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Learning about Democratic Education

Several citizens recently attended an open forum at The Village School of Northfield to learn more about its vision and mission, and to call out for support from the local community. Teachers, students, and community members joined in the conversation about democratic education, restorative justice, and current and past projects of The Village School. For more in-depth coverage, see my editorial in The Center for Sustainable Living's blog. -Scott Schumacher

School District Asks for Help Again with Budget Reductions


The Northfield School District has requested that the Budget Reduction Committee, formed last year to address shortfalls in revenue from the State, reconvene to address the district's continuing deficit, projected by Supt. L. Chris Richardson in the high school newsletter sent out recently to be approximately $700,000 at the end of the 2005-2006 school year.

A series of events led up to the lingering shortfall.

Despite successfully cutting $2.9 million from the 05-06 school year, the district still fell $300,000 short of its reductions goal "due to a reinstatement of some funding at the secondary level, maintenance of the school nurses across the district and the mandated program requirements for special education and English language learners." The rise in natural gas and diesel fuel prices are projected to be $225,000 higher than predictions last spring.

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