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Habitat for Humanity Dedicates Nerstrand Home

h4h-nerstrandBruce Anderson at Sustainable Community Solutions has posted a good entry about Habitat for Humanity's second of two 2007 houses being dedicated:

The home features an energy-efficient shell of insulated concrete form construction thanks to the generosity of VanHaren Construction of Faribault. Numerous other area businesses provided labor and materials for the project. Many individuals volunteered their time working on the home as well.

Photos from the Laura Baker Thanksgiving Dinner

Laura Baker Thanksgiving Dinner

Jane McWilliams sent in this set of images from Thursday's Community Thanksgiving Dinner, courtesy of the Laura Baker School:

My son Bruce and I attended the Community Dinner offered at the Laura Baker School Thursday. It was a great meal and a wonderful opportunity to see old friends and meet new ones!

Click here to see the gallery - many thanks to Jane!

Vivus: Northfield Zoning Could Prevent This

vivus-zoning Vivus Architecture and Design has a good entry using Linden Street as an example of good zoning/bad zoning/no zoning and what it can do to a neighborhood:

Here is Linden Street North in Northfield. It is a street lined with modest homes, most of which are one-story ramblers with a basement. These homes seem well sized for their lots; appropriately separated from each other.

Here is a recent duplex built where a similar rambler once stood. These buildings are right next to those above. In my option, this is a tear in the neighborhood fabric.

So what are your Thanksgiving plans? What are you thankful for?

pumpkin_pies Turkey Day (Tofu-rkey for the vegetarians among us) is almost upon us, so what are your plans?  Traveling?  Cooking?  Football?  Parades? Braving the crowds during Black Friday?   Cooking footballs?  Share your plans and ideas in the comment section.

And if you're especially thankful for anything this year, speak up too - this holiday's for you.

Lowering the Carleton windmill blades

Weldon Hogie sent in ten great pictures of the work being on the Carleton windmill:

Here are a series of pictures taken last Friday afternoon of the removal and lowering of the blades from the Carleton Wind Turbine.

The really great thing about these images is that you can see the scale of the motor and blades as those are people working there, just dwarfed by the whole thing.

There's an experimental slideshow inside or you can click here to view a full-screen slideshow...

Thanksgiving Vacation for

tom-turkey We'll be taking some Thanksgiving vacation this week - Wednesday through Friday or Saturday.  The site will still be working, but no updates will be posted.  If you've got something that you'd like posted for the weekend, please submit it before Wednesday afternoon.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Northfield, Northfielders in the news

DIII XC Championships; Mary Nelson wins service award; Oles get the heck out of Dodge

diii-xc-ss St Olaf is hosting the Division III Cross Country championships today (Saturday).  Women's race at 11 a.m., Men's race at noon.  Allegheny College (PA) is attending and has had its players blog their reactions to qualifying and the anticipation of the Big Race:

After running the course today, it has finally hit me that nationals are just two days away. I like the course except for the gravel paths and the cruel, steep uphill we have to run up just before the finish, but the course is actually in some trees and around a lake instead of the wide open fields like the courses from regionals and conferences. I know this race will be different from everything that I’m used to, but it’s a challenge I’m looking forward to, especially with the team that we have running next to me.

Mary Nelson has won the 2007 Virginia McKnight Binger Awards in Human Service from the McKnight Foundation for her work in serving others:

Given since 1985, the awards honor volunteers or employees in Minnesota who, in the foundation's words, "have demonstrated an exceptional personal commitment to helping others in their communities but who have received little or no public recognition."

The recipients are to receive $7,500 each at a private ceremony in Minneapolis [Thursday].

St. Olaf came in #2 in the country in the number of students studying abroad during their college education.  Carleton finished 25th:

A record 223,534 students from U.S. colleges spent anywhere from a January or summer term to more than a year earning academic credit in a foreign country. That was up 8.5 percentage points from the 2004-05 school year when 205,993 students went abroad and up 150 percent from the 1995-96 year when fewer than 90,000 students took classes over seas, the study said.

Locally Grown: Why College City Beverage left Northfield

lg-businessChris Sawyer of College City Beverage left a comment on Locally Grown that was promoted to a full-blown story.  It was regarding the situation and the reasons behind CCB moving to Dundas:

We were looking for 20 acres of land. The city did not have 20 acres in one area(not the cities fault). Where there were 20 acres, the prices were all over the place. You contact someone one day the price is this. Contact them again the price may be that. It is not just a City Hall issue. It could be a landowner issue where the current landowners want to sell there land on one hand and the other they don’t. I don’t know why the published prices changed daily. Ask them. Don’t ask me I won’t tell you who they are.

St. Olaf winter sports previews

 in action at the Green Bay Packers vs. Chicago Bears game, Sunday, December 4, 2005 at Soldier Field, Chicago, Illinois. The Bears defeated the Packers 19-7.Holy smokes, is it that time already?  Apparently so as the Winter Sports Previews are being published.   Oles are up first, Knights are on deck.

  • Mens BB
    • "We lost three starters, but have seven of our top ten back," said Kosmoski. "We'll have to quickly learn our roles - that will be our biggest adjustment."
  • Womens BB
    • The St. Olaf women's basketball team begins the Dave Stromme era this winter. Stromme, the longtime assistant from UMD and the University of Minnesota, was hired in August as the seventh coach in the history of the school after spending last season as the interim head coach at UMD.
  • Mens Hockey
    • The St. Olaf men's hockey team is eyeing its fifth straight postseason appearance in 2007-08 with a core group of returners, led by All-America defenseman John Paulson.
  • Womens Hockey
    • The Oles, who were 15-10-1 and 12-5-1 in conference play in 2006-07, return a strong defensive unit led by All-MIAC defender Jess Magnuson (Rochdale, Mass./Pomfret). Magnuson tallied three goals and 11 assists last season.

Northfield Public Library's artwork online

lib-artBack when I was a board member for the NPL, I found myself with several opportunities to walk the building when I wasn't looking for books.  This changes the library's appearance from rows upon rows of book spines to an actual building with stairs, windows, worn carpeting near popular sections, and (surprisingly to me) lots and lots of pictures and art displays.

Apparently, I wasn't the only one who enjoyed them as the NPL has posted a gallery of their artwork online.   Kudos to them.

At left, Solomon P. Stewart - former mayor and state representative in the 1800s.

My favorite piece is Vikings by Dorothy Divers, which features a poor soul taking an axe to the head and limbs everywhere.  It's upstairs near the copy machine and new release section.

This Week in the Northfield Blogosphere for November 12th, 2007

Homemade bagels; 150 hours outdoors; New bank branch nearly complete; flower beds; Just Foods Co-op


The 'Sphere is back, baby.  Just in time too, as today marks the 38th37th anniversary of what Dave Barry calls the "most wonderful event in the history of the universe", namely the Oregon Highway Division attempting to destroy a rotting beached Sperm whale with explosives.  Says Dave:

The responsibility for getting rid of the carcass was placed upon the Oregon State Highway Division, apparently on the theory that highways and whales are very similar in the sense of being large objects.

If you haven't watched the video, you are missing out on something utterly sublime.  What's that?   The Blogo-what now?  Oh, right, right, sorry...

More inside...

NDDC: Big projects coming to downtown next year

nddc-bigprojectsWhoops, a bit late to the punch on this one, but the NDDC had a big blog post last week about the big changes (read: construction) coming to the downtown area next summer:

Slack opened the presentation by saying that the goal of the Streetscape Framework, the overall design theme, was to increase the feeling of hospitality in the community by enhancing the built environment. The tactics in that strategy include maintaining the parking quantities, identifying new tree locations, and adding amenities such as benches, signage and, we hope, bike racks.

Audio: Kevin Kling reads "The Dog Says How" via River City Books

Visit RCB! River City Books has audio from Kevin Kling reading from "The Dog Says How" for the Northfield Reads! community book club:

I have to admit I was quite surprised. Somehow, listening to Kling, every one of his stories got funnier and funnier. They were even better aloud than when I was reading them in my quiet little nest. Man, it really was a great night.

Click here or on the picture to visit the blog and listen to the stories.

Composting via bicycle

Hauling Leaves to the compost...via bicycleNorthfield has a strong reputation as a green community.  We got an interesting set of pictures from Tom Goozen the other day that serves to strengthen that standing:

Being a bicycle enthusiast, I loaded up my B.O.B. trailer with 60 pounds of leaves and hauled them to the local compost site.  The trip was only three and a half miles one way so it did not fall into the epic adventure category but proved to be somewhat interesting in respect to the way the bike handled.  It was very top heavy but the roads along the way were well suited for such bicycle oddities.

Tech: Herding 77,000 cats with one mouse

Membership drive; Statistics - up, way up; We get mail; Widgets; Volunteers; New ideas?

stats-screenshot Okay, so first things first: We're holding a membership fundraising drive.  You've seen that little banner at the top of the site?  The site runs on a shoestring, it really does, but we still have a few costs.  And we've got two ways to offset that cost: banner advertising and our annual membership drive.  Membership costs $20 (feel free to give more, of course) and is tax-deductible.  NCO is a 501(c)3 non-profit, so you can rest assured that we're not using the donations for monocle polish while we sit on our yacht - every dime goes right back into the site.  If you like the idea of citizen journalism and the work that we do, please consider becoming a member - we've got a goal of 100Why, you can even click right here to go right to the donation page.

Stats: 2007 has been a banner year for us.  You want numbers?  We've got all kinds, shapes, and sizes.  In the past year we've had...

  • 513,135 page views
  • 217,413 visits
  • 77,350 unique visitors
  • Roughly 1,000 views each work day.
  • 1,460 stories from...
  • 149 different authors...
  • And we won 1 international award.

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