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Northfield 360: Where in Northfield?

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This is a 360 degree panorama shot somewhere in Northfield a few days ago. Can you identify the location?

* "Small image":
* "Large image":
* "Low resolution VR movie": ( _requires Quicktime_ )
* "High resolution VR movie ": ( _requires Quicktime_ )

Post your guesses in the comment section!

Library Reopens With A Little Help From Its Friends

Vol Betsy And Shelver Bonnie AustinThe Northfield Public Library is fully open again, thanks to the hard work of many volunteers yesterday. After the new carpeting had been fully installed, the books needed to be returned to their home. Lynne Young, Head Librarian, activated the volunteer bat signal and many responded. See the photo gallery of the upstairs coming back together.

Northfield Public Library Partially Closed for Renovation - Jan 5th - 13th

NPL Carpet Press ReleaseThe Northfield Public Library will be receiving new carpeting starting on January 5th. Certain areas of the library will be closed to public traffic during this time. The Children's Area, circulation desk, and meeting room will be open as normal - most everything else will be closed.

You may read more information in the attached press release from the library.

It's also worth noting that the library does an excellent job of announcing events via the Northfield Events feed. This feed is syndicated by on the top-right hand corner of the front page. You may also subscribe to it via RSS or iCal, the latter will allow Upcoming events to appear automagically on your personal calendar program. It's quite nifty and worth checking out.

Oles blow 4-2 lead, kiss their sisters.

The St. Olaf Men's Hockey Team lost a held a two goal lead for most of the evening, 2-0, 3-1, 4-2, but couldn't stop the high-scoring Augsberg squad from rallying late. Even though the Oles outshot the Augies 5-2 in OT, they still came away with a 4-4 tie.

The next Ole game is tomorrow, at Augsburg. The next Ole Men's home game is January 9th.

There are 28 pictures in the photo gallery.

The New City Website Opens For Business

screenshot of the city website as it looks right now The new City of Northfield website is now open! You can read more about it with the news release that is posted on the site, which also serves as a demonstration of some of the new features.

The crew @ Livefront also has information about the launch.

Nfld Public Library Board Meeting Report - Nov 15th

The Northfield Public Library Board met on Tuesday, Nov 15th. Did Booker the Bookmobile catch on fire? Did Lynne Young threaten a lock-out if the librarians failed to raise December checkouts by 15%? How many times was the library stormed by protestors angry over controversial book holdings?

Find out, inside!

Photos from the Quantum Mechanics talk at the Library

The third and final presentation celebrating 100 Years of Relativity took place on Thursday. Arjendu Pattanayak, physics professor at Carleton College delivered "Quantum Mechanics is weird, and I love it!" to a crowd of 40+ at the Northfield Public Library.

More information and a picture gallery inside...

New Board Member: Adam Gurno

It occurs to me now that practicing my introductions would probably be a good thing to do; Everyone I know I've had to meet first.

Hey, I'm Adam Gurno and I'm the newest member of the Board. You might know me...

City Website Redesign: Wireframes

Livefront, the firm hired to redesign the city's website, has made the proposed 'wireframes' available online for people to inspect. There are two of them, located here (inside) and here (outside). We've got some quick screenshots and explanations inside...

Einstein Exploratorium at the Library, Part II

Part II of Einstein's Big Idea, a celebration of 100 Years of Relativity, will be happening on Saturday from 10AM to 2PM. There will be hands-on physics experiments, an Einstein look-a-like contest, and door prizes. It's free, of course, and funded by a grant from Twin Cities Public Television.

For more information on Einstein's Big Idea, you can view the page at

The third and final Exploratorium will be this Thursday, the 13th.

To quote an old song:

"I had a frame of reference,

I set it on a fence,

along came Relativity,

ain't seen the darn thing since.

Cereal Bowl This Weekend!

The annual "Cereal Bowl" football game between Carleton (2-2) and St. Olaf (4-0) takes place this Saturday, 1:00 p.m. at Laird Stadium on the Carleton campus. St. Olaf is having a banner year, going 4-0 for the first time since 1978. However, no one can predict the outcome of the most emotional game of the year for these teams.

The event is sponsored by Malt-O-Meal. will be there and will have the first pictures and a full report from the game.

Northfield Public Library Board Meeting

The Northfield Public Library Board met on Tuesday. It was a night of document wrangling, similar to a DJJD rodeo: a little RFQ bustin', some policy roping, and a mechanical bull that you could ride for $1. Okay, no bull, but maybe next month. A complete run-down inside.

DJJD Horseshoe Found!

The DJJD Horseshoe has been found!

From the website:

The Horseshoe was FOUND on 30 August by a team of 4: Evelyn Pelleymounter, Steve Phlaum, Lucy Gaylor, and Judy Anderson. It was found under the Water Conservation Sign attached to the Odd Fellows Park sign on Forest Avenue.

"Congratulations!" to the finders and "Better Luck Next Year" to the rest of us hunters.

Library pages make city-scape

The sesquicentennial prompted the library pages to create a handmade cityscape/map of Northfield. They started with the city grid and the river and added important buildings like Jacobsen's, M-O-M, the library, etc. It grew from there...

Northfield Library Board Met on Tuesday

The Northfield Public Library Board met on Tuesday evening.

Howard Merriam came to the board meeting to show some preliminary plans for the corner of 3rd and Division, right near the library.

A full report inside...

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