Annual Public Sculpture Unveiled

2014 Library Sculpture.jpg

On Friday, May 16, the Northfield Arts and Culture Commission held the unveiling of Octopus Garden,the annual work of outdoor sculpture created through collaboration between the Commission and the Northfield Public Schools. Hand made glass forms, steel and concrete are the materials used by the team comprised of local glass artist Rick Swearer, Carleton apprentice Eliza Dennis and twelve Northfield High School students:  Maddie Guyot; Noah Heil; Caitlin Kelley; Calvin Kragseth; Bailey Mastin; Carmela Ortiz; Alex Pepel; Annika Peterson; Olivia Riggins; Irene Stoutland; Avery Swearer, and Amber Zetelmo.

Located on the corner of 3rd and Division Streets, Octopus Garden is the third work of local artists and high school students. The projects are funded by the South Eastern Minnesota Arts Council (SEMAC) and the Minnesota Legacy Amendment.

Arts and Culture Commission chair Philip Spensley notes that the Commission believes that having a changing public sculpture downtown encourages viewers to maintain their interest by not becoming so familiar with the work that it disappears from their consciousness.  Seeing new work can also encourage viewers to ask questions, appreciate emerging artists and can raise the value for the arts in Northfield. After being on display downtown for one year, each sculpture is moved to the high school groups, creating a permanent sculpture garden, displaying the work of the school’s students.