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Dundas Detour Days? Denied.

This post in our forums yielded an interesting bit of information:

Due to there being no Dundas Detour Days this year, Dawns Corner Bar will be holding a concert in the back parking lot.  Playing will be Brat Pack Radio. 

No Dundas Detour Days this year?  Everyone seemed to be having a good time in this 2006 DDD photo gallery.  Dude, what's the deal, Dundas?  Post a comment if you've got any information.

Heavy thunderstorms predicted, quarter sized hail already here

 August - in like a lamb, out like a lion.  Or was that March?

Northfield got a sprinkling of quarter-sized hail this morning and the radar maps shows a big, big line of storms headed our way for this afternoon/evening.  Good online weather resources for Northfield:

Anyone else have a favorite?

Northfielders in the news

Paul Day steps down as FFA Show Superintendent

The Pioneer Press has a nice article detailing the resignation of 78 year old Paul Day from the FFA Show Superintendent.  They touch on his travels to Kenya, Russia, and Japan, and the work he has done to improve the FFA exhibit at the State Fair.

To his detractors, he was "the S.O.B. from the state department." To his fans, Paul Day is a heck of an agriculturalist, even though his career as an educator, administrator and mentor to young farmers left him precious little time to do any farming of his own.

Sitting in his Northfield home last week, the fourth-generation farmer mused on a career that has taken him as far as Kenya, Russia and Japan to work with young people. His teaching philosophy - "Action, not promises. Results, not excuses" - has garnered him his share of critics.

Northfield Flickr Picture Group

NorthfieldThere are currently 50 members and nearly 400 pictures in the Northfield Flickr group, which is free and open to any photographer.  (Free Flickr account required.)

The Northfield Flickr group contains pictures of both scenic views of Our Beloved Town and daily life images of regular people like you and I.

Check it out.

Hail Storm: One Year Ago Today

IMGP4961.jpgToday marks the one year anniversary of the August 24th Hail Storm, which brought baseball-plus sized hail down on Northfield, destroying roofs, cars, playgrounds, greenhouses, crops, and more.  Northfield rebuilt quickly and the scars from the hail have been almost completely replaced.

Feel free to post your memories of that day - what were you doing when it hit? How much did you get? What sort of damage did it do?

Northfield, Northfielders in the news

James Gang learns to "stay" and "play dead".

The Pioneer Press ran a story on the various James Gang celebrations in the area.  While the story was mostly focused on Madelia, Northfield gets a big mention naturally:

But the raid quickly went wrong. A former Union sharpshooter and an expert hunter were standing near the bank, and they grabbed rifles. In a few minutes, outlaws Clell Miller and William Stiles were dead. Bob Younger, Cole Younger and Charlie Pitts were wounded, and they fled with Jim Younger and the James brothers. A massive manhunt was launched, and Frank and Jesse James left the others and eventually reached safety in Missouri.

Tom Dokken, dog trainer extraordinaire, gets a detailed story and history:

Dokken's Oak Ridge Kennels in Northfield is the largest hunting-dog training facility in the northern United States. Fifteen employees help train 350 to 400 dogs annually.

Dokken has trained hunting dogs for celebrities (Hank Williams Jr. recently stopped by to pick up his dog), but he also is famous for an invention, the DeadFowl Trainer, a rubber training dummy that comes in the shapes of ducks, pheasants, geese and grouse.

Northfield gets four inches; even more rain falls elsewhere

Rplot.PhpAccording to the Carleton Weather website, Northfield got threefour inches of rain total between Saturday and Sunda - 2.92 inches on Saturday and less than a half an inch so far todayalmost an inch on Sunday. There's also a chance of rain for every day this week right now.

While four inches is quite a bit, it's nothing compared to the seventeen inches reported by one station :

Some of the preliminary and unofficial rainfall totals reported to the National Weather Service could exceed the Minnesota single-day rainfall record of 10.84 inches set at Fort Ripley on July 22, 1972. One observer near the Winona County town of Witoka reported 17 inches Saturday into Sunday.

"It's been to the point of overwhelming," said Dave Belz, deputy director of emergency management for Winona County.

This gives us 8.25 inches this month and 17.51 inches all year, which mean that August has accounted for nearly 50% of the rain that we've gotten all year.

Northfield, Northfielders in the News

Carleton ranked high, drunken driving case makes waves

Carleton will be ranked 5th nationally among liberal arts colleges, according to US News & World Reports annual college rankings.

Carleton College in Northfield, Minn., tied for fifth-best of the nation's liberal arts schools in U.S. News & World Report's annual college rankings, expected to be on newsstands Monday. Williams, Amherst, Swarthmore and Wellesley were the top four. Carleton tied with Middlebury College.

A Northfield man's drunken driving court case has made waves throughout the tech (and legal) world as his challenge revolves around getting access to the source code of the breathalyzer that was used as evidence...

When Dale Lee Underdahl was arrested on February 18, 2006, on suspicion of drunk driving, he submitted to a breath test that was conducted using a product called the Intoxilyzer 5000EN.

During a subsequent court hearing on charges of third-degree DUI, Underdahl asked for a copy of the "complete computer source code for the (Intoxilyzer) currently in use in the state of Minnesota."

More followup on this story can be found here, where it looks like the state will not hand over the source code.

City Pool to stay open a week longer

Temp may go down to 96°F by then

Underwater swimmers
I was at the Northfield City Pool (editoral: It's very nice, have you been?) this evening and I noticed a sign up declaring that the pool had extended it's season for another week. The pool will now be open until August 26th, but with reduced hours for the days of Aug 20-26.

Good news if the heat has been getting you down.

Malt-O-Meal CEO to step down January 1, 2008

According to this story in the Mpls-St. Paul Business Journal John Lettmann, CEO of M-O-M since 1986, will be stepping down January 1st.

During his tenure as CEO he oversaw profit growth from less than $50 million to $515 million last year. Malt-O-Meal, the nation's fourth-largest ready-to-eat cereal maker, is the 47th-largest privately held company in Minnesota ranked by revenue, according to Business Journal research.

Lettmann will continue to serve as chairman of the board.

Chief Operating Officer Chris Neugent will take over as CEO.

So, to summarize: MOM CEO sez TTYL on NYD, COO 2B CEO, OK?

Abandoned or Lost Kittens?

2Kitns Edit(Submitted by J Digiovanni)

These kittens were in a tree near the municipal parking lot at Washington St and Third St for at least 2 days. I suspect that they were dumped there. We coaxed the kittens down from the tree and took them in to feed them. They are very friendly and seem to like people. We have 2 cats already and can't give them a permanent home.

Anyone interested in adopting them or anyone who knows the owners please call 217-617-3381. Thanks!

(Two more pictures inside...)

Crazy Daze Round Up

Img 1411It's the one day a year where you can eat a doughnut as large as your face and even your doctor approves: Crazy Daze. It was hot, but people still turned out in droves for the big mid-summer event. Here's a collection of CD posts:

We'll add more as we find them! Good work to all!

City Investigation: Mayor pushing liquor store as conflict of interest?

Firefox Screenshot 032The Northfield News broke this story yesterday:

Mayor Lee Lansing, in memos to two city administrators, not only pushed for a new municipal liquor store, but advocated for his family's business and their interests.

The memos were included in a packet distributed to city councilors and talked about at a Monday council meeting.

It had been noted that Lansing left Monday's City Council meeting earlywas there the whole time and someone else left, but I got confused with all the pronouns..

City Council to investigate City Hall

Drama continues in the city of Northfield as the Nfld City Council requested the MN State Auditor to “examine the books, records, accounts and affairs of the City of Northfield…” Locally Grown was there with a write up, saying...

"City Attorney Maren Swanson and special legal counsel Cliff Greene (right photo) will evidently take a few weeks to interview people and then recommend to the Council which, if any, issues should be brought to the attention of the State Auditor’s office. That investigation (inquiry) would then likely begin after Labor Day."

Victor Summa commented on the story, adding...

"He came in after the first big bomb blast - a confrontation between The Mayor and several Council members resulting in the Mayor being kept from reading his Agenda Item Background Statement. He also left very early in the proceedings."

This is an extension of the investigation that Police Chief Gary Smith launched before he took leave due to medical issues.

Chanhassen enacts total watering ban - Northfield still OK.

The Strib today has a story on how Chanhassen has enacted a complete ban on irrigation systems and sprinklers, but still allows hand-held watering cans and hoses...

Residents in Chanhassen have been ordered to turn off the spigot. The city on Monday enacted a total outdoor watering ban because droughtlike conditions have led to low aquifer levels and two of the city's municipal wells have failed.

Other cities such as Woodbury and Eagan have added significant restrictions to residential watering.

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