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This week in the forums: In like a lion

There's something in the air tonight, baby, and it's the forums!  (Previous link contains bad language in the comments, which is too bad because it's mind-bendingly awesome.)

Bright Spencer hands out "Bright's Downtown Shop Award":

Bright Spencer:  

Today I went to Anna's.  IF the lady with the dark black medium length hair is Anna, I am talking about her.  She was marvelous, waiting on 3-4 people at once, and saying all the right things without being saccharin or phoney.  Now there is a lady who knows her business, seems to like what she is doing, is welcoming, polite, funny, and really helpful.

NHS gymastics team finishes 6th at state

The NHS gymnastics team finished sixth at state yesterday. This is the first time that the gymnastics team has made it to state.

Congratulations, girls. Good job this year.

Southgate: Movies from Feb 23 - Mar 1

Movies playing this week at the Southgate Cinema, Northfield...

This Week in the Northfield Forums - Post-Valentine's Day Edition

Valentine's Day has come and gone again, so one last Valentine's haiku for you, my love:

I post this for you
type type type type type type type
type type type type.  There!

I have also arranged a special solo performance, mon ami.  And now, to the forums! 

The New/Old/Possible City Liquor store sparked some interest this week:

John Thomas wrote:

A bigger store will have a large debt service, as well as an increased labor cost to staff and stock it. If the store is only making several hundred thousand dollars a year, it will take quite a while to pay back the note on a new building.

It just seems like there are more important things for the City Council to be working on. Selling more booze for profit is not going to save this community, or pay for its parks and pools.

This Week in the Northfield Forums - First Edition!

Welcome to the first edition of This Week in the Northfield Forums, where we shall look back on the happenings in the Web Cafe Forums.  Joining the forums is free, fast, and fun.  Well, joining isn't fun per se, but you dig, right?

Topic: What would bring you downtown?  It's a discussion about what sorts of businesses that people think the downtown is lacking...

Brendon Etter:

I'd like to see men's clothes somewhere, anywhere.  Not necessarily high-fashion mind you, just sensible clothes.  (And I'm definitely not talking about more 9,000 dollar Nordic sweaters.  If it's a choice between a Nordic sweater and a 500 GB external hard drive, I'll stick with the hard drive any day, and I'll buy it online.)

Cynthia Child:

Movies at Southgate Cinema, Feb 9-15

Movies playing this week at the Southgate Cinema, Northfield...

Movies at Southgate Cinema, Feb 2-8

Movies playing this week at the Southgate Cinema, Northfield...

City-wide Wifi is coming... soon!

Northfield Wifi ScreenshotI just got off the phone with Nate Lyon, one of the owners of Northfield Wifi, which is a new ISP (Internet Service Provider) in town. The newsworthy part of is that they will be offering wireless internet (WiMax) for the entire town. (Five mile radius, big brick buildings, yadda yadda.)

This is a paid service, mind you, the same as cable internet or DSL offerings. This is a bit different than the free Wi-Fi Access Points around town that we list, which are intended to bring customers into local businesses. Competition and choices in this area are great for us Northfielders.

Nate will be doing this with Ted Lyons, whose name similarities are merely coincidental. Northfield Wifi will be open for business in three weeks and they're beta testing with a select group around town right now. According to Nate, "When we go live, we will be one of the fastest residential ISP's in the 5 state area, if not the US."

Southgate Cinema Donates Rentals, Gains Lobby

The New Southgate LobbyI got quite a shock tonight as I stepped into Southgate Cinema on my way to see The Queen. Southgate has donated its entire movie and game rental stock to the Northfield Senior Center, which has plans to sell them as a fundraiser.

Southgate was kind enough to let me take a few snaps after the movies were over of their reclaimed lobby area. The manager (who's name I have regretfully forgotten) was quite nice and explained that this is how it looked 18-19 years ago before the theatre got into the rental business. She said that the lobby would be repainted and the carpets cleaned.

If you get a chance, you should stop by and check it out. It's like a different place altogether. Also, The Queen was very good, much better than I expected.

There's more inside, including a Quicktime Panorama of the lobby...

Eating in Northfield: Tiny's to stay open late, the Reub: 1982 in 2007.

Lots of culinary happenings around town:

  1. Tiny's Hotdogs is now open until 2 a.m. on Friday nights. There was also talk of an upcoming 'Open Mike' night for poetry and whatnot. This is really good news for anyone who wanted Real Food late night - perfect for a college town. I also shot a small panorama of the counter of the store.
  2. Today is the last day of 25th Anniversary 1982 burger prices at the Reub'N'Stein. Burgers can be had for $1.65 today (double and triples slightly more) which is the same introductory price back in 1982 when they were first offered. Now if I could only get some $0.99 gas to drive me over there with. :)
  3. There's a discussion in our forums about the best places to eat in Northfield. Also: what places would you like to see open up?

Bon Appetit.

Snow Emergency for Tonight, Jan 22

Snow Emergency-20070122The Northfield Public Works Department has declared a Snow Emergency for tonight. You can download the full release by clicking on the thumbnail. It reads, in part:

The Public Works Department has declared a SNOW EMERGENCY for the City of Northfield. The snow emergency will start Monday 8:00 PM, January 23, 2007 and will continue until all streets are plowed curb-to-curb.

All downtown parking lots will be closed with the exception of the parking lot at 5
th and Washington. All downtown parking lot permit holders must park in this lot tonight January 23, 2007. The morning of Tuesday January 24, 2007 permit holders who normally park in the 5th Street lot should park in another downtown parking lot.

Downtown snow removal is scheduled for Tuesday morning January 23, 2007 at this time.


For updated information please call the Northfield parking hotline at 645-3080 or check the city’s web site at

Thanks Captain Tim Halverson

Twins Winter Caravan Comes to Northfield on Monday!

Metrodome-TwinsThe annual Twins Winter Caravan is coming to Northfield this Monday, January 22nd. We're not entirely sure where, but according to the Twins' web site, they'll be passing through Northfield, Faribault, and Rochester.

If you know where they'll stop please leave a comment on this story or drop us a line using the Contact Us form.

Many thanks to Susan Beaumaster for the tip!

This Week in the Northfield Blogosphere - Happy 105th Birthday, Basketball

January is a tough month for holidays.  I missed MLK Jr. Day, but that's probably too serious for inclusion in this column.  So, the 105th Anniversary of Basketball it is.

I'm not a big fan, but that's probably because I'm Minnesotan.  I think that this is a state holiday in Indiana, with lots of speeches, Hoosiers movie reenactments, and really short parades.  So here's to you, Dr. James Naismith, patron saint of tall people everywhere.

Sustainable Community Solutions reports on the talk by Jason Hill

biofuels-basics-presentation.JPGBruce Anderson of Sustainable Community Solutions has a great blog entry regarding last night's talk by Jason Hill.  To read the full article, you can click here...

Jason Hill, research associate in the departments of Applied Economics and Ecology, Evolution and Behavior at the University of Minnesota, drew a standing-room-only crowd to the St. Olaf campus Thursday night. His lecture, entitled "Biofuels Basics: Energetics, Expectations, Environment and Economics," outlined and expanded on the findings of research recently published in Science magazine.

This Week in the Northfield Blogosphere - Baby, It's Cold Outside

We're back for another teeth-chattering, ear-freezing, car-not-starting edition of the 'Sphere. It's finally, finally cold enough for extended winter activities, which makes some of us rejoice and others grumble. Fortunately, reading is still an all-weather sport, so pour some hot chocolate on the keyboard and shut the world out for a while...

Bill Ostrem addresses the previous warm weather with a post about Paul Douglas and Global Warming...

Paul Douglas, the senior meteorologist at the WCCO television in the Twin Cities, continues to impress me with his scientific take on global warming. See his comments on last year’s weather and warming trends in his StarTribune weather column today

Fishing and Thinking in Minnesota stays tangentially on the topic by discussing ethanol, farming, and conversational snippets...

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