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Winning Powerball Ticket Sold In Rice County

Strib ScreenshotFrom the Strib:

For at least a day, Faribault, Minn., convenience store clerks Jared Gustafson and Kim Bourn were among an elite handful of Rice County residents.

When it came to who might have won this weekend's $180.1 million Powerball jackpot ticket, sold somewhere in the southeastern Minnesota county, they were considered in the know by curious customers and reporters.

Okay, fess up. Did you win $180 million dollars this weekend? I was in the Kwik Trip tonight and they were claiming that they had sold it... Downtime Tonight

i-can-fix-thiz-sorta We're running low on blinker fluid and the muffler bearings are shot (That's that grinding you've been hearing for the past week), so tonight we're going to take the site down for some tinkerin' and some hammerin' and some why-do-we-have-all-these-extra-screws and we-have-to-promise-never-to-mention-this-to-anyone.

If you need something to do, watching this news report on fainting goats always goes over well. :)

This Week in the Northfield Blogosphere - What Would Jesse James Do?

It another week in Northfield, here in the early parts of April. The sun is shining, grass is growing, kids are outside plaSorry, I thought I could cut and paste from last year. The weather has varied from lousy to horrible this week, with rain, freezing rain, slush, and snow falling from the sky. Someone told me that they saw the sun earlier this week, but I'm not sure I believe them. We may go straight from winter to June's summer this year, I think.

Enough with this moaning and groaning, on with TWINB!...

Northfield, Northfielders in the news

GOP <= 4AM; McCain = Ole+1; Hong on Pipa

ScreenShot052 Northfield is specifically included in the bill relaxing the closing time of bars for the GOP convention in September, so sayeth the Pioneer Press:

A proposal for bars to remain open until 4 a.m. around the time of the convention passed unanimously through the House Commerce and Labor Committee today.

The action follows the failure of two previous proposals — including one by Rep. Phyllis Kahn, DFL-Minneapolis, which was removed from a budget bill on Thursday.

MPR has the story of Andrew Foxwell, an Ole, who has decided to back McCain for President...

"I'm not going to assign any to medical marijuana and drug policy," Foxwell said as he went through the quiz again, recently. "Civil liberties and domestic security, I'll give a couple points to that."

Then you answer some questions about how you think those issues should be addressed.

"Privatizing social security through personal social security accounts? Yes. Great idea," Foxwell said. "Support or oppose an increase in troop levels in Iraq? I do strongly support that."

Lansings Hardware closing...

ScreenShot051 Two stories today about how Lansing's hardware is going out of business, in addition to them settling their long-standing lawsuit with New Division Development:

Pictures from the Spill

Update: Tim Freeland has posted 37 more pictures from the spill. Click here to see the gallery or click here to view the slideshow.

Stewart Moyer sent in these great images from the spill this morning:

We couldn't get very close to it, but my camera zoom proved somewhat effective.

Click here to view the gallery or click here to view the slide show.

Many thanks to Stewart for his contribution. Remember: is Citizen Journalism. If you take pictures/video/audio of an event happening, we'll publish it!

Dundas station sells 41 cent gas ONE DAY ONLY!

Cheap gas in DundasIn honor of spring, the Dundas Exxon (near the corner of Railway and 2nd) is selling gas for $0.41/gallon for one day only. (The catch: 12 gallon limit.) We called the station to find out to find out the inside scoop.

"Not many people seem to know we're out here, so this is our way of saying 'Hey, here we are', you know, and I think that people will understand that."

The offer didn't specify if containers were ok or not, so if you were able to fill one up, please leave us a comment and let us know!

Out like a lion: Northfield schools closing early

snow-day Northfield schools letting out early today, March 31:

  • St. Dominic's - 12:30
  • Area Learning Center - 12:30
  • HS - 12:45.
  • Middle School 12:51.
  • Sibley Elementary 1:10
  • Bridgewater Elementary 1:45.
  • Greenvale Park - 1:15

School not listed?  Keep an eye on WCCO's School Closing Page or KYMN 1080 for more information.

Train Derails, sulfuric acid leaks

ScreenShot048Update 2: More links (Thanks to Andy Alt)...

Update 1: A bit more from KARE 11, including some video.

Not much information out there right now, but a train derailed in Northfield last night and leaked sulfuric acid:

The derailment occurred near a residential area at about 2 a.m. this morning, said Mark Davis, Union Pacific spokesman. Television reports said the derailment was near Highways 3 and 19.

Informal town reports have the police blocking off an area near St. Dominic'sDairy Queen and Highway 3.

Today's KYMN Daily News has much more information on the leak:

Note that this is the 8:05 a.m. broadcast. As the day progresses, tune into KYMN 1080 AM for more information.


If you have any more information or online links, please leave them in a comment.

Thursday's Table up for helper grant, wants your comments...

ScreenShot043 We got a note from David Koenig about TT being up for $2,350 from's grant program...

The more people that go to this site and post supportive comments, the more likely it is that we will receive a grant from Hamburger Helper.

From the mHH website:

Thursday's Table is a new program in Northfield designed to provide a hot and healthy meal to people in transition who could benefit from a free, nutritious meal. Free meals are prepared and served by volunteers every Thursday (beginning April 3, 2008) from 5:00 to 6:30 PM at the Community Resource Center. Guests and volunteers will dine together, the entire community benefiting from new relationships that are formed. The school district will offer a children's activity each week, and diners will have the opportunity to participate in social or educational activities.

Click here or on the picture to visit the website and post a comment to show your support.

Non-Profit Meeting Room List from the LWV


(Submitted by Margit Johnson)

The Northfield League of Women Voters has updated the "Northfield Non-Profit Meeting Room List".  The list details all the places in Northfield where non-profit orgs are welcome to meet.

Valid as of March 2008; for updates and corrections, email

Spring Snow Pictures

AmesMillSnow If there was a silver lining to the 3 to 58 inches of snow we got Thursday/Friday, it's that it brought out the photographer in people. Here are some links to spring snow shots from local photogs. If you know of any other picture collections, please let us know and we'll update the list. If you've got photos you want to share, send them to and we'll add them to our Flickr gallery.

Keep shooting, Northfield!

Spring Splash images from AJMBenson

Spring Splash 03 Following up on the first batch of spring images from Miriam Mueller, we've got another set of pictures from Amy Mueller Benson showing Northfield residents Calvin and Delia Benson enjoying the melt at Way Park...

(Click here to view as slideshow.)

Northfield, Northfielders in the news

U of MN pitcher has good outing; Thursday's Table gets Strib profile; Dan Patch Line downgraded to 'iffy'; Rice County home sale price down 30% YoY

ScreenShot039Luke Rasmussen had a good outing with the Gophers yesterday, helping them beat NDSU...

The Minnesota baseball team (6-7) had a season-high 17 runs as it defeated North Dakota State (3-7) 17-8 in a midweek game on Tuesday, Mar. 18 at the Metrodome. With the 17-run output, the Golden Gophers have now scored 28 runs in their last two games.

Ask Northfield: Child-friendliness and State of the Schools

138560428_2f31eb3541 We had two questions submitted via the forums recently and they're worthy of promotion to the front page.  (Note that we don't enforce our 'Real Name' policy when it comes to the forums, unlike the front page.)

In this post titled "? Move down the road", menk0620 asks:

I am contemplating moving to Northfield.  Currently I am a stay at home Mom with a toddler and baby.  I am wondering what kind of activities or groups are around Northfield that would cater to that age group?  Is there a place for toddlers to run around, particularly in the winter?  Is Northfield child friendly?  Any help would be much appreciated!

In this post titled "Moving to Northfield... Toddler Activities/ Groups?", colleenzombie asks:

Our family is thinking about a possible move. We would like information about the Northfield community? Tell me what's good about Northfield. What are opinions on the community businesses, schools, healthcare (hospital/clinics) in the area?

Specifically we 'd like answer on the school district questions. What is the financial outlook of the school district? Are there worries about the districts fund balance? Is the community generally supportive when referendum questions come up for a vote? Has it been making budget cuts or will it in the future? How about cuts in programs or activities? Is the community generally supportive of the school district?

Feel free to answer by leaving a comment.

(Many thanks to orsorama for his CC-licensed question mark cloud picture.)

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