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Olaf report on the library now available

Is the library economically, culturally, or socially important for the downtown area?

For a spring anthropology class, five students from St. Olaf collaborated on a survey of 32 different people from three groups: business owners, library patrons, and citizens of Northfield.

We conducted 32 interviews with business owners, community members, and library patrons in order to gain information about how they viewed the library in relation to downtown Northfield. These interviews revealed that the library contributes a great deal to the City Center community by acting as an “anchor” for the downtown area, serving as a meeting place for citizens, and providing a quality space that has a wealth of resources. The two main challenges for the library mentioned by interviewees included a lack of adequate parking and the need to keep up with technology.

You can click here to read the entire report via Google Documents.

Carleton's Goodsell Observatory seems a little different today

Carleton's Goodsell Observatory underwent a makeover last night and the general consensus is 'beep boop beeeeep'.

Click here for the video.

Click here for a small image gallery.

Facebook being facebook I don't know if you need to be logged in to see it, but apologies if it makes you...

Fake City of Northfield on Twitter

Screenshot from the fake CoN Twitter Account.

Someone has created a "City of Northfield PR" account on Twitter and is posting status updates as if they're officially from the city.  The city is apparently pretty ticked off and will be investigating.  Until then, you can see the hilarity unfold at

Live stream of Bridge Square, downtown Northfield

1080 KYMN and the Northfield Historical Society have teamed up to bring a live stream of Bridge Square from Northfield. The camera is attached to the outside of the NHS building and views BS from the southeast side. (Video feed after the break.)

River Video Round-up

Penelopedia Screenshot!

Monday morning update: 3 new videos added, 1 video link fixed. :)

(If you've got Cannon River spring melt video(s) somewhere on the internet, please let us know and we'll add it to this post!)

 The Big Melt of 2010 has begun and crowds have been forming downtown to watch ice, logs, and flotsam go crashing over.   This post will have a lot of embedded video, so we've put everything 'below the fold'.  Click on 'Read more..' to see them all!


Pothole season is here!

4304094088_4a448fd908_m Citizen!  Our struggle to overcome the winter season has been another success!  Again, we stand on the precipice of another beautiful spring in which to be productive!  Accordingly, it is your duty to report treasonous potholes to the glorious city so that they may be repaired!  Failure to report potholes leads to discord!  Click here to submit pothole reports to the authoritiesBe diligent in your reporting!  The return to general economic prosperity is around the corner if we take good care of our vehicles!

Live stream of the snowstorm in downtown Northfield

Live, from high above Bridge Square, it's the Blizzard of 2009!

Live video chat by Ustream

Tim Freeland and I rigged up a live video stream from my window overlooking Bridge Square and thought that broadcasting the incoming blizzard would be a good way to kick it off.  Watch live as the town is buried under 10-15 inches of the white stuff.

Budget Crisis Hits City - Savings Extracted From Signs

Okay, just having a little fun here.  I was walking into city hall this morning when I noticed that the signs on the east side are missing a little... something.


Local Cat Park Not Doing As Well As Dog Park

Northfield's new "Cat Park" on the corner of Jefferson Rd, Jefferson Lane, and Jefferson Court, is not doing as well as city officials had hoped.  "The city paid thousands to open this up.", said one city official who did not want to be named, "I mean, I'm for equality and all but the lawsuits are starting to pile up."

Indeed, it was hard to hear the official at all over the howling and hissing noises coming from the park.  Visitors huddled in the far corner, waving sticks to try and keep the cats at bay. 

Olaf installation confuses/frightens town

Tallest building overlooks town; "It watches me", complains resident.

St. Olaf's new installation of a ... thing ... on top of Larson residence hall continues to disturb and frighten local residents. Installed two weeks ago, the "eye" (as it has come to be known) gyrates 24 hours a day, spinning around to seemingly 'stare' at townspeople as they go about their day.

"I don't like it," says April Sloof. "Whenever I take out the garbage, it looks at me. I know that sounds dumb, but it does. Most of the time it just watches the cars go by on Highway 19, but if you go walking around it'll turn and look at you."

KYMN has video of the BB last second shot last night.

Tim Freeland of KYMN Radio was at the boys basketball game last night vs. Hutch.  It was down to the last ten seconds, Northfield had the ball and...


Click here to see what happens!

Midsommar 2008 Photo Galleries

Midsommar 2008 Miriam Mueller and Doug Bratland have sent in fantastic sets of pictures from last Sunday's Midsommar Celebration in Way Park.

Remember: is Citizen Journalism - if you photograph it, we'll publish it!  Send your pictures to and we'll add them to our community galleries, now over 9,500 photos strong!

Middle school celebrates sesquicentennial

window art 026lo

(Submitted by Patty Ciernia)

On Friday, May 9th beginning at 9:00am till 2:00pm, over 300 Northfield 6th graders celebrated Minnesota's 150 years of statehood with a project called "All Things Minnesota". These enthusiastic 6th graders painted over 100 windows at their school, with themes such as the Mighty Mississippi, the Land of 10,000 Lakes, the Fires of 1918 and even our state flower and butterfly to name just a few.

It was an undertaking of enormous proportion, but also of enormous significance as we celebrate this important milestone in our state's history.

List of wireless access points updated

ScreenShot002 We've added Sweet Lou's Waffle Bar to the list of places that offer free Wifi access to its customers

If we've missed any, please let us know and we'll fix it ASAP.  Or, if you know of another list that would be valuable for Northfielders tell us that as well.

Earth Day Contra Dance Photos

Submitted by Suzie Nakasian

Dancers at the Contra Dance(Photos taken by Pat O'Loughlin at the Northfield Earth Day Contra Dance last Saturday, April 26.)

The dance was generously underwitten by Carleton's SOPE (Students Organized for the Protection of the Environment) in collaboration with the St. Olaf Environmental Coalition and the Northfield Community Contra Dance Association. The dance was held in Carleton's "Great Space", Sayles Hill Campus Center, and was attended by about 180 people - they were moving - I couldn't count. The room was packed. Music was provided by Contratopia and the dance was led by dance "caller" Robin Nelson of Minneapolis.

A good time was had by all...including the band, as evidenced in the attached photos.

Note: the next opportunity to contra dance in Northfield will be the June Moon Community Dance, part of the NDDC's upcoming Taste of Northfield Celebration on Bridge Square on June 19. The June Moon Dance will proudly feature Northfield's Over and Back Band and include swing dancing, waltzes and contra dances led by dance "caller" Beau Farmer.

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