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Timelapse of stormy day

I've posted a timelapse movie of Thursday's storm day from my webcam, which is pointed at St. Olaf ave.: The storm seems pretty short in this format, at least compared to watching the holes appear on my car up on campus.

Editors note: To view the movie, you'll need Apple's QuickTime installed on your computer.

St. Olaf Construction Panoramas & Wind Turbine Pix

I've been documenting the changes to the southeast corner of campus this summer, satisfying my addiction to panoramic photography and time-based imagery in the process. "I've made a mini-website to follow the construction progress, click here to view it":

The site requires the flash plugin, which you likely already have hidden away in your web browser.

There are currently 3 panoramas for most of the sites (1-6), the first shot June 1, the second July 30, the third Aug. 12. I added a few sites on my second shoot that seemed to be good spots from which to observe the changes. The interface lets you view an aerial photo or site plan, or some cross-dissolve of both. Roll your cursor over the labels to see which panoramas are available, and click the dates to open the imagery. The 360-degree panoramas can be 'panned' by clicking and dragging within the image.

I've "recently started a blog": to post when I add images, and I'm also using it to post images of the wind turbine as it goes up:

sound of spring at bridge square

recorded saturday at the fall.

click here for mp3

3D St. Olaf: Science Center and Dittman Center/Administration building

more google earth hijinx. i've made a couple 3D models to sit on manitou heights. these renderings are simple extrusions made from campus maps, not much detail. click links to download .kml files, open in G.E.

Science Center

Dittman Center (art and dance) and Administration

Bridge Square: high resolution for google earth

yet another google earth image overlay; this time a high-resolution image of bridge square. you can acutally see someone in front of the post office!

download .kmz file for G.E.

northfield on google earth

overlay of downtown northfield for google earth. from 2004 agricultural survey aerial imagery.

click here to download .kmz file; open in google earth. 

St. Olaf College on Google Earth

I've created an overlay for St. Olaf College on Google Earth, providing a higher-resolution image of the campus than the standard imagery on GE. (Click to enlarge.)

-corrections - brian welch from st. olaf pointed out that this is not a landsat image, but part of an aerial photo mosaic. brian also pointed out that there is more recent imagery available, so i've updated the overlay with a 2004 image - in color!

download the NEW .kmz file for Google Earth here

the pyramids of Dundas

I've taken advantage of Google Earth's capability to display home-grown content, specifically the ability to share home-made 3D imagery with other G.E. users. I've started big, documenting the little known pyramids of Dundas. Those of you running Google Earth can download the .kmz file here to add and view them in your Google Earth (open the file with G.E.)! Below is a screen shot of the wonders from the Google Earth interface. looking north above highway 3.

My Motion Graphics class up at St. Olaf will be producing 3D mapping projects using Maya and USGS data; I hope to have more Northfield area Google Earth add-ons (even realistic ones)in the near future. 


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