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Aggregation experimentation: Recent blog posts

We're about one month away from launching our new platform here on N.org. One of the new features will be the ability to aggregate the weblog posts of local bloggers in a variety of ways.

For example, rather than just displaying the four most recent posts of each blogger as we do now, we'll be able to aggregate the most recent posts of a group of bloggers and lump them together, unidentified like this:

Citizen radio: broadcast and podcast opportunities

A couple of weeks ago, I met with Carleton's KRLX-FM 88.1 radio station manager Cameron Nordholm and news director Morgan Weiland (above left) to discuss collaboration ideas. One result: instead of me stringing a microphone from a ceiling tile (right photo, courtesy of Ross Currier), we're going to record in the Ross/Tracy issues confabs in the KRLX studio and broadcast the show. They are looking for other local programming ideas, too... by Jan. 6. See their upcoming.org entry and the flyer (center) requesting submissions frrom local musicians. And if you have an idea for a audio or video podcast that you'd like to distribute via Northfield.org, contact us.

City of Northfield's RSS feeds now on Northfield.org

The City of Northfield's new website offers nine different RSS feeds that anyone can subscribe to. You can now see at a glance the most recent six headlines for each feed on the lower right sidebar here on the Northfield.org homepage. Here's a screencapture of this morning's feeds.

Governors Ball photos - coming soon (2:15 pm)

My wife Robbie and I took over 250 photos at last night's Governors Ball. We should have the best of them posted in an album here by noon 1 PM 2 PM today. In the meantime, here are two. (Click to enlarge.)

Left: Kari Alberg with her Governors Ball lithograph which fetched $2,300 in a silent auction.
Right: Event co-chairs Kristen Stets, Emily Monaghan, and Rob Schanilec.

If you have photos from last night that you'd like to share with the Northfield community, contact us.

11:55 AM Update: We just finished sorting/deleting and are starting the upload. Estimated finish time: 1:00 PM. Apologies for the delay. Go take a nap in the meantime.

12:55 PM Update: We did some extra editing; also, the uploading is taking longer because the photos are higher resolution than normal. Estimated finish time: 2:00 PM. Go Vikings! ("And take the Twins with you," sayeth Robbie.)

2:05 PM Update: Almost done... ten more minutes.

Northfield.org and Nfld.us

We're in the process of making the domain name nfld.us more invisible to site visitors, so that northfield.org appears in the browser address bar no matter where on our site you happen to be. The two domains are essentially the same and in most cases, it won't matter which one is used.

This changeover has caused some technical glitches in the past few days, notably with the Contact Us form and with weblog comments, which hopefully are now fixed.

We'd appreciate you letting us know (yep, use that form!) if you come upon other glitches. And my apologies for the hassles.

Update 12/14: For those of you using Internet Explorer as your web browser, you can fix the image problem by clearing your browser cache.

Tools > Internet Options > general tab > delete files

N.org logo for the holidays

norg-xmas-logo.gifIn the spirit of Google Holiday Logos, we have a festive N.org logo in our banner, courtesy of NCO Board Member, Tech Committee member, Library Board Member, and blogger, Adam Gurno.

November web traffic for Northfield.org; milestone: 2,000 blog posts

We recently passed the milestone of 2,000 posts to this weblog since we started it two years ago... November, 2003.

We had a record month for web traffic in November in all three major categories (click for a more complete graphic):

Visitors: 14,354
Visits: 45,564
Pages/pageviews: 231,345
Hits: Over a million but it's an irrelevant stat. Want to know more? Our web host provider says this:

Photos of Winter Walk needed

If you have photos of the last night's Winter Walk festivities that you'd be willing to share with the community, (ones of you and your family/friends especially) please contact us.

Contact Us form <strike> temporarily broken</strike> fixed

Our Contact Us form is having a few hiccups.

Apologies. We'll fix asap.

Update 10:45 pm: FIXED.

eSubscriptions: RSS or email announcements

Use a PC- or web-based newsreader? If so, you can subscribe to our RSS feed, which we've had here for a couple of years. Really Simple Syndication (RSS) is like a radio signal for a website, a format designed for sharing headlines and other Web content. xml.gif This icon is the cue that we're RSS capable. So train your newsreader (aggregator) to grab content from Northfield.org's syndicated weblog.

Email announcements
mojomailbox.gifIf you prefer to get your headlines via email, you can subscribe to our announcement list. One click gets you on. One click gets you off.

Thumbnails, text wrap, extended entry

We're experimenting with using smaller images (thumbnails) in this weblog, letting you click them to see the larger versions, having the text wrap around them, and using the "extended entry" option for blog posts that contain more than 100 words or so.

These changes allow us to post more information on the blog in a compact way, while keeping the slow-loading images to a minimum for those with slower connections.

Attach a comment here if you have feedback or suggestions for us. Or use contact us form.

Donate to N.org/NCO via PayPal

Northfield Citizens Online (NCO) is the 501c3 (non-profit) organization that operates Northfield.org.

We are a 100% volunteer organization and currently receive no funding or grant money.

Please consider making a tax deductible donation to us via the link to PayPal (credit card) on the right side of our homepage. Or Contact Us if you'd rather donate via a check/USPS. Thanks!


Northfield.org web usage stats for 2004

According to the software that our web host service (Tiger Technologies) uses (AWStats), the traffic to our web site increased during 2004.


Translation: for the month of November, 2004 (our peak month), we had 9,631 different people visiting 21,558 times and viewing 111,138 pages.

Our web host uses this explanation for the above terms:

* Each page is a request for the server to send a single file other than a GIF or JPEG image. You can think of this as (roughly) the number of pages anyone viewed on your site. (Someone viewing a single "page" will probably show up as several "hits", because most pages include links to GIF or JPEG graphics.)

* Each visit is one or more file requests from an individual computer that hasn't requested any files in the previous hour. Think of this as (roughly) the number of times anyone visited your Web site. If the same person visited twice in one month (at least an hour apart), that would be counted as two separate visits.

* The number of visitors is the number of visits in a month that appear to come from different computers. Think of this as (roughly) the number of different people who visited your Web site in a month.

How accurate are these stats? I have no idea. If you're a technical person and would like to help us further anaylyze our usage, please Contact Us.

Comments & Trackbacks: Downtown footbridge over Hwy 3

Many weblogs allow readers to attach comments to a weblog post. Like this one.

Another way of having a conversation about an issue across multiple weblogs is via a feature called Trackbacks.

Amy Gage's post to the NDDC weblog earlier this week about the need for a downtown footbridge over Hwy 3 now has a couple of comments attached to it (mine and Ross Currier's) plus two trackbacks to weblog posts on the issue (Adam Gurno and some flake named Citizen Wig).

So to join the discussion on this issue, you have several options:

1. Attach a comment to one of the weblog posts.

2. If you have a weblog, post to your own blog on the issue and include a link to somebody's else's blog post on the issue.

3. Join the discussion on N.org's ISSUES email discussion list. (My initial post is here.)

Apology for blog comments deleted

In yesterday's purge of comment and trackback spam, I goofed by not giving a heads-up to the various blog authors that comments to their posts would be deleted, too.

There's a degree of pride and satisfaction when people are moved to comment publicly on one's blog post. I know that from experience. So the blog authors might have wanted to save those comments and repost them after the spam purge.

But due to my error, they now can't do that.

My sincere apologies.

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