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Two Nfld HS students produce a documentary about The Key

Two Northfield high school students have produced a documentary called History of the Key. Jena Frederick and Marie Fischer created the film for a class at the high school...

The Key has made at least one documentary in the past, and we (myself and Jena Fredrick, mostly Jena) thought it would be a good idea to make an updated one. We were both in the same film class at the high school, so we figured it was the perfect way to use our resources. It took maybe a couple of weeks for filming and editing and we were able to work magic with a regular digital Canon camera and iMovie. The feedback we got was mostly from our film teacher, Christi Clarke, who loved it A LOT (we got an A+ on it in fact) and the rest of the feedback came from the youth board at the Key. Otherwise we haven't been showing it that much, its just in the 'About' section of our website [for those] that might actually be more curious about the NUY and decide to poke around our site.

Jena and I set out to make a good movie for our class and we ended up documenting a lot of Key history.

Video: Matt Arthur and the Bratlanders at the Tavern

Click here to view the video!We're playing a little catch-up here, but we've got video and a photo gallery from the Bratlanders playing at the Tavern bar from last weekend. Many thanks to Susan Quakkelaar for blogging it all:

doug and i worked together at allen until recently, when he took a new job at carleton college.

besides working, though, doug plays in a band - matt arthur and the bratlanders (he's one of the bratlanders). last night, a few of us from allen went out to see him play in northfield minnesota and we had an outrageous night. the band was awesome - tons of energy and so much fun!!

Video is after the jump...

Mill Towns Trail video

Glenn Switzer dropped us a note the other day and it said:

This is a link to a newly produced video for the Mill Towns Trail. The video was produced by a recent St Olaf grad named Russell Anway, who does business as Anway Productions. He started his business as a Finstad Entrepreneurship Grant recipient on campus. He produced the informational video at the request of the Friends of the MTT, for use in informational presentations - to legislators and other officials, especially.

More inside...

International Day of Peace Celebration

International Day of Peace 03Frequent contributor Jane McWilliams was on the scene yesterday at the Northfield celebration of the International Day of Peace and took a bunch of great pictures from the event.

We've uploaded them into a photo gallery for you to see - click here to visit the gallery.

Remember, is Citizen Journalism. If you've got pictures, video, audio, or other, let us know and we'll publish it!

David Perez has DJJD photos also

The story is off the front page now, but this was too good to let go unmentioned.  David Perez sent in some photos of the DJJD rodeo and a link to his image gallery.  

We've featured his galleries of local events before and we're happy to do it again - click here to visit his DJJD rodeo gallery

Don't forget, is citizen journalism.  If you record a local event, be it photos, video, audio or stone tablet, we'll be happy to publish it.   And kudos to you for being able to chisel that fast.

ARTech School Board Elections

(Submitted by Tim Goodwin)

Northfield School of Arts and Technology (ARTech Charter School) is seeking Northfield community members with an interest in serving on the board of directors for the school. ARTech is a publicly funded charter school in its fifth year of operation. The board of directors meets monthly to provide the organization with financial oversight, strategic planning and guidance adhering to its mission and vision.

If you are interested please contact Tim Goodwin, 507-663-8806 x 217.

Mom's Best Cereals?

A little bird tipped us off to a little-known bit of the Northfield business world: Mom's Best Naturals - "Our company has been family owned and operated for four generations."

They even have a dynamic "Mom Duo", the Meal Makeover Moms, complete with blog and touring reports.

"Mom's Best" goes out of it's way to avoid saying "Malt-O-Meal" however, and they don't sell locally, which is a bit odd. Their contact information goes a step further to blur the line between Malt-O-Meal and "Mom's Best", giving a contact address of "MOMCO" and a PO Box in town.

On the other hand, if "Mom's Best" seems to have spurred good changes at the plant:

Since 1996, we have reduced the water used to make cereal by 41% and we’ve reduced our energy use by 10%. That adds up to millions of gallons of water and KWh of energy saved through creative conservation.

So whaddya know? A mystery cereal brand coming out of our town.

Minor changes - open to suggestions

You may or may not have noticed, but we've made a few cosmetic changes to the website recently.

  • All the college news items (click to read) have been collected into their own sidebar block on the right hand side. They had been scattered between the different categories.
  • We've added MN news to the left hand side, courtesy of MPR and the Pioneer Press. We'll add the Strib when they get a real RSS feed that isn't registration-only. That's right, $500M company, we're calling you out!
  • We still accept and encourage Northfield organizations, citizens, businesses, and ? to create and submit RSS feeds for us to aggregate. Got one? Please let us know!.

We're still citizen journalism and we always accept news, images, video, audio from people like you. We had 149 different authors last year - join us!

Do you have a suggestion for the website?  Please add a comment and let us know!

John Pitsavas, Bob Jacobsen pass on yesterday

Reports are coming in that the individual killed yesterday in a rollover on I35 was John Pitsavas of Basil's Pizza.

Also Bob Jacobsen of Jacobsen's Department Store also died after a short illness.

More information as we get it.

Update: The Northfield News states that victim has been identified as Pitsavas.

Nfld Historical Society announces winning t-shirts

The NHS has announced... well, we'll just let them say it:

We asked for great t-shirt slogans ideas, and you responded! After culling through dozens of submissions-some serious, some hilarious, some just plain weird- we selected three of our favorites that captured the spirit of our town.

And the winners are

Carleton Fall Sports Preview

We promised it a week ago and here it is, links to the Carleton 2007 Fall Sports Previews:

If you can't make it to the games, many of them are broadcast over the internet - mostly audio, but a few video streams.  Click here for a list of upcoming and completed streaming events.

Ray Cox goes to the Joseph Heywood dinner

Click here to see the post Ray Cox has a fine weblog entry recounting his visit to the Joseph Lee Heywood dinner last night...

The Joseph Lee Heywood dinner on Wednesday evening gets the celebration going. It was well attended this year and Ellen and I had a fine time catching up with people after a long, busy summer.

Bill Nelson selected for MN Amateur Baseball Hall of Fame

Bill Nelson (current manager of the Dundas Dukes) has been selected for the Minnesota Amateur Baseball Hall of Fame.  The induction ceremony will be on Saturday September 15 at the St. Cloud Civic Center.  Social hour is scheduled for 4:30 p.m. with dinner at 5:30 and the induction of Nelson, Mike Gagnon, Al Mueller, and Bob Van Hee to immediately follow. 

A history of the first area inductee inside...

St. Olaf Fall Sports Previews

Vb-082707-1St. Olaf has published some of their annual Fall Sports Previews:

The football team has finished 8-2 for the last two years in the always tough MIAC.

We're checking on Carleton, so stay tuned!

Northfield, Northfielders in the news

Football, Nobel-winning scientist politicians, shape-shifting books(?)

The Missota conference, which is the football conference that Northfield plays in, is experiencing a bit of trouble due to the growth of outlying 'burbs, like Farmington, Shakopee, and Hutch. (via the Strib)

The powerful football conference has been in almost a perpetual state of flux since it included schools such as Apple Valley and Burnsville in the 1970s. But what's coming in the next few years might be a major shakeup, even for those used to watching the conference's ranks change.

"Nobody's talking about leaving or anything," Northfield coach Bubba Sullivan said. "Could it happen in a few years? Possibly."

More inside...

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