Northfielders Return from Mission Trip to Nicaragua

"!{float:right;margin:0 0 0 5px;}http://northfield.org/files/thumb_School.jpg!":http://northfield.org/files/School.jpg On Saturday a group of Northfielders returned from a 13 day mission trip to Nicaragua. The group provided medical, education and construction support to the community of Jalapa, Nicaragua, a remote community in northern Nicaragua by the Honduran border. The group's sponsor ISLA www.isla.cc, has been connecting with the community of Jalapa since the early 90's.

Northfield Historical Society is looking for new posse members

!{float:right; margin: 0 0 5px 5px;}http://northfield.org/files/NHSlogo3.jpg! Since 1992, adult volunteers have been the Northfield Historical Society interpreters and presenters of the events that transpired on September 7, 1876 or as it is known in Northfield and elsewhere: The Defeat of the James-Younger Gang.

For more information, look inside...

Earth Jam 2006!

Click to view a PDF of the posterEarth Day has taken a new and more festive twist on Northfield. One month away: Earth Jam 2006! You're invited to join us on Bridge Square on Saturday April 22nd to celebrate Earth! There will be a town clean-up/beautification from 9am to 12 noon. You are encouraged to meet at the Square at 9 and be ready to get get down and dirty! From 11 am to 4pm there will be tables on the Square of local environmental groups, organizations, local farmers from the Farmer's market, composting demos, goodies from the Just Food Co-op and Mercantile and more! Then THE FESTIVAL BEGINS!  From 2pm to 7pm, a festival of artists from around the world will entertain the people of Northfield and celebrate our support for the earth and our community.

To all Dance groups and Musicians: anyone interested in performing can contact Taylor Franklin at fran0558@umn.edu.

To all interested volunteers to lead the City Wide clean-up, or have an Earth Day info table: again, you can contact Taylor Franklin via email or call the AmeriCorps office at (507) 664-3752.

Volunteers Deliver

A short story of plentiful and powerful volunteerism in Northfield, and how the new Northfield.org site came to be as a result

Chip Cuccio

Back in 2000, I vividly remember regularly perusing the "old" Northfield.org site - sometimes several times per day. And I did so from 1500 miles away. It was months before I was slated to relocate from the east coast to Northfield, and I used Northfield.org as a vehicle to become more familiar with the City. Simply by visiting Northfield.org regularly, and by reading the posts in the old Web Café, I sometimes felt almost like I was already here. I was thankful for the volunteers of Northfield.org back then - big time.

I had finally relocated to Northfield, and I felt quite familiar with our terrific city. I can't even begin to explain how happy I was to arrive here (and to live here!). I really enjoyed how active Northfield.org was (is!), and continued to be a regular reader / visitor of the site. But myself being computer / web geek for many years, I knew in the back of my mind, there was value I could offer to Northfield.org and to the community.

Amerman Pavilion Final Push

I thought I'd let visitors to Northfield.org know that the Northfield Rotary and the Northfield Soccer Association are looking to fill in the financing gap for the Amerman Pavilion in order to complete this project this Spring for use yet this year.  (Click the image on the right for a PDF of a recent Powerpoint presentation about the project.)

If not, this project may slide off the timeline of this Spring and perhaps into next Winter/Spring.  

Donations can be made to the Northfield Rotary Club (a 501c3) and mailed to P.O. Box 271 in Northfield. Or you can donate via PayPal/credit card on the Northfield Rotary Club's web page for the Amerman Pavilion where you also find out lots more about the project.

Carleton's Civic Engagement Series "Bursting the Bubble"

I was on a "Who Is Northfield?" lunch panel on Tuesday, part of Carleton ACT's two-week Civic Engagement Series called "Bursting the Bubble," currently in progress.

Center (L to R): ACT staffers Laura Uridil, Ben Pacht, Erin Sterling.
Right (L to R): Panelists Judy Bickel, Community Action Center Program Director, Laura Riehle-Merrill, ACT Center Coordinator, me,  Kathy Tezla, League of Women Voters moderator and Head of Collection Development, Carleton Library, Dan Bergeson, Carleton Director of Auxiliary Services and Special Projects and NDDC Board Member, Ben Pacht, ACT Student Coordinator for Youth Programs.

Ice rescue practice; tracking external bloggers

Peter Schmelzer has a series of photos in this post to his Vivus Architecture business blog titled:

Cub Scouts Practice Ice Rescue — On Me!

I spotted this when I visually scanned the business newsfeeds box on the lower right sidebar and clicked on the entry which took me right to Peter's blog post on the rescue practice. See also the N.org page which lists all the external feeds for businesses.

Any Northfield area business with an RSS feed on their website can be included in this group. 

Circle of Service photo album

The Circle of Service volunteerism group (PDF explanation) brought new carpeting and a fresh coat of kitchen paint to a Northfield family last Saturday. Members of the team: Pat O'Neill, Marge Evans-De Carpio, Fr. Denny Dempsey, Leota Goodney, Jim Pokorney, Scott Nesbit, Doug Wornson, Norman Butler, Heidi Hamilton, Clarice Grenier Grabau, me.

United Way volunteer/donor Julia Braulick

Julia Braulick was volunteering today at the Northfield Area United Way office, running the letter sealing/postage meter (left). Two weeks ago, it was her $20 donation from her allowance (center photo) that put the current campaign over the 50% level. It now stands at 80%. Right photo, L to R: Executive Director Elizabeth Schott with Julia's mom, Leslie Schultz. Click the photos to enlarge. Elizabeth would like to remind everyone that you can also donate to the Northfield Area United Way via credit card.

Red Cross blood drive at Carleton College Tue. and Wed.

The Red Cross is hosting a blood drive at Carleton College's Severance Great Hall today and Wednesday, 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM.

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