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Sign of the Season: Road Construction

!{float:left;margin: 0 5px 0 0 }http://northfield.org/files/road_closed.jpg! The old joke goes like this: _There are two seasons in Minnesota: winter and road construction._

Jefferson Rd, near the clinic, was temporarily closed yesterday as infrastructure was laid for the new development to the south. I spoke with Joel Walinski from the City of Northfield who informed me that it will be temporarily closed again around Monday to replace the asphalt.

When I asked about summer plans for construction, he noted that there will be a few small projects, but the upcoming work on Hwy 3 will be the one that affects everyone.

How warm was it?

"!{float:left; margin: 0 5px 0 0;}http://northfield.org/files/thumb.gif!":http://northfield.org/files/rplot.php.gif

Today was the first really warm day of 2006 and the question on everyone's mind was "_How warm was it?_" According to the degree crunchers over at Carleton, "it reached a high of *77* today":http://weather.carleton.edu/

Interesting to note that this comes "less than sixty days since Alex Beeby posted about the -16F day of February 18th":http://northfield.org/node/1422. That's a difference of 93 degrees!

This week in the Northfield Blogosphere...

Springing anew through the defrosted grounds of the "Northfield Blogosphere":http://northfield.org/aggregator/sources this week are entries on soccer, science, singing, and sustainability. Sweet!

More inside...

Listen to the Music

Last Monday (April 3, 2006) I could hear the frogs and toads in our slough. I thought you might also enjoy listening.


The Spring Melt fills the Cannon River (with Video!)

The spring melt has begun to fill the Cannon River again. While it's not nearly as high as it was in 2004 ("Gallery One":http://www.flickr.com/photos/gurno/sets/72057594059801058/, "Gallery Two":http://northfield.org/gallery/highwater0604), it was making quite a racket as it churned past downtown.

If you'd like to see more, look inside...

Northfield Entertainment Guide: April, 2006 issue

Click to view PDFThe new issue of the Northfield Entertainment Guide (NEG) is now available free throughout the Northfield area and here via PDF.

Click the image to view it within your browser or right-click on the image to "Save link/target as..." and then view or print it from your computer.

Pink Flamingos Spotted in Northfield!

Flamingos!This flock of Pink Flamingos was spotted Friday morning on Poppy Court. (Click to view the full-size photo.)

It was quite shocking to pick up my neighbor and see them all sitting there!

Can anyone elaborate as to what the St. John's youth is up to?

Northfield 360: St. Olaf

"!{float:left; margin: 0 5px 5px 0;}http://static.flickr.com/46/110133325_68fe456d7d_m.jpg(A View From Larson)!":http://www.flickr.com/photos/torstenson/110133325/in/pool-northfield/ Sometimes these things take a lot of work, sometimes they're just handed to you.

St. Olaf has done a full set of very well done VR panoramas for the more interesting spots on campus. You "can take the entire tour here":http://www.stolaf.edu/virtualtour/, but if you'd like the highlights, may I suggest...

* "Boe Chapel":http://www.stolaf.edu/virtualtour/boe.shtml, currently under construction.
* The "Rolvaag Library":http://www.stolaf.edu/virtualtour/rolvaag.shtml
* And what everyone imagines when they look at it from a distance, "the view from on top of Larson Dormitory":http://www.stolaf.edu/virtualtour/larson.shtml.

The VR movies requires Apple Quicktime.

This Week in the Northfield Blogosphere

A quick round up of this weeks posts in the "Northfield blogosphere":http://northfield.org/aggregator/sources...

Snowy Day Walk

Click for larger view
How does the saying go? "Neither rain nor snow will stop the mail from coming through." Well, the USPS has nothing on Helen & Gizmo! They were out for their morning walk on Monday, just like any other day. Gizmo was really enjoying himself, jumping over and through the snow. I enjoyed watching the pair while picture-taking on my way to work.

Early Blooms Buried in Snow

closeup of snowdrops  snowy trees  closeup of snow-covered boughs

March in Minnesota is doing its typical two steps forward, one step back thing — or is that one step forward, two steps back? I photographed these snowdrops on the far east side of Northfield on Friday; today they are buried under several inches of the heavy wet stuff. The snow-laden branches in the other photos, which I took this morning, are about 10 feet away from the snowdrops. The third shot is a close-up of part of the second. Click on the photos for larger views.

Northfield 360: Bridge Square

 Bridge Square Bridge Square

It's time for another panorama of Northfield - this time our beloved Bridge Square.

It's been a rather dry few months, so this February panorama is notable for its lack of snow.

* "Medium Size Panorama":http://static.flickr.com/40/110355174_3a6ec5f2fb_b.jpg
* "Large Size Panorama":http://static.flickr.com/40/110355174_3a6ec5f2fb_o.jpg
* "Low resolution VR movie":http://gurno.com/adam/images/northfield.org/bs_pano_low.mov ( _requires Quicktime_ )
* "high resolution VR movie":http://gurno.com/adam/images/northfield.org/bs_pano_high.mov ( _requires Quicktime_ )

Northfield 360: Where in Northfield?

!{float:left; margin: 0 15px 5px 0;}http://static.flickr.com/43/104169584_3a3943e677_m.jpg!
This is a 360 degree panorama shot somewhere in Northfield a few days ago. Can you identify the location?

* "Small image":http://static.flickr.com/43/104169584_3a3943e677_b.jpg
* "Large image":http://static.flickr.com/43/104169584_3a3943e677_o.jpg
* "Low resolution VR movie":http://gurno.com/adam/images/movies/a_pano_low.mov ( _requires Quicktime_ )
* "High resolution VR movie ":http://gurno.com/adam/images/movies/a_pano_high.mov ( _requires Quicktime_ )

Post your guesses in the comment section!

Last night's power outage

See Police Chief Gary Smith's weblog for info on last night's power outage.

And see the PDF of this Red Cross poster on power outage preparation.


Winter scenes

Some miscellaneous winter-related photos I've taken recently: A dozen deer grazing in the corn field next to the Arb; an unconventional snowman; ice sculptures at Carleton. See the Winter scenes photo album in our N.org gallery.

Or see them in the Northfield Group Photo Pool on Flickr  that we're experimenting with.


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