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KYMN reports sale of the Northfield Hospital

KYMN posted a story this morning, reporting on the imminent sale of the Northfield Hospital:

The Northfield Hospital Board of Directors have announced they have reached an agreement to sell the facility and its clinics to retail giant Walmart, signaling the Arkansas-based behemoth’s long-awaited entrance into the healthcare industry.

The company’s website today is trumpeting the arrival of the “Walspital” in Northfield.

Click here to visit the KYMN website and read the entire article.

Missing Kitten

Kitten lost on night of Thursday, February 23.  Black with tan splotches, named Myrtle.  

Please call 507/412-0516 or return to 812 College Street, Northfield.  There is a reward.

Take a minute to fill out this Carleton research survey and you might win something

Survey screenshot

Survey and Raffle!

Answer questions about diversity, immigration and what it means to be a citizen for the chance to win one of the two $50 Target gift certificates. Survey closes on at 5 PM on March 31, 2012. The survey takes between 5 and 10 minutes to complete.

This is not a political survey: we gather information only for academic purposes. The survey is anonymous. The information you provide for the raffle is kept separate from your answers and is not handled by those who conduct the survey.

To view the survey, click here:

If you have any questions or need help with filling out the survey, please contact Anna Moltchanova by phone (507) 222 7163 or e-mail

“Dear Northfield”, a Historic View of Our Town

An image from the set.Full disclosure: Yes, I had a tiny part in this but I'm super-lazy and a majority of the work wasn't done by me. ;)

The Northfield Historical Society and Hayes Scriven, in association with Tim Freeland, have produced a really neat video showcasing a then-and-now video photo essay.  Here's a blurb from the write-up on KYMN:

The basic idea behind the project is that you take a historical photograph and overlay it on a present day view.  I showed Hayes Scriven of the NHS some of the stills around town that I had started to shoot and he decided to create a video utilizing various historical photos framed over modern day Northfield .  [...] We hope you enjoy!

Click here to read the entire story and watch the (really really cool) video.  Do it!  It's great and only takes a few minutes!

Holiday Ornament Hunt!

The Inaugural Winter Walk Holiday Hunt started at 6 a.m., Saturday morning, December 3!

If you love hunting for the horseshoe, you'll love hunting for the snowflake ornament, a new tradition starting this year courtesy of the Northfield Area Chamber of Commerce and organized by Tim Freeland.  Click here to read more about it at KYMN Radio.

Cool Behind-The-Scenes at the Rare Pair

Behind the Scenes: The 2011 Holiday Window Display

The Rare Pair has a nice post detailing the work that went into their Christmas window display. Read it! It's good. :)

Fire destroys home before Thanksgiving

For information on how you can help the Haslett-Marroquin family, who lost their home to a fire on November 23, please click here.

Fall Photos

Oak leaves

Patricia Wegman has offered up a bunch of photos from her fall gallery, which you can visit by clicking here or on the thumbnail to the right.

Live River Camera from Carlson Capital Management

Tim Jackson of Carlson Capital Management has set up a webcam looking at the river from one of CCM's windows facing the old Froggy Bottom's riverfront...

Live streaming video by Ustream

Currently you can also see the river from KYMN's live stream, click here to view.

River level press release from the city - Tuesday, March 22

The city issued a small press release this morning about the current state of the river level:

3/22/2011 8:40 AM >>>

As of 8AM Tuesday 3/22/2011 Northfield has received nearly an inch of rain since Monday. The Straight River between Faribault and Owatonna has received about 1.25 inches of rain. Late Monday the river level had receded a few inches from its earlier peak, but during the last few hours it has risen back to Monday's peak and continues to rise. Depending on the final amount of rain we receive when the storm moves out of the area on Wed. we expect to see the river rise an additional 12 to 24 inches. If the final rainfall exceeds 2 inches in the upstream areas we might see the water rise further. Currently the river is approximately 3 feet below the 100-year flood elevation and 5 feet below the peak of the Sept. 2010 flood.

The Public Works Department has roughly 3,000 sandbags prepared to protect city facilities, particularly the Safety Center. The Safety Center parking lot sits close to the 100-year flood elevation. The present plan is to build a 1 foot high sandbag berm around the perimeter of the parking lot, should protection become necessary. The additional sandbags necessary will be filled Tuesday morning and a decision on building the sandbag berm around the Safety Center parking lot will be made around noon. An end to rain or a switch to snow will help to lower the eventual crest of the river level.

City Staff continue to monitor all available data from the National Weather Service, US Geological Survey, local and state emergency management services, and to collect data from our own river gauges. Links to automated river gauges and precipitation data are provided on the city's flood website. Further updates will be transmitted if conditions change.

Watch the river from KYMN's window

Tim Freeland of KYMN has placed a small web cam in the back window of the studios so you can watch the river activity, live!

Live Broadcasting by Ustream

Visualizing Japan's problems

Visual representation of what is currently happening in Japan.

Hey everyone.

Important information here: This is current as of Tuesday morning, 09:00 CST.  The situation is changing rapidly and information is hard to come by.

The attached image is a rough sketch of the current impact of the contamination areas overlaid upon Minnesota, specifically Prairie Island.  This is only meant to serve as a representation of what is happening and is not meant to serve as a scare tactic or otherwise.  

The red zone is the current 20km evacuation area around Japan's Fukushima plant.  The 20-30km yellow zone are those areas under a 'do not go outside' order.

There is nothing wrong with Prairie Island.  

Click here for a link to the full size image

Ice Going Out On The Cannon

Via Penelopedia

Penelopedia has a nice photo post about the ice going out on the Cannon River...

Without a lot of narration, here are some shots of the Cannon River above the dam during yesterday morning's wet snow. The ice was definitely on its way out, and in the final photo, taken today, there is a broad swath of open water at last.

Click here to read the whole thing!

Boiling water to frozen cloud - instantly!

Tim Freeland of KYMN radio took a minute out this morning to test the urban legend of boiling water freezing instantly in weather such as this. Check it out - it's only a minute long!

2010 Northfield Rotary Turkey Trot Gallery!

Nancy Johnson was kind enough to send us pictures from the 2010 Northfield Rotary Turkey Trot! Thanks Nancy!

Don't forget that loves, loves, loves event pictures! You take 'em, we'll post/link 'em! Email them and a description to!

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