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Photo Contest Winners Announced: Mary Mueller

Christmas photo contestNow that Christmas is over and things have gotten back to normal, it's a good time to announce the winner of our Christmas Photo Contest: Mary Mueller.  Her still life of a snowboarder catching some air in her living room beat out many other very good pictures to win.  You can see the full gallery if you click here.

Congratulations to Mary and many thanks to all the others who entered.  Keep an eye on for more exciting contests and give-aways!

One Farmer's View of the Ethanol Issue

Locally Grown LogoThe always perspicacious Tracy Davis is one of the regulars on the Locally Grown website. Tracy seeks out Jerry Franz, one of six farmers who are trying to build an ethanol plant in this neck of the woods:

Ethanol reduces carbon monoxide, reduces benzene, a carcinogen, and using ethanol blends reduce green house gases.(this all according to EPA) Ethanol is not the perfect fuel but it sure beats buying from the Arabs and it is a great boost to rural economies and small rural towns.

Click here to read the entire article.


Editor's note: This entry originally credited the ethanol entry to Griff, but he let us know that Tracy is the author.

This Week in the Northfield Blogosphere: Repeal Day Edition

TWINB LogoThe 'Sphere ish back and we're got that... uh... thing, 'cause it's Repeal Day today wooooooooo!  Yeah!  We wuz jusht sitting here and we were all like "We should totally write that Blogostuff 'cause, it's like, due, man." And I was like "That's the besht idea I've heard all night" and then that waitress came by, you know the one... yeahhh, you know the one... and we ordered another pitcher, 'cause it's Repeal Day!  Wooooooo!  The Sphere is back!

The Forums Are Back!

You may have noticed the small ads on the sidebar for the new Forums.  We launched it under the radar a few weeks ago, to make sure that we've got the kinks worked out.  Now that some time has passed, it's time to announced the Grand (Re)Opening of the Web Café!

Once upon a time, had forums.  Time passed, security issues happened and we had to shut them down.  People kept asking and we love to give you what you want, so they're back.  You can discuss anything you'd like with other Northfield citizens at any time of the day, any day of the week.

Registration is quick and easy, but due to spam-related issues we've got to manually approve each user.  This is merely a precaution to keep the evil-doers out.  Your application will be processed ASAP.

We hope you enjoy these forums!

This Week in the Northfield Blogosphere: Thanksgiving Edition

TWINB LogoThis Week in the Northfield Blogosphere is back with it's Thanksgiving Edition. The 'Sphere has much to be thankful for this year:

  1. We didn't get brained by The Hail of Doom.
  2. Campaign ads are done for another two years.
  3. Prolific Bloggers

In light of #3, let's get to it!

The US Government has wisened up and realized that Police Chief Gary Smith is a dangerous, dangerous man and has placed him on the TSA/Homeland Security "No Fly" List:

When I arrived in Denver to switch to Frontier Airlines - still in a secure area- I had to find an agent to get me another boarding pass and yup, even though I got off one plane and right onto another, I got my license out again and answered the same questions...again. When I inquired if I was still on "the list," I was told "yes."

Hayes Scriven of the Northfield Historical Society posts a really neat picture of a Northfield snowstorm in 1888.

This Week in the Northfield Blogosphere: Snow Daze

This Week in the Northfield Blogosphere LogoThe 'Sphere drops today, like the six inches of white stuff that fell overnight.  It's time for the weekly round-up of some of the best posts of the last week from the Northfield Blogosphere.  I've got a lot of shoveling to do, so let's get this sledding party started...

Wednesday: 77F, Today: Six inches of snow

Temperature plotA band of southern Minnesota, from Northfield to Mankato received 4-7 inches of snow last night, according to the Star Tribune

The plot on the right is a temperature plot of the last seven days.  Notice the rise from 15F last Friday to 77F on Wednesday and back down again last night.

The forecast for today shows a high of 33, with mid forties in the next few days, so the snow might not last.

If you've got pictures of the snow today, like the First Snowman of the Year, or your kids waiting for the bus, or your dog covered in snow, please send it in and we'll put it in a gallery for everyone to see!.

TWINB: The Saintly Edition

'Tis All Saints Day today (Nov 1), which is good news for the 'Sphere since we're deeply in debt to St. Expeditus, the patron saint of Procrastinators.  So take the day off, Expie, the Sphere is on time today!

The NPRE (Northfield Professional Resource Exchange) is up first with an exhortation to "Vote Smart":

We are mostly intelligent, educated and worldly saavy people, you and
I, so please use this mid-term opportunity to make intelligent,
educated, and worldly saavy decisions when it comes to those  people
and issues you choose to vote for or against.  It’s not enought to just

Truth in Lending comes up next with some talk of ARMs and "When a mortgage is more than a mortgage"...

NHS Football Playoffs Begin Tonight

Kickoff!The NHS Raiders football team starts the road to the Metrodome tonight as the Missota Playoffs begin tonight. 

The Raiders are matched up against 0-8 WayzataWinona in the first round tonight at the Memorial Football Field.  The game starts at 7 p.m.

The weather today has been wonderful and it should be a great fall night for some football.

Lt. Govenor Carol Molnau Visits Northfield

Current Lt. Govenor Carol Molnau visited Northfield today, stopping by the Bittersweet Eatery and KYMN to stump for Gov. Pawlenty and the Vote Yes transportation amendment.  Griff Wigley has pictures, links and lots more information.

This Week in the Northfield Blogosphere - Zombie Edition

The 'Sphere is back, risen from the grave, need po-o-o-o-sts to survive.  U-u-u-urgh, po-o-o-o-o-o-o-osts!

A Big Thank-you to Sean Hayford O'Leary

Sean at Griff's is sad to announce that Sean Hayford O'Leary has hung up his volunteer hat. While you may not know him, you see his work every time you logon to, for he was the one who designed our current logo (among other things). He was a huge help during the Big Relaunch in February and has continued to help with design and the blog migration since then. We will miss his work and his crazy Norwegian Flapjacks (with jam).

Sean is a student at ArTech High School and still runs

We're always looking for volunteers here at and that's true now more than ever. If you've got a strong technological background (linux, PHP, etc) and a desire to build a stronger community, please contact us

Norwegian Pancake skills a plus, but not required.

Check out the new Northfield Event Calendar

Calendar IconIf there's one thing that we hear from people again and again, it's better event information.  We try, we really do - we run event promos submitted by people, we ask them to follow up with pictures and a story, we've even got a whole category devoted to events.

With that in mind, we've been toiling away in the secret underground labs here at to make it even better - and voila!  Presenting... The (New) Northfield Event Calendar!

More inside...

Football - Nfld vs. Hutchinson - All video clips

This is all the video clips for the Northfield vs. Hutchinson game on September 15th.

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