New Bell Field Tennis Courts at Carleton


This fall Carleton College will be debuting a new tennis facility. The Bell Field Tennis Courts have been completely torn down and rebuilt. Not only are these new tennis courts a great addition to the Carleton College campus, they are a great addition to the Northfield community as well.

The Bell Field Tennis Courts are a unique part of Carleton's athletic facilities. What was once six courts has now been expanded into eight new courts, and the court surfacing and nets have been redone with state-of-the-art equipment. Not only will these courts be used by Carleton varsity athletics, they are also open to the Northfield community at no charge.

As the summer quickly comes to a close, head over to Carleton and try out the new tennis facility. These courts are a perfect spot for some summer fun and recreation.

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Re: New Arboretum Tennis Courts at Carleton

You mean the Bell Field tennis courts. There are actually tennis courts located in the lower Arb which are referred to as the "Arb Courts." These  courts, however, are in quite bad condition and are no longer maintained. The new courts are adjacent to Bell Field, and thusly called "Bell Field Courts."