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This week in the Northfield Blogosphere...

Springing anew through the defrosted grounds of the "Northfield Blogosphere": this week are entries on soccer, science, singing, and sustainability. Sweet!

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This Week In The Northfield Blogosphere...

Among the items of interest in the "Nfld B-sphere": this week: People on horses, people on electric horseless carriages, and people who used to have horses, but now there are electric horseless carriages everywhere and they're getting charged for it.

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Rev. Craig Ellingboe joins the blogsophere

Rev. Craig Ellingboe, senior pastor at St. Peter's Lutheran Church in Northfield, has become the second member of the Northfield Ministerial Blogging Association.

His new weblog is now up, with his first blog entry A journey from Birth to Life.

I took this photo of him today in his office, showing me his favorite technological tool for fixing typos. Click to enlarge.

Ellingboe's blog has been added to the Civic Blogosphere page under Organization Leader weblogs. His blog's RSS feed's been added to the aggregator as well.

This Week in the Northfield Blogosphere

A quick round up of this weeks posts in the "Northfield blogosphere":

Father Denny Dempsey joins the blogosphere

Father Denny Dempsey is pastor of the Church of St. Dominic in Northfield.

His new weblog is now up. He's the first member of the Northfield Ministerial Blogging Association to have one.

His first post was on Lent, titled: Lent, Lance and Spiritual Life

His second post, What is God really like? is a response to those who believe God's been handing out punishment in the form current events such as the tsunami, Katrina, Ariel Sharon's stroke, and soldier deaths in Iraq.   

Dempsey's blog has been added to the Civic Blogosphere page under Organization Leader weblogs. His blog's RSS feed's been added to our aggregator as well.

Olivia Frey of the Village School joins the Blogosphere

Olivia Frey, Director of the Village School of Northfield, has created a new weblog entitled Free Democratic Education.

Within her blog, she and other teachers at the Village School hope to post "radical discussions about education, learning, and reform in education."

The description of her blog further explains that posts will "..challenge readers to go to the root of our problems in our educational system, and offer a vision for transforming our schools and our thinking, in the process transforming society."

You can view her blog at . Welcome to the Blogosphere Olivia!

3D St. Olaf: Science Center and Dittman Center/Administration building

more google earth hijinx. i've made a couple 3D models to sit on manitou heights. these renderings are simple extrusions made from campus maps, not much detail. click links to download .kml files, open in G.E.

Science Center

Dittman Center (art and dance) and Administration

Bridge Square: high resolution for google earth

yet another google earth image overlay; this time a high-resolution image of bridge square. you can acutally see someone in front of the post office!

download .kmz file for G.E.


northfield on google earth

overlay of downtown northfield for google earth. from 2004 agricultural survey aerial imagery.

click here to download .kmz file; open in google earth. 

The directory of local business web sites

I had coffee on Sunday with former NCO Board members Nick Benson and his dad Curt Benson. (Click photo to enlarge.)

Nick's away at college but Curt's still lurking about, having taken on the volunteer task of updating and maintaining the directory of local websites. Since we switched platforms earlier this month, Curt's been steadily adding web sites to the Business Directory.

If you know of a local website that's not listed, use our Contact Us form to alert Curt. And if that web site has a weblog or RSS feed associated with it, be sure to alert us to that as well so we can aggregate the latest headlines into our various newsfeed areas.

Curt also contributes to the local economy via his business, Fab Lab, a "machine and fabrication shop specializing in high quality work for science and industry."



Blog Boy Chuck Olsen visits Carleton


Chuck Olsen visited John Schott's Cinema & Media Studies at Carleton College recently for two presentations: a screening of his documentary film Blogumentary and an introduction to videoblogging, including a look at Minnesota Stories, his daily videoblog. I was able to sneak into both classes. On Tuesday, he finished up with some socializing with the class and the professor at J. Grundy's Rueb 'n' Stein, AKA The Rueb.


Click the photos for a larger view and the poster thumbnail for a PDF of his visit.

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