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Student Journalists and Collaborate Via “Pressville”

Regular visitors to may have noticed with curiosity a small addition in the lower right hand column of the site (also available here), labeled “student journalism.” These stories are the result of a new collaboration between a Carleton classroom’s website,, and, and will be featured regularly throughout the course of the class.

Professor Doug McGill leads the course, an English department offering titled “A Journey In Journalism.” Twenty-two Carleton students, ranging from freshmen to seniors (myself included) are enrolled in the course and will be writing a variety of stories, on a wide range of subjects, about Northfield and the Rice County Area. The students submit one to two stories per week on their own individual blogs, visible only to other class members, and Professor McGill selects a few articles each week for publication to Pressville. Both and LocallyGrown have added a column for news stories from the Pressville site.

McGill, who has reported for a variety of prominent publications, including the New York Times, currently teaches at Carleton and runs his own online news site, The McGill Report, whose tagline is “media for global citizens.” 

On National Coming Out Day, Northfield Reflects on Its "Gay-Friendliness"

Today is a big day for many Americans, though a lot of us may not have been aware of it. It’s National Coming Out Day. Across the United States, individuals and activist groups including The Human Rights Campaign have been encouraging people of all orientations and political persuasions to make today a day of honest, open conversation about sexuality, discrimination, openness, and equality. It’s a day to encourage truthfulness, and also to recognize and support family, friends, and acquaintances who have “come out” as part of the gay community. 

When I heard about National Coming Out Day, I became curious to hear directly from Northfielders what they thought about Northfield’s gay friendliness. “Gay friendly” can mean a lot of different things, and I was interested in all of it: what kinds of resources are or are not available to the gay community in Northfield? What kinds of problems- or even discrimination- do gays and lesbians face in Northfield? Compared to other places, is Northfield more or less welcoming to the gay community?

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