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Cabaret Fever! Co-op Disavowes Responsibility

Cabaret Poster

Northfield has Cabaret fever. The Northfield Arts Guild will be performing the play Cabaret April 21 through May 7. This weekend, Just Food Co-op staff, members and friends will be performing a cabaret.

The Just Food cabaret will feature dance, musical, comedy and other performances. Food and beverages will be provided although organizers say guests are welcome to bring their own un-staining white beverages.

The Just Food cabaret will be held at 8 p.m. Saturday at the Northfield Arts Guild Theater. Admission is free, but donations are welcome.

Disclaimer 1: While the event is primarily co-op staff organized, the cabaret is not an official Just Food Co-op event, and co-op officials deny all responsibility for anything done or said at this event.

Disclaimer 2: I am an employee of Just Food Co-op who is performing in the cabaret. I also deny all responsibility for anything I might do or say at this event.

Northfield Public Schools to Close Early (Wed)

From the Northfield Public Schools Web site:

"Today, December 14th school will be dismissing two hours early due to bad weather."

This includes all Northfield public schools -- including the charter schools. It also affects many other groups: for example, Northfield Montessori is also closing early (at 2 p.m.).

Winter Farmers' Market Saturday

farmer.gifThe Village School hosts the winter farmer's market this Saturday from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. At the event, also sponsored by Just Food Co-op, people can buy fresh food and farm-crafted goods directly from local farmers.

Area farmers will sell meats, eggs, squash and winter vegetables, lefse, soap, baked goods, gift baskets and more.

The Village School is off South Highway three in the barn-red building behind AmericInn.

Disclaimer: I am an employee of Just Food Co-op.

Sunshine on Public Bodies

About 30 community members showed up at a League of Women Voters function Monday night to listen to an attorney speak for two hours. Mark Anfinson, legal adviser to the Minnesota Newspaper Association, answered questions about Minnesota's open meeting and record laws -- known as sunshine laws.

PRESS RELEASE -- Online organization to hold real-world annual meeting

Northfield Citizens Online will hold its annual
meeting at the Northfield Public Library at 7 p.m. on
Oct. 26. The organization invites the public to attend
and participate in its discussion and board election.

Chapati Fire -- Updated @ 20:15 10/22/2005

A shrill fire alarm evacuated the Archer House just before 4 p.m. today. A dryer in Chapati, the Indian restaurant, caught fire but caused minimal damage according to 2nd Assistant Fire Chief Tom Nelson.

PDZ, Pool and Liquor

PDZ, pool and liquor, no this isn't a Viking party; it's tonight's city council meeting. In a session that actually ended before ten, the meeting covered topics including the Target site, a new public pool and the liquor store's location.

Moonlight Serenade

Intricate rhythm patterns dance through the frosty air tonight as Northfielders celebrate community in Way Park under a nearly full moon.

(More information and photos inside...)

New Interim City Administrator Appointed

During the reports from the mayor at tonight's city council meeting, Lansing said that he was ready to make a recommendation for an interim administrator to fill the role left by Susan Hoyt. Lansing recommended William A. Bassett for the role, and the council consented by not objecting.

Target Debate Reemerges in Council Meeting

The Northfield City Council held its regular meeting today from 7 to 10 p.m. In addition to its regular business, the council welcomed a local Boy Scout Troop observing the evening's meeting. Three major agenda items and a surprise utilized the majority of the time.

County and City Bite into Joint Work Session

"We want to work with the cities -- not against them." said County Commission Chair Jim Brown at a worksession this afternoon. The Rice County Board of Commissioners joined the Northfield City Council to discuss issues that affect both groups.

Questioning Session

"When are we going to have an answering session?" asked Robert Howe, a Northfield resident, at last night's hospital restructuring public comment session. The Northfield Hospital Board of Directors hosted the event at the First United Church of Christ. The session was dominated by comments with few responses and questions with few answers.

Peaceful Gathering on Bridge Square

About 30 people gathered on Bridge Square this afternoon to recognize the International Day of Peace. Organized and emceed by Sharon Gates-Hull, the gathering hopes to spread, as Allison Unger says, "a culture of peace and nonviolence for the children of the world."

The event featured a variety of speakers and the music of Marge Evans de Carpio and Lalo Carpio de Evans.

Seasons in Transition

Sunny and 77 F, but with leaves beginning to fall on bridge square, we are reminded that this is Minnesota, and autumn approaches.

St. Olaf and Carleton -- and local businesses -- have welcomed faculty, staff, and students back to Northfield, and children of all ages have recommenced their annual accademic pursuits. With summer vacations behind them, Northfielders have begun to prepare for the the next season.

New And Improved: The Ole Store

Under new ownership and operation, after significant updating, with a new focus and chef, a new and improved Ole Store opened for business this morning. Todd and Linsay Byhre, proprietors of the establishment on St. Olaf Avenue near Lincoln, are focusing the business on simple and healthy foods with organic and additive free ingredients. With initial offerings of a wine bar and coffee house, they expect to open the restaurant half in a couple weeks starting with breakfast and lunch and eventually adding a dinner menu. Brian Stansberry, the head chef, is in charge of their simple menus and creating the dishes the Byhres expect will delight their customers' taste buds with a simple and healthy place to enjoy food's potential achieved.

The Ole Store's hours are 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

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