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We're running a little late this week here at For you see, we were on a business trip to Green Bay. Yes, that Green Bay. They're more than a little nuts over there - for instance, if you click here you can see the overhead lighting in a restaurant that we were eating in. While I know someone with a Vikings tattoo, I'm pretty sure that the number of people with Packer tats outnumber the number of Viking tattoos - and that's just if you count the children.

Also, I saw the bay and it totally wasn't green. I feel so cheated.

On with the lists!... Book Report for April 26, 2007

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Good news - The Northfield Historical Society has agreed to join the weekly book list, starting next week! 
Bad news - I don't know where I put the original graphic that I use for the book report.  Recreating that may take... well, minutes, I suppose.

Lists inside... Book Report for April 19, 2007

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Now that we've all filed our taxes for another year (you remembered right?), it's time to stop the paperwork and start the paperfun.   Heh.  Yup, came up with that one all by myself.  I think I'll get some t-shirts made...

Book report inside... Book Report, Week of April 11, 2007

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Since winter is here again, it's time to curl up by a nice fire place until the temperature hits 70 again. Which is probably next week. 'Cause it's April. Book Report for April 4, 2007

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Ah, April. When a young man's fancy turns to hoping the frost will kill the mosquito larvae. And books. And... something else - I don't recall exactly what. Boards? Anyways, it's time for the weekly Book Report!

Voting Shenanigans at the Northfield News

NN Poll ClippingAs a full-time geek, I couldn't help but think that the most interesting story that the Northfield News carried on Saturday was the small print under their current poll:

Note: As of noon Friday, 115 people had voted, 55 percent favoring the library and 23 percent the Ice Arena/Rec Center.

What an odd little note.  Right above that is the total votes that the poll received: 365.  Since the paper goes to bed on Friday nights, that means that there were 250 votes on Friday afternoon.  The fact that the paper felt the need to add some small print meant that there was something up.  Let's investigate...'s Weekly Book Report for March 27, 2007

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It's that time of week again, the book lists from your local public library and book sellers. And don't tell me that you can't read - how would you know what I just wrote? Ya gotta get up pretty early in the morning to slip that one past me...

The lists of lists, inside...

NPL Complete New Item List, March 17-23, 2007

2 Call No. Author Title
3 Non-fiction books
4 005.36 MA Marmel, Elaine J. How to do everything

21 will getcha 79

Well, for those of you with short term memories allow me to remind you that on March 4th we were chattering in our parkas as the temperature fell to 0°F. According to the Carleton Weather site, it hit 79°F today.

Fortunately, that make the math easier. In three weeks we went up seventy nine degrees. Yowza.

I tell people that I enjoy Minnesota because we get all four seasons - I just keep forgetting that we get them all in twenty one days's Weekly Book Report for March 20, 2007

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It's a new feature here @ - the weekly book report. We're teaming up with some of the local bookstores to bring you a weekly list of new releases, top items, or other good material.

The lists of lists, inside...

Complete NPL New Book List for March 1-16

1 Northfield
Public Library
2 New
Materials, March 1, 2007 -
3 Call No. Author Title Coll

Northfield in the news

According to this story in the Strib, the Northfield colleges performed very well in the NCAA Div III Swimming and Diving Championships in Houston, TX:

St. Olaf swimmer Nelson Westby won the national title in the 200-yard individual medley at the NCAA Division III men's swimming and diving championships Thursday in Houston.

There's more in the story, one student from Carleton and a team from the Oles. 

Cannon river in spring 2007: a little higher (with movies!)

The annual spring melt is well underway and all eyes turn to the Cannon river to see how high it will get. While other parts of the state are dealing with spring flooding, it looks like the Cannon will be well-behaved this year. We've got a small gallery taken from the Water St. bridge and also four movies showing smaller ice floes crashing over the falls.

New stuff:

  1. The photo gallery.
  2. Four movies of the river this year.  (Requires flash - you've probably got this already)

Previous years:

  1. High water in 2004.
  2. More galleries of the 2004 flooding

If you've got pictures of the river this year or in years gone by, please let us know and we'll get you included in this story.

Ole Store closed for at least a month

Sean Hayford O'Leary of Locally Grown noticed that the Ole Store website has this notice:


We've opened a forum thread to discuss the changes and reminisce about good times you've had there...

This Week in the Northfield Blogosphere: Smoke gets in your eyes

The 'Sphere is back!  In this week's edition: The MN state smoking ban, coal smoke, reducing your pollution, and cub scouts.  Cub scouts?

Tom Neuville leads us off this week with a lengthy explanation of this opposition to the proposed MN state smoking ban...

I grew up in a home with 6 children, and parents who smoked. None of the children in our family smoke today, or have suffered any adverse health impact because our parents smoked. I have tried to discourage my own children and others from smoking. Perhaps in this partisan climate, anyone who opposes more government regulation of smoking, feels the need to make an “up-front” disclaimer. So, I just did. I am no apologist for tobacco.

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