HCI Sponsors Video PSA Contest


Technology has changed the world.  Through cell phones, texting, tweeting, facebook posts, skype and other methods we can stay connected to friends and family around the world.  Students can do research for a class project from almost anywhere.  Professionals can work from home or even post a blog for Northfield.org from a small town in Costa Rica! Yet as with anything in life, this privilege comes with significant responsibility.  We all need to use technology with respect and decorum.  Those with more experience need to serve as role models for those who are just learning how to navigate cyberspace (whether that newbie is a younger sibling, a son or daughter, or your 78 year old grandma who’d like to hear from you when you are away at college).  Cyberspace is full of both opportunities and danger, and it is up to us to create and maintain positive on-line communities for all.

One of the dangers in using technology, especially for teens, is cyberbullying.  Individuals can send negative messages to others anonymously, without ever having to see the impact that their negative message has on the intended target.  As a community, it is our responsibility to monitor cyberspace in the same way we monitor a playground or other public space – modeling good behavior, confronting bad behavior and enforcing rules and consequences.

HCI, with the support of Northfield Public Schools, ARTech Charter School, and the TLC Committee of the Mayor’s Task Force on Youth Alcohol and Drug Use, would like your help in getting out the message that technology should be used responsibly.  We are sponsoring a PSA Video Contest.  Youth and adults alike are being asked to create short (30-90 second) videos to help prevent cyberbullying and promote responsible technology use.  The videos can be aimed at a youth audience, or they can be focused on what parents and other adult community members can do to help prevent cyberbullying. There will be three $200 prizes, one of which will be determined by a public vote (happening in September). Click HERE for contest rules and guidelines.  You have until August 15th to submit your entry, so grab your video camera and your friends and get filming!