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Free Poker in Northfield - Now with video!

Thanks to a 2005 change in Minnesota laws, Texas Hold 'Em poker is now allowed in private establishments in Minnesota. There are restrictions, of course - no money must change hands, prizes awarded must be under $200 total, and so on and so forth.

This has resulted in an explosion of leagues, games, and informal tournaments held by bars and restaurants as a means to get people in the door.

Northfield is no different - Brad's Corner Bar in Dundas has been hosting a poker league since September of 2005. Every Tuesday and most Saturdays, forty to sixty people converge to compete, chat, and enjoy themselves at no cost.

Not only is this a short story about these type of events, it also is a preview of a new feature of Northfield.org: video. That's right - this story contains footage of people playing at Brad's and an interview with Brad himself. While it's not the Winter Olympics, it is a big technological leap forward for us and we hope to make it a regular part of the Northfield.org routine.

So, come with us, and prepare to watch the story unfold - after the jump...

Ruby is gone

Downtown Northfield has lost a dog friend. Ruby is gone.

She was diagnosed with lymphosarcoma in December and succumbed to the disease on February 9. She was 10 years old.

Adam de Malignon found Ruby in a Seattle, Washington shelter in 1997 and she moved to Minnesota and into our home on Bridge Square in Northfield a year later.

For many years she greeted customers at Bridge Square Gallery. Bridge Square Park was her front yard. Most people downtown knew her and many had treats for her in their desk, behind the counter or at the drive-up window.

It didn't take long for Ruby to know the routine, pulling us into various stores on our walks around town. Aquatic Pets was her favorite hang-out and the Carleton Arb her favorite walk.

Fighting Crime: Reading to Kids

Chief Smith, storytellerA few night ago at the Greenvale Park elementary school's Family Fun Night, along with basketball, origami, button making and other activities, police chief Gary Smith was doing a bit of extra community service by reading stories to children around a "campfire."

I saw on Chief Smith's web log that he did the same thing last month at Sibley, and will be reading again at Bridgewater elementary in March.

And you think we have problems with bicycles downtown? You should see whats happening in St. Paul!

If you think we have a problem with bicycles on the sidewalk downtown, check this story on WCCO out!

I work in downtown St. Paul, and travel through this skyway on a daily basis. Last night, the turned it into a bicycle race.

The first link is to the video news story.


The second link is to the almost 5 minute ride through the skyway, taken by one riders helmet cam.


The doorways, and corners are very very tight on the lower part of the skyway. In the first piece, there is actually a rider that rides down the stairs instead of walking the bike.

Friday Folic- Toff the College Cat Video

See this weblog post to access a student movie/video of Toff the College Cat.

Toff is sometimes found in classrooms, dorm rooms, even the President's Office.  On rare occasions I have had the honor of cat-sitting him or house-sitting his caretaker's residence.

Toff is becoming more famous, as his story has been on not only the Carleton website, but now the mnstories site linked above. Rumors of his moving to Hollywood are pure rubbish!

Looking Backward

I've lived in Northfield for almost 16 years. That doesn't sound like much to anyone who lives where they grew up, but it's considerably longer than I've lived anywhere else, as I've hopped around from place to place over the course of my 40-some years. Here, for the first time, I have watched children grow from toddlers to college students. Here, for the first time outside my family, I know people with gray hair that I remember as brunettes. Here, in the smallest town I've lived in, I know the slightly disorienting feeling of regularly running into people you know from one context in other contexts (seeing your dental hygienist at the supermarket, for example).

Mallards in Winter

These last few weeks of unusually warm weather, a good-sized community of mallards has been enjoying the open water in downtown Northfield. Most years, you're not likely to see mallards on the Cannon River in January. Click photo to enlarge.

According to the DNR, mallards typically migrate to southern states when frigid weather sets in, following open water as rivers and ponds freeze over to the north.

Waves on the hockey rink

It was 44 degrees downtown at 6 am, after a high yesterday of 48, according to the Carleton College Weather Database.

The hockey rink at Woodley and Hwy 3 had small waves on it at 9 am when I took this photo. Click to enlarge.

Snowmen, snow sculptures

Susan Crow sent me these photos she took recently of various snowmen she spotted around town. Click to enlarge. And tonight, the Union of Youth is hosting a Snow Sculptures for Art Project at The Key. See Joshua Jude's blog post for more info.

Where, in Northfield, is this?

Where, in Northfield, is this? Click to enlarge. Here's your hint: Usually, a worn path indicates an easier stride. But in this place, the opposite is true -- a worn path signifies greater human stuggle. Attach a comment here or use the Contact Us form.

Being Responsible: Cats and Birds Don't Mix

We're lonely out here. The Cairns' bird feeders are swinging away, completely empty. Not a single fine feathered friend. You might be surprised that we have to have it this way. Much to our chagrin, we realized we just couldn't feed the birds, anymore. We are, after all, kind hearted and responsible. We'd like to encourage you to be bird friendly, too: If you have a cat, you might not want to feed the birds, either.

Cheap gas?

The local Holiday gas station appeared to be having a sale on gas last week @ 21.4 cents per gallon. Thanks to Bright Spencer for the photo. Click to enlarge. Question: When was the last time the price of gasoline was actually that low? Attach a comment or contact us.

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