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New Board Member: Adam Gurno

It occurs to me now that practicing my introductions would probably be a good thing to do; Everyone I know I've had to meet first.

Hey, I'm Adam Gurno and I'm the newest member of the Board. You might know me...


We've got our first RSS newsfeeds working. See the lower right-hand column of this page for a newsfeed from the League of Women Voters Northfield weblog and another of national headlines from the New York Times.

More experimentation to come.

Caucuses tonight

It's Super Tuesday and that means caucuses here in Minnesota at 7 pm tonight.

In Northfield, the caucus locations are:

DFL party: Northfield Middle School
Green Party: Village School of Northfield
Independence Party: Bridgewater Elementary School
Republican Party: Northfield H.S. Auditorium

See the League of Women Voters Northfield Voter Info page for details.

In the Northfield Blogosphere

A roundup of recent posts to the area's civic weblogs.

Notes for an after action report by Scott W. Johnson
My presentation on Winston Churchill at St. Olaf College yesterday turned into an unexpectedly exhilarating experience for me... I was originally invited to submit an application to lead one of 40 seminars to be given at the Nobel Peace Prize Forum hosted this year by St. Olaf College.

David Bly
Charter Schools and Public Schools - Proper Funding is Essential for Success
Representative Cox blogged about a recent Star Tribune article that mentions Northfield's three Charter Schools, which raised the positive aspects of Charter schools and also concerns that traditional educators have about them. This is especially important in the present mood to under-fund traditional education and the difficulty public schools face, given lack of funding, in their efforts to present a full array of 'choices' for students.

Ray Cox
Charter Schools
The Star Tribune quoted me saying "I'm kind of a little free-market guy" and went on to note that I like the fact that families dictate the success of charter schools. That's one aspect of charter schools that I really like. In America, we allow individuals and businesses to be as successful as possible, and also to fail at will. I think schools need to look at some of that same modeling. Charter schools do that.

Northfield Downtown Development Corporation
Rigors of Downtown Improvement Funding
For those downtown business owners who have wondered how to find the time and money to enhance the outside of their store or business, the NDDC has come up with a solution.

League of Women Voters Northfield
Judicial Independence Forum
A LWV forum on Judicial Independence was held at the Northfield Community Resource Center last night. Marcia Walters introduced the panelists: District Court Judge William Johnson, State Senator Tom Neuville, and Assistant Rice County Attorney Nate Reitz. Eve Webster moderated. See the photo gallery of the event for more photos.

Feb. 9 Northfield City Council Meeting - Observer's Report
An especially interesting agenda item listed a request that the council hold a public hearing to consider vacating a utility easement for 401 Fifth Street West. This turned out to be a part of the preparation of that property for the building of a Walgreens store. The Walgreens will replace the Hardee's restaurant which is now there but will soon be demolished. The request was approved.

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Northfield, Northfielders in the news

Star Tribune
Former President Carter says Americans generally oblivious to suffering elsewhere in the world
Former President Jimmy Carter delivered a Saturday sermon to a standing-room-only crowd at St. Olaf College, condemning the American people as much as their leaders for what he called their indifference to the disease and despair that prevail in much of the developing world.

Edwards, Kucinich woo Twin Cities
Kucinich's morning speech at United Food and Commercial Workers Local 789 headquarters in South St. Paul drew about 100 people. Other rallies at Carleton College in Northfield and the University of Minnesota were scheduled for later in the day.

Diversity -- of the intellectual sort -- in short supply at St. Olaf, students say
There's a lack of diversity at the Northfield, Minn., college, they say. Intellectual diversity.

Bill would overhaul child support rules
The legislation has dozens of provisions designed to make Minnesota's child support formula more fair to both parents, Sen. Tom Neuville, R-Northfield, told the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Northfield High graduate leads Carleton women's basketball team
It wasn't that the sophomore forward [Megan Vig] from Northfield was trying to isolate herself from her teammates. She simply couldn't see.

Jennings testing school board's loyalty
Charlie Kyte, longtime Northfield schools superintendent who once tried to close a school, sympathizes with Jennings.Now executive director of the Minnesota Association of School Administrators, Kyte commends Jennings for his willingness to tackle the structural issues that his predecessor, Carol Johnson, also recognized. That will make the job easier for Jennings

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