Book launch and signing at The Key: Table 13 Journals


"Table 13 Journals: A Story of Teen Survival and Transformation" is  the personal story of a teenager's struggles with drugs, violence, and persistent thoughts of suicide. The story is set in 2000-2001, a product of the mentoring program at the Northfield Union of Youth (The Key).

The story is told in young Miles Harrison's own words, written when he was 15 and 16, and in the words of Ted O'Toole, who was his mentor at the center during this period.  It also tells the story of the healing effects of the remarkable youth center  and of Ted's supportive presence, informed by his practice of Zen Buddhism.

Ted O'Toole -- a lawyer and Zen practitioner, now a Buddhist priest -- and Miles Harrison’s mentoring sessions evolved into writing journals, then writing a book using their journals entries written over their year-long mentorship. “Table 13” is the table at Bill’s Pizza Palace, where Miles and Ted met to compare journal entries.

The authors' official book launch and signing is on June 6, 2015, at 2 p.m. at The Key – the building that the Center’s kids themselves own and operate -- at 109 Sixth Street West, Northfield, Minnesota. 

In celebration of the 20th anniversary of the organization’s incorporation --and the thousands of kids it has helped -- 50% of all launch proceeds will be donated to The Northfield Union of Youth, Inc.

“Table 13 Journals” has been described as a must-read for teens and anyone who has ever loved or worked with a teen, especially during times of difficulty.

“In this book is a community, a family, and the hugely important message: Find a kid and care like hell.”  Miles Harrison, co-author.

Another reading is scheduled on June 5 at 7 p.m. at the Minnesota Zen Meditation Center, 3343 East Calhoun Parkway, Minneapolis, MN 55408.

“Table 13 Journals” will be available for sale at The Key and at Content Book Store, 314 Division Street, Northfield, MN  55057, and on The book’s cover design was created by Mike Blaha, one of the founding youths at The Key. Mike is an artist and owner of Organic Arts, which specializes in web design and development and in multimedia.    

For more information contact Anne Cutter Mikkelsen or Carolyn Stinson