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They're Bitin'

Ice cream by the river 

Northfielder's enjoy the harvests of the deep and the local ice-cream shop. How big were the fish? This one was so big, it broke the net! Check out the flicker collection of several pics I took this afternoon.

Neighbor to Neighbor: Champion Sports' Bill Brodin

Are you heading downtown Northfield to buy cleats? If you go to Champion Sports, you'll probably be helped by Bill Brodin. Bill has worked at Champion Sports for years. Here’s the scoop on Bill:

Bill Brodin, NHS ’87, was born and raised in Northfield. His mother graduated from NHS in the 1950's when the old middle school was the high school. Bill has one older brother, Dan, and one older sister, Beth. He plays golf but his favorite sport to watch is hockey. Bill's father used to be a hockey referee here in town.

Bill says the coolest thing he's ever seen in his life was game seven of the 1991 World Series. It was the loudest experience he's ever heard and outside the dome everyone was "slapping hands and acting crazy".

Northfielders Return from Mission Trip to Nicaragua

"!{float:right;margin:0 0 0 5px;}!": On Saturday a group of Northfielders returned from a 13 day mission trip to Nicaragua. The group provided medical, education and construction support to the community of Jalapa, Nicaragua, a remote community in northern Nicaragua by the Honduran border. The group's sponsor ISLA, has been connecting with the community of Jalapa since the early 90's.

Rev. Craig Ellingboe joins the blogsophere

Rev. Craig Ellingboe, senior pastor at St. Peter's Lutheran Church in Northfield, has become the second member of the Northfield Ministerial Blogging Association.

His new weblog is now up, with his first blog entry A journey from Birth to Life.

I took this photo of him today in his office, showing me his favorite technological tool for fixing typos. Click to enlarge.

Ellingboe's blog has been added to the Civic Blogosphere page under Organization Leader weblogs. His blog's RSS feed's been added to the aggregator as well.

Grandma Estenson wins

Evelyn Estenson's relatives delivered the comments to my entry last week titled A challenge to the relatives of these Northfielders.

She wins an all-expenses paid trip to a local coffeehouse of her choice with me. w00t!

Evelyn, pick a time and place and let me know by attaching a comment here.

Remembering the Road to Dignity walk, 20 years (and a bit) later

Last week, while home with the flu, I read a remarkable Northfield story I'd not known anything about until quite recently, when I became acquainted with the family involved.

Just over 20 years ago, the late Michel Monnot, a professor of French at Carleton, walked from the Twin Cities to Los Angeles to raise money and awareness for Parkinson disease research. His book, which ends with the story of the walk but is largely about the aftermath of being diagnosed with Parkinson disease at the age of 38, is From Rage to Courage: The Road to Dignity Walk. The walk was sponsored by the American Parkinson Disease Association, Northfield Hospital and Sandoz, Inc. He concluded his journey of what he estimated to be 3,801,000 steps (110 walking days, 15 miles per day, reducing the average stride by 20% to account for the fact that Parkinsonian steps are shorter than normal, and reducing it by another 20% "because I am a short Parkinsonian") twenty years ago last month, on January 24, 1986.

Your love story?

HeartYou may have read Michelle Kubitz's cover-story in the Northfield News on Victor and Kiffy Summa this Saturday. The article tells us a love story about the Summas that has lasted for over 50 years. The 'News also included several other love stories from locals. I thought this was a great way to get to know our community members, so I am requesting that you post your love story in a comment on this post.

Here's mine:

I moved to Minnesota to attend St. Olaf in the fall of 1996. During my first semester, that fall, I would occasionally catch a glimpse of a beautiful woman. She seemed very European: classically and simply dressed and a straight, confident posture.

A challenge to the relatives of these Northfielders


I took photos of these people (click to enlarge) at yesterday's open house at Village on the Cannon.  Some, possibly all, have roots and relatives in Northfield. I know who they are, but I'm not going to name them just yet, as I have in mind a blatantly manipulative scheme to get more people to register as new users here for the new Sooooo....

If you are related to any of these people -- immediate family member, relative, distant relative, lost relative, disowned relative, etc. -- please REGISTER and attach a comment to the blog post, identifying yourself and your relationship to which person in which photo. The more relatives who register and attach a comment, the better. The person who has the most relatives attach individual comments will win an all-expenses paid trip to a local coffeehouse of their choice with me. 2nd and 3rd place? I'll think of something. DEADLINE is one week from today: Feb. 19, 2006.

If you know these people but are not a relative, you can help by contacting their relatives and telling them what needs to be done and the dire consequences if they don't. In the near future, I'll post a new entry with an update on the scheme.

Two Receive Sertoma Awards

Northfield Citizens Online board member, Rotarian, and First National Bank of Northfield VP Rick Estenson and local chiropractor Dan Corbett were recently honored by Northfield Sertoma

Estenson received the Service to Mankind award, while Corbett was named Sertoman of the Year. Pictured with Estenson are (L) Mary Ellen Sturm and (R) Nola Matheson.

Kids in a candy store

My wife Robbie and I were eating Chicago-style hotdogs at Tiny's last night (50% off 5-7 pm!!) when this dad walked in with his kids. (If you know their names, please attach a comment.)

I took their photo (click to enlarge) because it occurred to me that it's a rare thing these days for kids to experience. i.e., a candy counter vs. a shelf of bagged candy in a giant grocery superstore. My grandma used to own a neighborhood grocery store on W. 7th St. in St. Paul and I have fond memories of my parents lifting me up to see the mouth-watering selection of goodies. 

Freeloader Five

Who are these guys bellying up to the noodle bar on Friday at Wiggles and Wok, getting a free lunch? Click the photo for a larger view.

Register and then attach a comment if you know their names. (I know their names, but I'm trying to entice y'all to register) 

Olympic gymnastic trials

These guys were doing front flips on the boulevard on the west side of downtown last night. Zane Anway, on the right in the group photo, nailed his flip for my camera on his first try. Click the photos to enlarge. *Update* Thanks to several readers who used the contact us form to give us the names of the other guys in the photo. They are, left to right: Schuyler Huber, Joe McGowan, Drew Wilson and Zane Anway.

Business owners having fun

While celebrating my daughter's birthday with her brothers last night, I took some photos of local business owners out relaxing. Left photo at Froggy Bottoms (L to R): Leigh Schrader, owner of Sunny Side Designs (jewelry) and a realtor with Northfield Home and Realty, Dave Hvistendahl, a partner in the law firm Hvistendahl, Moersch & Dorsey and co-owner of Froggy Bottoms, Denny Witgert co-owner of Hotdish ("dinners, lunches, parties, brunches"). Center 3 photos: Bill and Sheila Welch in a couples bowling league at Jesse James Lanes. Bill works for his brother Mark Welch who owns Welch Plumbing Inc. Sheila runs a cleaning service called Oh Sheila. Right photo: the surrealistic atmosphere of moonlight bowling. My daughter Gilly, with brothers Tyson and Graham.

Ed Kuhlman recognized

I got this email from NHS President Rob Schanilec yesterday: "Over the weekend Ed Kuhlman, local auctioneer extraordinaire and realtor was recognized by the Minnesota State Auctioneers Association for his always creative and effective marketing prowess."

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