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College Fall Sports Preview


The fall sports season is fast approaching . Both Northfield colleges are gearing up for another year of fierce competition. The fall sports that have commenced thus far are football, and men’s and women’s soccer.

This year at St. Olaf, football is off to an exciting start with forty-three new first-year athletes, in addition to last years returning players. Head Coach Jerry Olszewski is implementing a new team motto: “Either grab an oar or grab a life jacket, help paddle or head for shore”. This year is about teamwork and working as one. The first Ole football game will be September 4th vs. Luther College in Decorah, Iowa.

Carleton football is also off to a strong start beginning their season with offensive tackle, Brad Eckelmann being named Pre-Season All-American for the second straight year. Head Coach Kurt Ramler will lead the Knights into their first battle on September 4th vs. Crown College in Saint Bonifacius, Minnesota. Their first home game will be on September 18th vs. Luther.

New Bell Field Tennis Courts at Carleton


This fall Carleton College will be debuting a new tennis facility. The Bell Field Tennis Courts have been completely torn down and rebuilt. Not only are these new tennis courts a great addition to the Carleton College campus, they are a great addition to the Northfield community as well.

The Bell Field Tennis Courts are a unique part of Carleton's athletic facilities. What was once six courts has now been expanded into eight new courts, and the court surfacing and nets have been redone with state-of-the-art equipment. Not only will these courts be used by Carleton varsity athletics, they are also open to the Northfield community at no charge.

As the summer quickly comes to a close, head over to Carleton and try out the new tennis facility. These courts are a perfect spot for some summer fun and recreation.

Vintage Bands, Modern Experience

Vintage Band Festival.jpg

Four years ago the first Vintage Band Festival came to life in Northfield. This year it is back and bigger and better then ever. Today, Thursday, August 5, 2010, marks the first day of the second Vintage Band Festival. The festival is focused on historical instrumental music. There are over 100 concerts occurring throughout the next four days, at 17 different sites around Northfield.

One of the events that you cannot miss this weekend is the Civil War band called the 1st Brigade Band. This band features all OTS instruments, which means over the shoulder. On Saturday at 12:00pm this band will play over the Cannon River in the Battle of the Bands.

A New Twist on an Old Classic

R&J Thumbnail.jpg

This weekend marks the opening of the production of the Northfield Arts Guild Production of Romeo and Juliet in Central Park. Everyone is familiar with the Shakespeare classic with young lovers, sword fights, and romance. However, you have never seen anything quite like the Northfields Arts Guild rendition of the production. For the eleventh year in a row, the Northfield Arts Guild will sponsor this type of unique outdoor production. This is not traditional theater, this is going to be a mesmerizing experience which will be a blast for the whole family.

The classic story of Romeo and Juliet is going to be brought to life by director Jean Wilcox. The production will be a new twist on an old classic. The staging of this play is going to be presented in promenade staging. This means that there is no one set stage in comparison to traditional theater which focuses on one center stage where all scenes are framed. Each scene will be framed individually with the use of props. This will be exciting for the audience because the actors will be moving all around you at all times. The direction of your focus will be new for each scene.

Close to Home


In our small town of Northfield, there is a large percentage of students who graduate from Northfield High School that decide to pursue their secondary education locally at either St. Olaf College or Carleton College. This year, twenty-three graduating seniors have chosen St. Olaf as their new home, and four have chosen Carleton. What is it about staying local that appeals to students?

Staying local to attend college comes attached with both advantages and disadvantages. No matter if a student chooses to be an Ole or a Knight, there are similar perks and downsides.

Celebrate, Create, and Contribute!


Editor's Note: Elle Kaskinen is a senior at St. Olaf College who will be working as an intern for Northfield.org this summer.

This Saturday March 13, come celebrate the 50-year anniversary of the Northfield Arts Guild with a celebration for the whole family. Starting at 5:00 pm on Saturday, the Arts Guild will be opening its doors to the entire community for an art extravaganza. This night of family fun will include artistic activities for all including a potluck style dinner, live music, silent auction, live auction, live music and dancing.  
Over the last 50 years, the Northfield Arts Guild has been supporting five different mediums of art including music, theater, visual arts, dance, and literature throughout the Northfield community. All proceeds from Saturday's event will be allocated toward the operating cost for events throughout the year.

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