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This Week in the Northfield Blogosphere

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Caucus information for Northfield's 'Northsiders'

Northsiders is a term I use to describe those of us benighted Northfielders who live north of North Avenue, and are thus also residents of Dakota County.  It is our fate to live in a community in which most of the political talk involves politicians who do not actually represent us.  Some newcomers to the area may not even be aware of this.  In fact, judging from some of the signs I saw in neighbors' yards during the last election cycle, I'd say there are a few of us up here who were supporting candidates whom we couldn't even vote for!

If you are a Northsider, you live in ward 3, precinct 3 of Northfield in Dakota County.  (Click the image for a larger view or see the City's Election web page for a link to the full-size PDF.) Your city councilperson is Arnie Nelson, and your mayor is, of course, Lee Lansing.  At the state level, however, you live in district 36B.  Your state representative is Pat Garofalo, not Ray Cox; your state senator is Pat Pariseau, not Tom Neuville.  I thought I'd take this opportunity to inform fellow Northsiders about the upcoming caucus season, since this information is not generally covered by the Northfield News, and most of us do not subscribe to the Farmington Independent.

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