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League of Women Voters presents: This Week In Local Government

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This month at the Hospital Board:

  • Northfield Hospital ahead of many small hospitals in implementation of Electronic Medical Records
  • Strategic planning to include more community and employee stakeholders, but does the group reflect the full diversity of the community?
  • Safety Committee dissolved; reporting structure to administration and board to become more direct

This week at the City Council:

  • 17 Safety Center sites visited and evaluated; Central Valley Coop and Cowles Property get the most points
  • Laurel Court Transit Hub planning moves ahead, with Northfield Depot discussed as a future alternative
  • Council discusses goals (and methods of establishing goals) for 2011-12 term
  • Local legislators to meet with Council on Tuesday

Visitors Tour New Key


Update - Photo Gallery posted!

Last Saturday morning, leaders at the Key invited a group of retired Northfield women to tour their new building and learn more about Key programs and needs. Two members of the Adult board, Zach Pruitt and Missy Donkers, and Dan Dobrow, Youth Board President, greeted visitors.  For most of the guests, this was their first chance to see the transformation of the building, which had been in commercial use for decades, into a welcoming, bright, comfortable space.  It was hard to believe the new owners, the Union of Youth, had only been in the building since September!

Established in 1993 by a small group of area youth, the Union of Youth raised funds to purchase a building on Water Street, which, along with space owned by the city, became The Key, a center for gathering and activities for the next 15 years.  When it was obvious the space no longer was adequate to the evolving programs and growing participation, in spring 2010, NUY purchased the present 6th Street location.  The new building has more than twice the space, and a floor plan uniquely accommodating to meetings, movies, concerts, and just sitting around.  Key members’ artistic talents are in evidence everywhere, as murals and paintings lend color and energy to the rooms, which had once been offices and places of commerce. 

Nominate a local individual or group for HCI's "Making a Difference Award"

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Do you know an individual or group who is working to make Northfield a better place for youth?

If so, take 3 minutes and nominate them for HCI's "Making a Difference Award."

You can find the application HERE -- it's designed to be really easy to complete!

A new winner is selected each month.   Recipients are recognized in the Northfield News and receive a framed certificate.

Click HERE to read descriptions of the fantastic recent recipients.

Another Busy Year at Northfield.org.


Gathered at the Contented Cow on Wednesday, members of Northfield Citizens Online elected Kathy Ness and Amy Acheson to the board, discussed the year’s activities and brainstormed new ideas for 2011.

NCO Board Chair Nate White said ”During the flood we demonstrated our ability to quickly utilize technology for community good and showed why Northfield.org is a valuable community asset.” White reported to the membership at the 2011 Annual Meeting that traffic to Northfield.org peaked in 2010 during the Cannon River flood when the site provided up to the minutes news, photos and video to the community during the flood.

Boiling water to frozen cloud - instantly!

Tim Freeland of KYMN radio took a minute out this morning to test the urban legend of boiling water freezing instantly in weather such as this. Check it out - it's only a minute long!

Check Out the Kill A Watt Meters at the Northfield Public Library

Kill A Watt Meter

RENew Northfield, a nonprofit organization concerned with energy issues in Northfield, has donated five Kill A Watt meters to the Northfield Public Library for public use.

How much energy does your refrigerator, freezer, computer, home entertainment system, or clothes dryer use when it is operations or “asleep?” Check out a meter and find out.

The meter is inserted into an electrical outlet and the appliance is plugged directly into the meter. The meter will display an average cost for each appliance tested: hourly to annually. Easy to use instructions are included with the meter. After using the meter, you may decide to unplug the device when not in use, or purchase a power strip with an on/off strip.

The meters are currently available and can be checked out for one week.  Please ask for the meters at the circulation desk downstairs.

Live stream of Bridge Square, downtown Northfield

1080 KYMN and the Northfield Historical Society have teamed up to bring a live stream of Bridge Square from Northfield. The camera is attached to the outside of the NHS building and views BS from the southeast side. (Video feed after the break.)

Top Environmental Advisor Advocates Separating Climate Science and Public Policy


Leading climate change expert Richard Moss spoke at Carleton College's weekly convocation last Friday, advocating a new way of thinking about climate change science and its implications for public policy.  Moss, a class of 1977 Carleton graduate who has served in various leadership positions at the WWF, the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change), and the UN Foundation Energy and Climate Program, among others, also argued that there is already enough scientific information for policy makers to begin putting climate change prevention measures in place.  

Record Number of Northfield Students Will Study Abroad Next Year Through Rotary Exchange Program


In the 2010-11 school year, 16 recently graduated high school students from the Northfield area will be traveling abroad through the Rotary Club's Youth Exchange Program.  This is the largest number of participating students from Northfield ever, an increase of six students from last year's record ten students, which Rotary Youth Officer Vicki Dilley attributes in part to parents and students becoming more open-minded about taking a "gap year" before going on to college.  In addition, there will be five exchange students living with host families in Northfield next year, hailing from France, Germany, Denmark, Spain and Brazil.  The sixteen Northfield students will be traveling to a wide variety of countries, including Thailand, Denmark, Sweden, Italy, Argentina, Brazil, and Columbia. 

Nepal Peace School Project - Coming to Northfield Thursday!


Nepal’s civil war (1996-2006) left an overwhelming number of children physically and psychologically scarred, and deprived them of one of their most basic rights to learn. I am working on building the first Peace School in Arupokhari, my village in Western Nepal, to help more than 250 children aged 4-15 years, affected by the violence of civil war, reclaim their passion and joy, experience the power of learning, and lead whole and healed lives.

Northfield Writer: R.W. "Obie" Holmen's "A Wretched Man"

"A Wretched Man"
Northfield writer R.W. “Obie” Holmen’s newly-published novel, A Wretched Man, begins with a vivid evocation of the landscape of the ancient Middle East.  Readers are often surprised to learn that Holmen has never visited the Holy Land, and that the landscape he so brilliantly evokes is the creation of the writer’s imagination, assisted by some meticulous research. 
Holmen began working on his novel almost four years ago.  He was interested in writing a historical novel about the Apostle Paul, a complex and controversial figure who, in Holmen’s view, was responsible for much of the development of early Christianity.  Holmen spent three years researching the novel, working to get the history, the characters, and the setting “as realistic as possible.”  At the same time, he worked at “honing the craft of being a storyteller.”   Holmen, a former trial lawyer with a B.A. in history, had to learn how to write fiction. 

BOOKS & STARS schedule for 2010- it's going to be a great summer!

2010 B&S Poster.jpg
Wednesday evenings in June and July.  Mark your calendars!

Bring a comfortable chair or blanket and settle in for fun, free family entertainment. Check out and/or return library materials on Booker!

The Cocoa Bean will be on-hand to sell their refreshing Hawaiian Shaved  Ice– benefiting the Library!
In case of inclement weather the show will move to the NCRC Room 103 Jefferson Parkway- by the high school stadium.
Books and Stars is made possible by a grant from the Southeastern Minnesota Arts Council.
Sponsored by the City of Northfield- Library and Northfield Schools- Community Services Division.


River Video Round-up

Penelopedia Screenshot!

Monday morning update: 3 new videos added, 1 video link fixed. :)

(If you've got Cannon River spring melt video(s) somewhere on the internet, please let us know and we'll add it to this post!)

 The Big Melt of 2010 has begun and crowds have been forming downtown to watch ice, logs, and flotsam go crashing over.   This post will have a lot of embedded video, so we've put everything 'below the fold'.  Click on 'Read more..' to see them all!


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