Attention Child Care Providers - Lean On Us!


We are here to support you!  The United Providers Association (UPA) is a local organization of child care professionals in the Northfield/Dundas area working for the betterment of child care related issues.  

We pride ourselves in providing support and networking to all child care providers.  

For $25 a year - benefits include:

a) access to our free referral program;

b) local, FREE training for your ongoing licensure requirements;

c) ability to participate in the Y’s Healthy Champs program;

d) low cost CPR/First Aid training;

e) and business advice from other experienced providers. 

Join by Nov 15thand receive a SwagBAGofGOODIES.  Sign up on the YMCA’s website ( or call Cindy Graff at 507-650-2905.