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Northfield, Lee Lansing featured in today's South section of Star Tribune

Northfield and Mayor Lee Lansing are featured on the front page of today's Strib South Section: Hammering out an identity: "A downtown businessman himself, Northfield's mayor has pushed plans to let the city grow without losing its small-town feel."

Ross Currier of the NDDC and The Crossing are also included in the article.

Building for Creative Professionals proposed

View of a concept for the Building for Creative Professionals and its proposed location. Click to enlarge. For details on the development, see NDDC director Ross Currier's blog post titled Historic Middle School Moved Across the River.

Northfield, Northfielders in the news

In the non-Northfield media recently:

Left: The Passing Zone in today's Wall St. Journal. The Ole Store, Center and right: In the Star Tribune: Northfield's Ole Store reopens; WCCO-TV: Ole Store adds comtemporary touches after 100 years

Thanks to Sean O'Leary for the TV tip and Rick Estenson for the WSJ tip.

CRWP erects sign on Hwy 19

I got this email and photo (click to enlarge) from Hilary Ziols, Outreach and Development Coordinator at Cannon River Watershed Partnership:

"Cannon River Watershed Partnership finally fulfilled its wish to help more people find their way to its offices at 8997 Eaves Avenue in Northfield. New Executive Director David Legvold, CRWP staff, and ardent supporters of the organization dug the holes, placed a time capsule, and set up the long-awaited sign on Thursday, Dec. 22nd. Brushwork Signs of Faribault, owned by Ann Meillier and Dave Correll, designed and created the sign."

Northfield, Northfielders in the news

In the non-Northfield media recently: Gary Dahl (2), Tammy Metcalf-Filzen, Scott Parker, Jarrett Iovinella, Matthew Wehling, Tom Neuville, ArtOrg

XCS returns to the Ann Sipfle Memorial Ski Trail

I spent a couple hours cross country skiing the Ann Sipfle Memorial Ski Trail in the Carleton Arb on Saturday during the fluffy snowfall. Click the photos to enlarge and see a dozen more in the Cross Country Skiing in the Arb photo album.
Left photo: If you have information on who Ann Sipfle was, attach a comment or contact us.
Update 10:30 PM: I got this email from Northfielders David & Mary Alice Sipfle:

Ann Sipfle is our daughter. She grew up in Northfield, and was a sophomore at Bryn Mawr College when, in November 1977, on a family vacation, in Vermont, she was killed by a drunken driver.

NCO'ers in the Northfield News

Left: NCO Board Member Rob Brown and his company, badbrain computers, were featured in Wednesday's Northfield News.
Right: I'm in a photo with Justin Stets and Greg Carlson in today's paper re: the Carlson Capital Management donation to NCO.
Center: Northfield News reporter Adam Johnson authored both pieces.

Northfield, Northfielders in the news

In the non-Northfield media recently: Henry Fritz, Tom Meagher, Fred Sommers, St. Olaf's campus farm, Northfield

CoachCrafters & Rosa Parks

montgomerybus01_th.jpg coachcrafters20th.jpg parks_200x150.jpeg
Rosa Parks was arrested thirty years ago (December 1, 1955) in Montgomery, Alabama, for refusing to give her seat to a white male passenger on a segregated bus. Last year, Northfield-based CoachCrafters rebuilt a 1956 General Motors transit bus for the 50th anniversary of bus boycott. See the story: The Montgomery Bus Project: Bringing a Piece of History Back to Life including a photo album of the project.

The Montgomery Area Transit System (MATS) unveiled the bus last year with Northfielder Wayne Wolf, president of CoachCrafters, on hand (center in photo; click for larger view.) CoachCrafters celebrated their 20th anninversary earlier this fall.

SpeechGear moves to Montessori building

SpeechGear has moved into the old Montessori school building on Hwy 19. Left photo: a pile of new furniture in their break room, overlooking Malt-O-Meal and Kwik Trip. Right photo: they're testing the release of their Summer Weather V1.4 software on the landscaping around their building.

CEO Rob Palmquist sent me this email re: their need for some temp help:

The Legacy bites the dust

Demolition of the Legacy Motel started yesterday... and by 3 pm this afternoon, it was gone. It was the last structure on the site left standing. Construction of Northfield Crossing, a mixed-used development, should begin soon. (A tip of the blogger hat to Kurt Larson, Larson's Printing, for the alert.)

Northfield, Northfielders in the news

Mark Setterstrom, Gary Smith (2), Carolyn Fure-Slocum, Ken Grisim, Bill Morson, Al Greenlee, David Koenig, B.T. McElrath.

Northfield, Northfielders in the news

In the non-Northfield media recently: Dave Machacek & ArtOrg, Sarah Hale & ARTech, Mark Setterstrom.

Northfield, Northfielders in the news

In the non-Northfield media recently: Erika Elise Reid, Chris Meidt, Alyssa Williams, Bill Frost, Donald Hoiness, Carol Overland, yours truly.


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