HMS Pinafore preview photos



NAG performances of the light opera, HMS Pinafore, begin Friday, Aug. 13. in Central Park.

See high-res versions of these photos and 3 dozen more in the HMS Pinafore preview photo album.

ArtOrg party at the Rueb - photo album

ArtOrg held their informational party at the Rueb tonight.

Dave Machacek and Leanne Stremcha hosted.

See high-res versions of these and over 3 dozen other photos in the ArtOrg photo album.

Short Attention Span Writers' Night - photos

An "Open Mike for writers" was held last night at the Central Park Outdoor Stage... part of ArtSwirl.

See their photos in the Short Attention Span Writers' Night album.

Candidates on the Square

Candidates for local office were out and about at yesterday's Cannon River Festival on Bridge Square. In reverse alphabetical order:

City Council member and at-large candidate Kris Vohs with Jutta Thompson

City Council at-large candidate Victor Summa with CRWP Public Outreach Coordinator Joey Robison and board chair George Kinney

(L) Suzanne Reisman, with Rice County District 2 commissioner candidate Jessica Peterson

Rice County District 2 commissioner candidate Dan Freeman with Judy Swanson.

(L to R) John Tuma, MN Environmental Partnership, Dave Hvistendahl, with Rice County District 5 commissioner candidate Kathleen Doran-Norton

MN House 25B Representative and candidate Ray Cox (C) with former Northfielders Jan and Gordy Forbes

MN House 25B candidate David Bly with Gordon Cumming, CRWP.

See the high-res versions of these and many other photos in the Cannon River Festival photo album.

Dolce Wind Quintet on the Riverwalk

The Dolce Wind Quintet performed on the Riverwalk on Friday night, an ArtSwirl event hosted by ArtOnWater and Holmes Design.



See high-res versions of these and other photos in the Dolce Wind Quintet on the Riverwalk album in Dean Kjerland's ArcheoPaleo / ArtOnWater photo gallery.

Cannon River Festival photo album

See four dozen photos in the Cannon River Festival photo album from this morning's event on Bridge Square.

I'll blog some of the photos here later today.

ArtSwirl Kickoff photo album

ArtSwirl kicked off tonight with kids' crafts, an arts parade, and music on Bridge Square.





See high-res versions of these photos and four dozen more in the ArtSwirl Kickoff photo album.

Northfield/National Night Out photo album

L: Paramedic Brian Edwards; C: Sgt Bill Olsen; R: Officer Jody Spinner

Cindy Nelson, wife of Officer Monte Nelson

Chad Stencil, paramedic



Can you identify the stiff but intelligent politicians in this lineup?


L: Sgt Ted Berg; R: Police Chief Gary Smith

L to R serving: Ruth Smith, wife of Police Chief Gary Smith; unidentified; Judy Dirks, Nfld Human Rights Commission: Police Chief Gary Smith

(R) Sgt. Mark Murphy

(L) Officer Monte Nelson

L to R: Lee Lansing (candidate for mayor, owner of Lansings Hardware), Kathy Lansing, Northfield City Administrator Susan Hoyt

Northfield News reporters/photographers (L) Erick Sommers and Chris Graff

See the high-res versions of these photos and eight dozen more in the Northfield/National Night Out photo album.

Photo album - "Artistic Dividend" presentation at NAG/NDDC

U of MN professor Ann Markusen presented on The Artistic Dividend to the NDDC annual meeting in the lower level of the NAG this morning. She's shown here before the meeting after helping set up chairs.

IMG_4107croppedw200.jpg IMG_4132w200.jpg
Left photo, L to R: NDDC Executive Director Ross Currier, Nfld City Council member Dixon Bond; NDDC President Dan Bergeson; Right photo: NAG Executive Director Karen Helland, Dean Kjerland.

See the high-res versions of these photos and a dozen more in the photo album.

8/4 update: See Carol Roecklin's article about the event in today's Northfield News.

Outdoor seating

I'd like to create an album of eating and drinking establishments in the Northfield area that have outdoor seating.

This is the outdoor patio for The Tavern, lower level of The Archer House.

If you have suggestions for other venues, please attach a comment or contact me.

Northfield Middle School photo album

The new Northfield Middle School is just about finished. An open house is scheduled for Aug. 29.

See more outdoor photos (taken last week) in the NMS photo album.

Crazy Daze - more

IMG_3903w200.jpg IMG_3904w200.jpg
(L) Chillin' at the Goodbye Blue Monday; (R) hats, face-painting, and pals

IMG_3907w200.jpg IMG_3914w200.jpg
(L) The Alaskan donut gang at Quality Bakery; (R) Hacky sackers.

See the high-res versions of these and other photos in the Crazy Daze photo album.

Crazy Daze - more

IMG_3890w200.jpg IMG_3894w200.jpg
(L) Iris Lee, Northfield News reporter, with a bargain. (R) Just Food Coop sign, promoting their events for the day (see the photo album for a close-up of the events listing.)

IMG_3895w200.jpg IMG_3900w200.jpg
(L) Nicolay , Josh, & Nathan dispensing sheep cheese from Shepherd's Way Farms; (R) Switzer's Nursery

The Blues Brothers from the Carleton College Alumni Office: Anthony "Splat" Pierre and Brent "Rex" Nystrom.

See the high-res versions of these and other photos in the Crazy Daze photo album.

Crazy Daze photo gallery

It's not even 8 am yet and the shoppers (99% women) are out in force on Division St. in downtown Northfield.

(L) Scott Davis, EDA prez and candidate for 2nd Ward City Council, teams up with (R) Tristan Cox, son of House 25B legislator Ray Cox, to put First National Bank of Northfield head honcho (C) Dave Shumway into a political sandwich from which he was eager to escape.

Ross Currier, emperor of NDDC, with an Atkins-unfriendly Alaskan donut from Quality Bakery. Note the strategic biting pattern.

See the high-res versions of these and other photos in the Crazy Daze photo album. I'll be adding photos occasionally throughout the day.

Memorials photo album

I've started a photo album of area memorials that are in public or semi-public places like the above Marc von Trapp memorial in the Carleton College lower Arb.


Contact me (attach a comment or use our Contact form) if you know of other area memorials that should be included in the collection.

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