A Winter Walk to Remember

The annual Winter Walk takes place in downtown Northfield this Thursday, December 3, from 5:00 to 9:00 p.m., and local writer Amy Acheson wants to remind Northfielders that this is a perfect opportunity to start the holiday season by supporting local businesses.  Acheson's article "A Winter Walk to Remember" appears in the Winter 2009 edition of Southern Minnesota Magazine, and highlights the warmth and charm of Northfield during the holidays.  The article is also featured on the Northfield Chamber of Commerce website as part of the Be Local...Buy Local campaign.

"By working together and sharing their time and talents," Acheson writes, "[Northfielders] have created a magical evening called Winter Walk.  What they've made is essentially an old-fashioned Christmas village from years gone by.  People young and old congregate in the town's square as carols are sung around a majestic Christmas tree.  The warmth of candlelight illuminates the boulevards and river bridges for the winter stroll."

The article also features art work of Winter Walk by local artist David Allen. 

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