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New Self-Checkout Kiosk at the Library

Will new robo-librarian overlords rule with an iron bookmark?

Photo_072307_001As a former member of the Northfield Public Library board, I know that the library has been mulling over the idea of self-serve checkouts for several years. There are various pros and cons with the idea (as with anything, really) and when I left last year there was much talk of if and when the NPL should install it.

Well, the when has been answered: it's now. (Okay, it was two weeks ago, but my books were due today.) I was pleasantly surprised to see one installed. One of the librarians was happy to give me a walk-through on using the machine. It's rather similar to the grocery self-serves that have been popping up all over the last few years. Find the bar code, scan it, hit 'finished', get your receipt.

The new NPL scanner also has a Spanish interface. Considering that (according to the 2000 census) Rice County is nearly 5% Hispanic, I think it may get quite a bit of use. More pictures after the jump...

Dukes race past Greyhounds 5-1

The Dundas Dukes continued their winning and hitting ways by slugging out 15 hits for the third straight game beating the Austin Greyhounds 5-1.

Eddie Hagberg was tremendous on the mound for the Dukes limiting the Greyhounds to three hits and one run through seven innings. Doug Sylvester came in with one on and no outs in the eighth inning and struck out the side. He also got through the ninth allowing no hits or runs.

Full story + box score available on the Dundas Dukes website .

Don't forget about the Rice County Fair!

Firefox Screenshot 030Among all the other things happening this week stealing the spotlight (Harry Potter, I'm looking at you), don't forget that the Rice Country Fair is currently going on down in Faribault. The grandstand has bull riding tonight, tractor pulls tomorrow night, DEMOLITION DERBIES Saturday and Sunday.

Click here to visit the Rice County Fair website for lots more information!

Chief Smith goes on indefinite leave of absence

According to Locally Grown:

The Chief has requested an indefinite leave of absence and it has been granted by the City Administrator. Roger Schroeder has been promoted to Captain, effective immediately. Capt. Schroeder will handle day to day operations of the department. If you have any questions, please see a Supervisor. Any questions regarding the Chief will be handled by the City Administrator.

An interesting turn of events, considering the recent swirl of publicity around the Chief.


If you find more, leave a message in the comments and we'll add it to the story.

Police Chief Gary Smith cannot verify heroin numbers

The "Heroin in the Northfield Schools/NIMBY" story keeps on rolling. The AP has a story looking into the numbers that were given by Smith and if they can be validated by other groups in town:

The police chief in Northfield says numbers he cited in publicizing heroin use in Northfield were anecdotal and based on what drug treatment workers had told his investigators.

Read the full story by clicking here.

In related news, the Nfld Union of Youth/Key will be holding a Q&A about heroin use among Northfield's youth tonight at 7 p.m at the Key.

Lightning strikes tree in local cemetary

(Submitted by Steve Moses) The storms of last weekend did cause a little trouble around town as lightning struck (and probably killed) this fine pine in the cemetery across from the high school.


Dukes top Knights 3-2 in 10 innings in annual Independence Day game

100 1059The Dundas Dukes completed a season sweep of the Northfield Knights by beating them 3-2 in an exciting Fourth of July game at Dundas. Leading 1-0 the Dukes gave up two runs in the fourth inning when starter Jeff Deuth walked the first two batters and gve up a bunt single to Luke Teske, which was also the first hit of the game. Picha lined a single off Deuth's glove for the first run and Mike Wickman hit a deep fly to center that was dropped scoring the second run. It could have been worse for the Dukes, however, as they threw Teske out at the plate Moore to Maus to McDermott. The second time that combo has worked in as many games. The Dukes tied the score 2-2 in the sixth and Deuth and Jeremy Kruse battled until the tenth.

Pictures from the 4th

100_6597.JPGNorthfield always puts on a good show for the 4th of July and this year was no exception. While the festivities went on, the photographers were out in full force, capturing the activity of the town one shot at a time.

A roundup:

If you've got pictures, you can click here to send them to us or post a comment letting us know where your gallery is and we'll link to it!

Cannon Valley Fair going through the 4th

CVF LogoOkay, so it's not strictly Northfield news, but Cannon Falls' 92nd annual Cannon Valley Fair is currently going on.  C.F. is Canada to our US of A, what with their strange accents and doughnut shops, but we're still friends, eh?
  Right, let's see what's remaining...

  • Tuesday - Demolition Derby 7 p.m.
  • Wednesday - Parade, 11:30 a.m.  Harness racing, 1 p.m.  Antique Tractor Pull, 6 p.m.  Fireworks, dusk.

There's also the midway, 4-H shows, strong man competition, food, and displays daily.

If you are a parade-goer like I am, you'll be interested to know that the parade route has changed.

See you there, eh hoser? 

Electrical Wire Fire from Glenn Switzer

Screenshot of the wirefireHoly cow! Glenn Switzer posted a YouTube video of the electrical fire that took out the power for the south side this morning. It's really something to see.

Quote from the video:

Newly installed high voltage electrical transmission line catches fire and explodes just outside of sub-station.

I believe that the arc that we see is called "Jacob's Ladder", but I'm not entirely positive. If you know the correct term (if there is one other than 'arc'), drop us a comment.

Click here to view the video...

Photos and video from the Dundas Duck Race

649575462 F8A3Ca2629Glenn Switzer was on the scene during the Dundas Sesquicentennial, providing us with a bunch of photos and video of the Rubber Duck Race that took place...

Northfield Community Works Photo Gallery

Spring-Creek-MosaicMany thanks to Bright Spencer for sending in these pictures from last night's "Community Works" celebration at Spring Creek Park. Says Bright:

It was a wonderful turnout and a perfect summer evening!

Click here to view the gallery or click here to view the slideshow.

12:30p Update: Griff has posted some photos of the event also.

Northfielders in the News

The 'Land of 10,000 Aches' running club is currently featured in the StarTribune...

The running club, now in its 18th year, is a loose association of 40 runners that meets three times a week for workouts.

As with any group that's been together that long, the club's interaction is laden with long-running jokes and good-natured teasing, except most of it is lobbed over the course of eight-mile runs.

Click here to read the entire story... (The Strib seems to randomly require people to register to read the story. We apologize if this happens to you.)

You're gonna be in a book!

Hi everybody,

We recently got this message via our Contact Us form...

My name is Brandi Chase. I am the director of, a public service website dedicated to teaching children to read. We are writing a book about precipitation, and would love to use two of the photos you submitted to FLICKER.

While we were able to track down one of the photographers, there's one picture that we don't have any information about. It's the one attached to this story. If you know who took that picture, please let Ms. Chase know about it - .

This Week in the Northfield Blogosphere - June 19, 2007

The 'Sphere is back just in time for Juneteenth.   Fully half the states in the US of A recognize Juneteenth as a holiday or observance; Minnesota does not.   TWINB does, but we're a holiday-type crew.  Anyways, on with the show!...

The Northfield Construction Company is renovating the new Montessori School that is coming on the south side of town...

One of the bigger tasks involved the removal of the existing concrete
basement floor. The building official determined that the existing
floor to ceiling height was 2” lower than the height prescribed by the
building code. Our only viable solution was to remove the concrete
floor, excavate soils, and re-lay a new concrete floor.

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