ACCELERATE NORTHFIELD Seeks Academic Support Volunteers

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A great deal of normalcy is expected to return to NORTHFIELD PUBLIC SCHOOLS this fall, which is music to the ears to community members who want to provide academic support for district students.

ACCELERATE NORTHFIELD will return for the 2021-22 school year, meaning volunteers once again will be helping Northfield students become LEARNING SUPERHEROES!

ACCELERATE is a collaboration among parents, community members and organizations seeking to improve the academic performance of students in Northfield public schools.

ACCELERATE's academic support tutors volunteer primarily in Northfield's three elementary schools: BRIDGEWATER, GREENVALE PARK and SPRING CREEK. Tutoring opportunities also will be available at NORTHFIELD MIDDLE SCHOOL and PORTAGE ONLINE SCHOOL.

No experience is necessary to become an academic support volunteer, except for a passion to help transform students into LEARNING SUPERHEROES!

Tutors meet with students on an individual basis or in small groups. While most volunteers are students at St. Olaf and Carleton colleges, there is a large representation of Northfield adults -- including people without children in the school district -- among ACCELERATE's ranks.

Potential volunteers must complete a mandatory background check administered through the school district before becoming a tutor.

Because of the pandemic, the Northfield School Board has added the following rules in its most recent COVID-19 protocols list that impact volunteers:

● All people ages two and older are required to wear a face covering when inside a Northfield School District facility and on school buses. People do not need to wear a face covering when actively eating or drinking.

● Visitors and volunteers are welcome. All sites and programs will keep a roster of visitors and volunteers (name, contact information, date, time, program, site, etc.) as practicable.

● All volunteers are required to share proof of vaccination.

Those interested in becoming an academic support volunteer with ACCELERATE can find more information on ACCELERATE’s website,