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Nfld Public Library's long range planning meeting

(Submitted by Jane B. McWilliams)

bruce Tonight I attended a meeting of the Public Library’s Long Range Planning Community Response Forum.  (Click here to view a photo gallery.) This is a group which is working with library staff to develop a long range plan for the library. The group reviewed the results of the January 10 gathering at which the committee and interested persons ranked community needs. Information literacy, “The Third Place (not home, not work), and healthy community for children and youth were the top three needs. Tonight the staff presented possible service responses to the needs. These were also ranked.

Using blue dots, participants ranked a list of core values which the staff had gleaned from the previous community meetings. Intellectual freedom – open access to a variety of resources; lifelong learning/education; and innovation were the top three.

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Local man designs 2008 DJJD replica button

Side by side_thumb Tim Freeland blogs about his experiences designing the 2008 DJJD button on his personal site.  It's a great post, talking about the original 1948 button that the design was based around, the nitty-gritty details about trying to match the original style, and has a slideshow at the bottom features a number of DJJD buttons from throughout the years...

In 1948, the Northfield Jaycees decided to dedicate one day of their Fall Festival to defeating Jesse James and his gang. This day would include a western theme and re-enactments of the infamous bank raid. Although this was the Jaycees 3rd year having the Fall Festival, it was the first ever mention of a Jesse James Day. The 1948 button featured a “deputy” star along with period art work, hand drawn font and the words “Jesse James Day”.

Super Tuesday results - Here, MN, USA

DFL Caucus picture (Update: 11:35a Wednesday) It's late Tuesday nights Wednesday and the results are coming in so let's get the ball rolling... (For results less than 100%, we'll keep updating as more numbers come in...)

(Update: 8a ThursdayJane McWilliams has sent in a wonderful set of images taken at the DFL caucus.  (Click here for the slideshow.)  Thanks, Jane!

Rice County:

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Is it Tuesday? Super. Caucus time!

ScreenShot008 It's Super Tuesday, the day that most of these presidential candidate races will be mostly settled.  As an American, it's your privilege to be able to join in by attending a local caucus and selecting a candidate of your choice.  Stay tuned to for your most up-to-date results tonight!

Update 2:51p: Scarlett Johansson was on the Carleton campus today stumping for [Political Candidate]. Click here to view the pictures (or click here to view the slide show), but be warned that she's wearing a button supporting [Candidate]. :) Many thanks to Doug Bratland for the pictures.

Mini-update: Doug also got some video of SJ speaking, click to watch (YouTube).

Feel free to suggest more links or other information in the comment section!

Northfield Graduate Featured in December 2007 Minnesota Monthly Magazine

ScreenShot007 Tim Freeland's blog carries this very cool entry:

Much to everyone's surprise, including my brother Andy, his landscape design company was featured in "Best of the Twin Cities 2007" in December's Minnesota Monthly. Andy is a 1995 graduate of the Northfield High School.

Click here to read the entire entry...

Northfield, Northfielders in the News

Singing in school; Lawsuits in school; No school for singing lawsuits

ScreenShot005 Education World has an article on David Craft, principal of Greenvale Elementary, about his educational methods that use singing to help teach ideas and bring the school together...

2007 Site Recap

2007-screenshot-section At the yearly NCO meeting last week, we spent some time running over the stats from 2007.  People enjoyed them and wanted me to post them online for more people to chew on, so here you go...

In 2007 had:

  • 1477 stories from
  • 146 different authors
  • 1628 comments from (an unknown number of commenters - anonymous commenting and all.)
  • 231,264 visits from
  • 83,244 different people who surfed using
  • 55% were using Internet Explorer
  • 33% were using Firefox
  • 9% were using Safari
  • 1% were using Opera
  • Our photo gallery contains 9,025 images viewed...
  • 220,237 times, but Flickr is a bit parsimonious with the stats, so it's hard to tell how many were in the last year.
  • Other than the US, we had...
    • 2,182 visits from the U.K.
    • 1,058 visits from Canada
    • 447 visits from Australia
    • ...and so on and so forth down to...
    • 1 visit from the Vatican and
    • 1 visit from Nepal.

Northfield in the News: Franken and Fritz

franken The StarTribune has a small story in their gossip section about Al Franken coming to Northfield and butting heads with students there...

Franken's spokesman Andy Barr said via e-mail Tuesday that Al "remembers having a spirited convo w/ College GOPer at the urging of some of the kid's College Dem pals. Seemed like everyone was having a good time, or as good a time as you can have debating Reaganomics."

Northfield in the News: Top 100 best community for young people

strib-5mncits Phillip Shannon sent in a cool blurb from the Star Tribune, reporting on a ranking of the 100 Best Communities for Young People by America's Promise Alliance:

Leading the list of Minnesota cities are St. Louis Park and Mankato/North Mankato, which were among 44 cities nationwide that won the distinction
for the third consecutive year.
St. Paul, Northfield and the eastern Twin Cities suburb of Landfall made the list for the first time.

Thanks, Phillip!  Remember that is Citizen Journalism - you write it, tape it, sing it and we'll publish it!

Hang in there, baby Okay, depending upon who you ask, it's somewhere between -15°F and -22°F with a windchill of around -33°F.  (Windchill advisory link will change and probably expire in a few hours.) Even Will Steger is hiding in bed this morning, mumbling something about "exploring the Florida Keys".   If there is a ray of hope in all this, it's that it's only about 45 days to mid-50°F weather and we hit 70 on March 27th last year.

So bundle up and mark your calendars.  Warmer weather isn't far off on the calendar, even if it's a near 100 degree change from right now.

Cox, Dahle, Norgaard win primaries yesterday

It's Cox v. Dahle v. Norgaard for the MN Senate District 25 seat on January 3:

Republican Ray Cox, Democrat Kevin Dahle and Independence Party member Vance Norgaard have 15 days left to campaign before a special election on Jan. 3. Gov. Tim Pawlenty called the special election after naming current Sen. Tom Neuville to a Third District judgeship at the end of November.

Does Norgaard have website or a blog?  I can't find anything...

Pictures from Alene Fink's Retirement Party

Alene Fink Retirement Party 45 Jane B. McWilliams has submitted pictures from this weekend's retirement party for Alene Fink.

Click here to view the online gallery or click here to view the slide show.

Many thanks to Jane for these pictures.  Remember: is Citizen Journalism!  If you've got pictures or video from a local event, please send them to us and we'll post 'em!

Northfield, Northfielders in the News

Vy Nguyen, hockey player; Smith hiring brings the debate to Emporia; Zach Filzen wins Big Sky POW; James Gang duster at the MN Historical Society.

james_gang_duster-video Vy Nguyen plays for the NHS Girl's hockey team.  Her story, the journey from the Philippines to Northfield get a good writeup by the StarTrib...

Vy Nguyen has been skating on Minnesota's outdoor rinks since she was 5 years old, which gives her something in common with thousands of her peers across the state. But how she arrived on the ice -- and what it's taken to master the state sport of hockey -- separate the Northfield senior's rink-rat tale from the rest.

Gary Smith is leaving us for Emporia, Kansas, but the online dust-ups seems to follow in his wake.  In this post at the Emporia Gazette, a Smith story gets visited by both a pro- and con- Chief Smith contingent...

Well, Mr Lightning Rod, I'd be interested to know how that attitude directly affected the morale of everyone connected with the police department, sworn or civilian. They have to live and function under the scope of, and reactions to, your opinions. City of Emporia employee morale in general is already pretty poor and the EPD is going to suffer even more if a previous post is anything close to being remotely accurate.

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Deck the halls with hanging chads. Fa la la la laaa, la la la la.


Time to start the campaign ads, fa la la la laaa, la la la la.
Don we now our e-lectoral, fa la la, fa la la, la la la.
'Cause of appointment, guv'nit-tor-ial.  Fa la la la laaaa, la la la laaaaaah!

Anyways, if you don't speak "carol", allow me to translate: It's special election time (to be followed closely by 'regular ol' election time) for us in Northfield.  Because Governor Pawlenty appointed (soon to be former) Senator Neuville to a judicial seat, we're having a special mid-term election to fill MN Senate District 25.

Because of this, we're creating a special temporary section for candidate blogs, aptly titled 'Candidates'.  You'll find it on the right hand side, just below the daily KYMN news report.  There's a screenshot attached to this story for those of you who like that sort of thing.

After the election is over, the candidate block will be mothballed, but will reappear as the 2008 election gets underway.

Northfield, Northfielders in the News

Special Elections on January 3 to fill Neuville seat; Police Chief moving to Kansas?; YMCA has a new 'CEO'

Tiny's tiny panorama

With Neuville resigning to take a judicial position, there will be a special election in a month to fill the open Senate seat:

Gov. Tim Pawlenty called a special election Wednesday, the day after he picked Sen. Tom Neuville, R-Northfield, to be a judge in Rice County. Neuville has represented the district -- which includes the cities of Belle Plaine, Le Center, New Prague and Northfield -- since 1991.

Pawlenty picked Dec. 18 for a primary election, if needed. Candidates have until Dec. 6 to file paperwork with the Secretary of State's office.

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