All Saints Episcopal Church Awarded Grant

The All Saints Episcopal Church has been awarded a Rice County Community Partners Conservation grant to install a rain garden at 419 Washington Street, Northfield. This grant serves a two-fold purpose.  The primary purpose is to reduce snowmelt and storm water runoff before the water carries pollutants to the storm sewer  and then into the Cannon River.

The second purpose is to provide a demonstration garden to educate the public on the positive aspects of having a rain garden in their  own yards:  It will beautify the landscape, reduce water pollution, reduce flooding and erosion, attract birds and butterflies, and protect fish and other aquatic animals.

Installation of the garden is being integrated into the current reconstruction of the church itself. Planning and developing the garden design and design of an information kiosk will be accomplished by members of the All Saints congregation.  The Prairie Flower Girls, a local service group, will be providing the labor for the initial planting. A University of Minnesota Master Gardener will oversee the project. Completion of the garden is scheduled for early fall.

The grant was awarded by the Rice County Community Partners Sub-Grant Program, funded by the Clean Water, Land & Legacy Amendment,  a program offered by Rice County Environmental Services.  More information on this project or the Community Partners grant can be found at or by calling 507-332-6113.