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Long-time readers of have no doubt noticed a significant change on our front page of late—beyond the ongoing visual and organizational changes. Scroll down and take a look at the list of recent contributors...ten different people have submitted stories this week!

I know what you're thinking: " can I get a story posted on"

Well, here's how NOT to do it. We often get submissions through our Contact Us form—everything from a quick note about an event to a full-blown press release. That email form is a great way to get a question answered, but we rarely publish anything that we receive that way.

Instead, here are your best options...

NCO Seeks Managing Editor

Northfield Citizens Online (NCO), the non-profit, volunteer-run organization behind and the ISSUES email list, is seeking to fill a part-time paid position of Managing Editor.

We're searching for an individual with strong writing, communication and leadership skills to work with our volunteer board and its committees to help us develop diverse content that represents a broad spectrum of our community.

If you're interested in the position, please review the Managing Editor Job Description (PDF) and contact us soon! The deadline for applications is March 19, 2006.

NCO Board Thanks Griff Wigley for Endless Hours of Volunteer Leadership

Click for a larger viewAfter helping charter NCO, as well as leading and inspiring many others to volunteer and contribute to our citizen-based website, Griff Wigley has decided to step down from his official role with Northfield Citizens Online.

While assuring the NCO Board that we’ll still see his occasional content contributions on, Griff is leaving his part-time staff position to concentrate on a number of his other cutting-edge ventures. This leaves NCO with a considerable hole to be filled, but our all-volunteer board is working to maintain the level of quality and communication the citizens of Northfield have grown to appreciate and expect. To this end, we are actively searching for a Managing Editor to join us, and we encourage any interested individuals to contact us for more information.

Volunteers Deliver

A short story of plentiful and powerful volunteerism in Northfield, and how the new site came to be as a result

Chip Cuccio

Back in 2000, I vividly remember regularly perusing the "old" site - sometimes several times per day. And I did so from 1500 miles away. It was months before I was slated to relocate from the east coast to Northfield, and I used as a vehicle to become more familiar with the City. Simply by visiting regularly, and by reading the posts in the old Web Café, I sometimes felt almost like I was already here. I was thankful for the volunteers of back then - big time.

I had finally relocated to Northfield, and I felt quite familiar with our terrific city. I can't even begin to explain how happy I was to arrive here (and to live here!). I really enjoyed how active was (is!), and continued to be a regular reader / visitor of the site. But myself being computer / web geek for many years, I knew in the back of my mind, there was value I could offer to and to the community.

The directory of local business web sites

I had coffee on Sunday with former NCO Board members Nick Benson and his dad Curt Benson. (Click photo to enlarge.)

Nick's away at college but Curt's still lurking about, having taken on the volunteer task of updating and maintaining the directory of local websites. Since we switched platforms earlier this month, Curt's been steadily adding web sites to the Business Directory.

If you know of a local website that's not listed, use our Contact Us form to alert Curt. And if that web site has a weblog or RSS feed associated with it, be sure to alert us to that as well so we can aggregate the latest headlines into our various newsfeed areas.

Curt also contributes to the local economy via his business, Fab Lab, a "machine and fabrication shop specializing in high quality work for science and industry."


More than the front page

I'd like to eventually see dozens of items submitted to each day.

A small percentage of these will be "promoted" to the front page. We'll be exercising editorial decision-making for what the right mix is each day.

For example, I think it would be cool to have 15 sports stories submitted each day. Or even more extreme, 15 hockey or soccer stories. Or 15 arts-related stories. Or business. Etc. 

All of them would be published to their respective categories and we'd scan them to see if one or more might be good for front page promotion.

Two items submitted this week that are NOT on the front page:

Please register

One of the taglines we're experimenting with (see it in our temporary logo) is "community news, citizen produced." On the lower left sidebar, you'll see a box that looks like this:

We really want everyone to Create a new account and become not just a consumer of local news and information but a producer. See the How to Contribute Content page for more on the current ways you can do this.


Changeover heroes

These guys delivered the pizza this week, pulling off the major changeover from the old platform to the new with hardly a hiccup.

L to R: Adam Gurno, Chip Cuccio, Sean Hayford O'Leary. Click to enlarge.

Tech committee chair Chip deserves special mention for orchestrating the high drama switch flipping Friday night from 11 PM to 3 AM, and then doing the all-day tweaking on Saturday to whip the platform into shape.

Welcome to the new

Greetings! And welcome to the new platform for [This post will remain "sticky" (on top) for several days to alert everyone to the changes.]

We're furiously working on miscellaneous items that need tweaking after the changeover from the Movable Type platform to this CivicSpace platform. Also, this design template is a temporary one. web usage stats for Jan. 2006

According to the software that our web host service (Tiger Technologies) uses (AWStats), the traffic to our web site for January, 2006 looks like this:


Translation: we had 14,385 different people visiting 36,850 times and viewing 200,938 pages. We averaged 1,188 people/per day for the month, with a peak of 1,581 on Jan. 17.

We just purchased another web traffic analysis software application, so that we can be more confident of the numbers. We hope to have it installed soon. Along with our new platform, we expect to be able to offer sponsors much better information on traffic by early March.

Long hours for the NCO Board, Tech Committee

It's been a weekend of long hours of volunteering for both the NCO Board and the Tech Committee. Click photos to enlarge. web usage stats for 2005




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