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Another Great Respite Event at Laura Baker Services Association


Though we had hoped to get outside to kick off Spring, Laura Baker Services Association's spring-themed respite event last Saturday was still full of fun and one of the most successful yet!

Nine kids showed up to participate with what seemed like a record number of volunteers, making it a particularly high energy occasion—an afternoon full of laughs and shouts. We even celebrated a birthday.

Exciting group and team games included the giant parachute used to launch balls; a large scale game of rock-paper-scissors; and a volleyball-like game with the goal of getting all the balls on the other team’s side before time runs out. Crafts went over well too, and many kids went home with lovely handmade crowns, butterfly mobiles, and flower wheels.

Article on Laura Baker Services Association in this month's Northfield Entertainment Guide

Laura Baker Millis and Laura Baker

Did you know that Northfield’s own Laura Baker Services Association is 114 years old? What about the history of the woman who started it, Laura Baker herself? This month’s issue of the Northfield Entertainment Guide features a great article by local writer-Susan Hvistendal-on LBSA, chronicling the organization’s journey throughout the century from it’s amazingly progressive roots to its extraordinary impact today.

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