 2020 Northfield School Board Candidate Endorsement


We, the teaching staff of the Northfield Education Association, have a keen interest in the upcoming school board election. An endorsing committee, at the direction of the membership, has been given the task of screening candidates to make recommendations for the four open seats. The following value statements serve to offer perspective in guiding our decision.

We believe…

1. A school board member must see the Board as an oversight and policy-making body as opposed to one that manages the daily workings of the district. Through its efforts it affirms and sets goals for the district that align with the goals of the community, the school personnel, the realities and constraints of what can be done, and a sense of how to sustain quality.

2. In light of this, a board member must value consensus over individual concern but not give up convictions in expressing differing ideas. Opinions should be welcome unless they obstruct the ability of the board in working with the superintendent to form a consistent vision and direction for the district.

3. A board member must be able to make difficult decisions for the betterment of the district by exercising fiscal responsibility while protecting a positive working environment.

4. A board member must be committed to maintain a quality educational system, including both facilities and program. The board should support the empowerment of teachers in helping shape and maintain excellence in the K-12 curriculum.

5. A board member must respect the rights of school employees to collectively bargain, and value the insights employees bring to improving the educational system.

Based on the candidate’s answers to our questionnaire and candidate responses at the League of Women Voter’s candidate forum, we offer the following recommendations:


Strongly endorse

  • Claudia Gonzalez-George                     
  • Corey Butler
  • Robert Coleman


  • Noel Stratmoen
  • Amy Goerwitz
  • Karen Jensen
  • Eric Lundin              

We strongly urge you to take an interest in these and other important races and cast your vote for the betterment of education at the national, State, and local level.