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Ramping up for the new

Despite the appearances, it was not an Oprah discussion group at my house earlier this evening. It was actually the NCO Tech Committee, scheming and building the next generation platform for (Click photo to enlarge.)

L to R: NCO Board member Adam Gurno, NCO Tech committee chair Chip Cuccio, Sean Hayford O'Leary.

Our target date for the new site is Feb. 1. What could happen?

Aggregation experimentation: Recent blog posts

We're about one month away from launching our new platform here on One of the new features will be the ability to aggregate the weblog posts of local bloggers in a variety of ways.

For example, rather than just displaying the four most recent posts of each blogger as we do now, we'll be able to aggregate the most recent posts of a group of bloggers and lump them together, unidentified like this:

Scenes from the NCO retreat

Left: Blake Abdella, Director of Strategic Planning for Andersen Corporation, led the NCO Board retreat (center) last night in the lower level conference room of the Archer House. Right: We paid a visit to the Contented Cow afterwards (L to R): me, Rob Brown, Jonathan Jaranson, Doug Bratland, Blake, Bruce Morlan. Photo by Rick Estenson. Not visible: Jan Allister, Alex Beeby, Ellen Iverson. We'll be back on task at 8 am today.

NCO Board retreat

NCO's Board of Directors is having its first board retreat this weekend... tonight for 3 hours and tomorrow morning through the afternoon. We're meeting in the lower level conference room of the Archer House. The retreat is being facilitated by Blake Abdella, longtime Northfielder and a strategic planner for Andersen Corporation. NCO Board members (click the thumbnails to enlarge):

Jan Allister, Alex Beeby, Doug Bratland, Rob Brown, Rick Estenson

Adam Gurno, Ellen Iverson, Jonathan Jaranson, Bruce Morlan

The NCO/ tech committee

We're getting ready to move to a new platform. The NCO Tech Committee members who will be leading the overhaul and redesign (click to enlarge):

Left: Committee Chair and blogger Chip Cuccio, shown with his wife Melissa at their home last week.
Center: NCO Board member and blogger Adam Gurno, show with his wife Sara at the Governors Ball.
Right: ARTech student and blogger Sean Hayford O'Leary, shown at a library meeting earlier this year.

Chairman's Corner - Thanks to Anne and Wendell

I am writing to thank Anne Bretts and Wendell Ellis for hosting what I hope is the first of many such face-to-face meetings of the community. This type of event will even more bind us together as a cummunity, and their initiative is much appreciated. Everyone had a wonderful time and it is really nice to put
faces to names..

NCO appreciates all of their contributions and looks forward to a continuing dialog.

Bruce W. Morlan


Northfield Citizens Online

NCO Board Elects New Officers

In their first Board meeting of the new operating year, Northfield Citizens Online's new Board elected officers for the next year (terms expire next Fall).

Bruce W. Morlan

Board Chair
Bruce Morlan.
Doug Bratland.
Jan Allister
Rick Estenson

Chairman's Corner - Welcome to our new Executive Director

As most of you know, NCO is transitioning from its pure all-volunteer model to a real non-profit venture.
One of our first steps was to hire an Executive Director.

Walking the talk: my new blog & podcast

execdirectorblogscreenshot200w.gifpodcast75w.gifAs part of my new gig as Executive Director of NCO, I've created a weblog for that role.

I've been teaching the art of leadership blogging for the past couple of years. Now I have to actually do it. Oy. And as long as I'm at it, why not become a podcaster (a serial audioblogger), too? Video podcasting (serial videoblogging) may be on the horizon as well.

I hope you'll follow my blog and podcast as another way of following the development of NCO and And I hope you'll offer criticism to help me make them better.

October web traffic for

We had a record month for web traffic in October in the visitor category (click image to enlarge):

Visitors: 12,709
Visits: 37,803
Pages/pageviews: 155,724

Hits? It's an irrelevant stat. Want to know more? Our web host provider says this:

Chairman's Corner - Annual Meeting

morlan100w.jpgThe NCO Board held its annual meeting Wednesday (26 Oct 2005).

We reviewed where we had been over the last year and where we are headed in the future.

New Board members were elected.

Newcomers to the NCO board

Four newcomers were elected to the Northfield Citizens Online (NCO) board of directors at last night's annual meeting. (NCO is the non-profit organization that operates

Left to right (click to enlarge): Rick Estenson, Ellen Iverson, Jonathan Jaranson, Jan Allister. NCO Board Chair Bruce Morlan will post more on the meeting later this week.

You Are Invited to the NCO Annual Meeting

This organization, Northfield Citizens Online, which maintains, will hold its annual meeting this Wednesday at the Northfield Public Library at 7pm. This is your opportunity to come see this organization at work and possibly become a part of it. is a growing and increasingly interesting Northfield organization. There may be one of you *out there* who would enjoy participating as an actor instead of as the audience. If that's the case let me tell you about what's going on and how you could participate.

A list:
The Northfield Blogosphere
Northfield Citizens Online
Special Features

NCO Annual meeting this Wednesday at the Northfield Public Library at 7pm.

PRESS RELEASE -- Online organization to hold real-world annual meeting

Northfield Citizens Online will hold its annual
meeting at the Northfield Public Library at 7 p.m. on
Oct. 26. The organization invites the public to attend
and participate in its discussion and board election.

New Board Member: Adam Gurno

It occurs to me now that practicing my introductions would probably be a good thing to do; Everyone I know I've had to meet first.

Hey, I'm Adam Gurno and I'm the newest member of the Board. You might know me...

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