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Books and Stars 2007 kicks off with Justin Roberts - Pictures and Video!

If you've got pictures, send them in! We'll add them to the gallery!

The 2007 Books and Stars season kicked off yesterday (Wed, June 13) with perennial favorite Justin Roberts. But before he was to come on, the library rolled out Booker the Bookmobile for what has become its traditional paint job - handprints from kids (and grown-up kids) in town. was there and has pictures, slideshows, and some video of JR's opening performance.

"Wild West" gallery from David Perez Photography!

Mosaic8234373David Perez Photography has posted a really wonderful gallery of pictures taken during last weekend's Wild West Days in Dundas.

These show grounds are the same ones that host the annual Steam Engine show on Labor Day Weekend. Sorry, I don't know the name of it.

Update: It's the the Rice County Gas and Steam Engine and Threshing Show - (Thanks to Doug Bratland).

Buckle Up, It's gonna get interesting

bad weather screenshot

If you haven't heard already, the weather report for today is ominous.

Update (8:00pm): Still a wind advisory + rain, but the threat of really, really severe weather has mostly disappeared.

Update (1:30pm) - Tornado watch for Rice County until 10:00pm.

From the NOAA site :


NHS Graduation Photos courtesy of Stone Cottage Photography

NHS GraduateIt's that time of year again and Stone Cottage Photography was there at the Northfield High School graduation to capture it all. They've been gracious enough to let us post a few of the pictures on our site, and you can click here to see the entire gallery at the SCP website.

Scott added a little note:

You will find photos of most, but not all of the seniors in this album. Not all seniors were captured... sorry! It was not intentional, but the flash unit had a hard time keeping up with 314 flashes.

Congratulation, grads!

Minnetonka wins Dundas Baseball Tournament, Dukes drop two

The annual Dundas Invitational Baseball Tournaments was held this last weekend at Memorial Field in Dundas. Minnetonka made it seem easy, winning all three games by a combined score of 36-6. This is their third consecutive DIBT championship.

The Dukes dropped both games they played and did not place. A full recap of all the scores and box scores from the Dukes games available by clicking here.

Dundas Dukes beat rival Northfield Knights 6-3 in annual Memorial Day matchup

Dukes Screenshot The Dundas Dukes jumped out to an early 3-0 lead and held on to beat the Northfield Knights 6-3 in their annual Memorial Day rivalry. A full recap including box score is available on the Dundas Dukes website. The Dukes and the Knights will meet again on July 4th in Dundas at 2 p.m.

The next game for the Dukes is Wednesday against Stewartville-Racine in Dundas. The next game for the Knights is Friday vs. Prescott.

MN Legislative Recap for Northfield

The MN Legislative season came to an end 'on time' yesterday as a flurry of financing and budgeting was done to meet the deadline. The votes on those aren't on the MN Congressional website yet, but we can recap the voting record on the more important bills that passed through the MN Congress this year. If I missed any that you think are important, please add a comment letting me know...

Northfield's Representative is David Bly, 1st term.

Northfield's Senator is Tom Neuville, 5th term.

Repeal of Ticket Scalping Laws, SF372: This bill would repeal the laws regarding ticket scalping in the state of MN. Citizens are now allowed to re-sell their tickets for any price.

  • Bly voted Yes
  • Neuville voted Yes.

Predatory mortgage lending practices prohibited, HF1004: Too many clauses to list, but this prohibits things like 'liar loans' - no stated income loans and certain other kinds of mortgages and practices.

Nfld Historical Society - "To Our Boys in Service" - watch the documentary online

Click here to view the movieOn May 10th the Northfield Historical Society (NHS) presented To Our Boys in Service: Northfield and World War II. This was NHS’s first documentary and was produced by two St. Olaf interns Krista Siems and Laural Brentner. The documentary looks at how Northfield was affected by WW II through the words of Northfield’s Nellie “MOM” Phillips. The documentary includes interviews from Maggie Lee, Don Kimber, Bill and Penny Cupp and Margaret Spear.'s Weekly Book Report, May 17, 2007

April showers bring May book reports. New releases at the Northfield Public Library and the books of summer from River City. Let's get to it before this ice creams melts...

This Week in the Northfield Blogosphere - May 15th, 2007

The 'Sphere, she is back. We're converted to 100% recycled electrons and washed our 'Destroy Entropy' t-shirt - it gets so dirty so quickly...

The Northfield Construction Company has a picture-filled post detailing their work on laying the foundation for the third First National Bank branch...

The workers need to carefully compact soils around the water and storm water piping to ensure there is no floor or pavement settlement in the building or parking lots. We also took delivery of the reinforcing steel for the foundation. This gets to be quite a pile of steel----all specially bent to match the requirements of the foundation.

Hogan Bros adds free Wi-Fi, The Key's had it for a while, list updated

You may or may not know it, but we here at Northfield daught org maintain a list of all the free, public WiFi hotspots in Northfield . With the with the addition of Hogan Brothers, and the Key (for 12-20 year olds), the list stands at 11 active and 1 (Ole Store) that we're sure will return Real Soon Now.

So if you've got a laptop and are looking for a little change of scenery, give the list a gander and get out and socialize a bit with your fellow Northfielder. I hear that Face-To-Face-Chat(TM) is pretty cool and some people have done some crazy modifications to their avatars.

Girls Night Out photos via Griff Wigley

GnoGriff Wigley has posted a bunch of photos from last night's Girls Night Out held by the downtown businesses. From the appearance of it, it looks like it was a great success.

This is great thinking from the downtown - the sort of originality that's required to a keep a downtown thriving in the Age of Big Box.

The Rotblatt Mystery

We got a letter from someone in Ohio the other day via our contact form, and this is what it asked:

I was curious as to when the Rotblatt Softball game takes place each year in your town. Thank you for any info you can provide…

Say what? Rotblatt? I've lived here going on seven years now and I've never heard of it. A little Googling revealed...

Sprazzo pizza coming to downtown, sez Locally Grown

Website Screenshot Griff Wigley has an interesting blog entry today about a new restaurant opening in Northfield...

Sprazzo will have a large mezzanine for dining, with views of downtown and the river through the upper windows. They’re applying for a full-liquor license so I gave them my pitch for sidewalk dining and the need to change Northfield’s ordinance.

Read more about it by clicking here.

Baseball storytelling at the Grand - Video from April 12, 2007

A few weeks ago, there was a big event - "Baseball Storytelling" at the Grand Event center, with a veritable 'Who's Who' of Northfield baseball:

  • Ron Gardner
  • Peter Maus
  • Sandy Johnson
  • Bardwell Smith
  • Jim Dimick
  • Mike Allen
  • Chuck Engel
  • Jack Thurnblad
  • Bill Nelson

It's been converted to DVD and full-color, hi-res copies are available from the Northfield Historical Society. They've also been gracious enough to allow us to post it online here.

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