COVID-19 Housing Assistance Program

KYMN Radio - Wed, 09/02/2020 - 9:02am
The COVID-19 Housing Assistance program is now accepting applications. Please review the following information to see if you are eligible to apply and to learn more about how the program works. What is the COVID-19 Housing Assistance Program? The COVID-19 Housing Assistance Program provides housing assistance payments to help prevent eviction, prevent homelessness, and maintain

There’s a Whole Lot of Rubbing Going On. Protect Your Trees!

It’s that time of year again. The whitetail bucks are out rubbing their antlers on your trees! Young trees, from 1”-6” in diameter, need to be protected with white plastic tree wrap to a height of 4 feet. It’s essential to use white tree wraps that reflect the harsh winter sunlight; using something like black drain tile causes temperature fluctuations that can lead to bark damage or death and premature breaking of dormancy. Tree wraps also protect your trees from sun scald and critter damage throughout winter, so leave them on until spring. Protected trees are happy trees!

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DJJD Horseshoe Hunt clue No. 1 released

Northfield News - Wed, 09/02/2020 - 8:21am
Clue No. 1
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Council opts once again to close portion of Water Street

Northfield News - Tue, 09/01/2020 - 10:30pm
The portion of Water Street from Bridge Square to the Fourth Street Bridge will soon close temporarily once again.
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Blowing and Drifting - Christopher Tassava - Tue, 09/01/2020 - 10:00pm

Wearing a facemask is by far the strangest, most ordinary, and most indelible part of the coronavirus pandemic. In the past couple weeks, I’ve finally habituated myself to putting a mask around my neck as I leave the house for work or errands or whatever, and pulling it up anytime I’m in a place where it’s required (work, Target, Imminent, Little Joy, the grocery store) or where it’s just a good idea (almost anywhere else). It’s still a little weird to have my face covered for so much of the day, but the weirdness fades a little every day.

The ubiquity of masks in my life and everyone else’s right now (even the lives of the covid-deniers!) contrasts sharply with their total absence before about March – except on the faces of a few Asian students or elderly people. From that standstill till now, about six months later, we’ve seen masks and mask culture expand into almost every facet of public life. They’re a big and interesting business now, for one things, available everywhere from Target or Walmart to Amazon or mom-and-pop shops to niche manufacturers or crafters. I must have about ten masks right now, a few handmade, some standard ear-loop mass-market, a couple high-end nearly-custom ones. (The last work the best.)

Masks are also a point of personal pride, civic duty, and political controversy. Places that have mandated masks teem with signs to remind people to wear them and why they should wear them. On social media, mask wearers talk about how they wear masks not for themselves, but for others. Covid-deniers reject the practice and the science and the responsibility, often conflating masks with some sort of social control by… someone: the government? doctors? Bill Gates? The logic escapes me, as does the resistance – wearing a mask is almost effortless! But at this crazed moment in American history, everything has to be charged to the highest possible pressure, and masks are no different.

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Council allocates $500,000 in funding for local businesses, nonprofits

Northfield News - Tue, 09/01/2020 - 9:44pm
The Northfield City Council on Sept. 1 approved allocating an additional $500,000 of federal funding for local businesses and nonprofits.
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Sheriff's Office, libraries and nonprofits top board's first look at proposed 2021 budget

Northfield News - Tue, 09/01/2020 - 4:06pm
Rice County’s Board of Commissioners started the process of piecing together their first budget of the COVID-19 era on Tuesday, with an eye to using fiscal restraint while maintaining or increasing funds for key services.
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Brothers argument leads to bullet riddled vehicle; Barriers, $ for legal services and 2021 road projects on Nfld Council agenda; Motivation sparks creative solution to continue Music and Art at LBSA despite covid

KYMN Radio - Tue, 09/01/2020 - 12:02pm
By Teri Knight, News Director Around 2am Saturday morning Faribault police were called on report of 5 or more shots being fired in the 1600 block of Division St. W. in Faribault. On arrival they found a vehicle with 13 bullet holes and shell casings on the ground. 28 year old Cody Ryan Detlie was

Tim Freeland announces DJJD Horseshoe Hunt

KYMN Radio - Tue, 09/01/2020 - 9:08am
Tim Freeland, “Cluemaster” for the Defeat of Jesse James Days Horseshoe Hunt, announces that the Horseshoe Hunt will kick off at 7:00 a.m. tomorrow (Sept. 2) and talks about a new feature in the hunt.  A total of $1,000 will be given away.  You must register your DJJD button to qualify for the grand prize. 


Tom Swift - Untethered Dog - Tue, 09/01/2020 - 8:58am

But then you press your more weathered nose against another window and see your reflection. While you were not fooled before -- while you are not, in fact, where you once were, you aren't as formed as you thought when you felt so mighty as to smear at yourself.

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Faculty seminar hosted by the Institute addresses the pandemic

St. Olaf College - Mon, 08/31/2020 - 4:49pm
“Freedom, Community, and Vocation in Times of Pandemic” brought together some 30 St. Olaf Faculty members on Zoom for a four-day series that considered a wide range of ethical themes raised by the pandemic and states of emergency more broadly.
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Local providers: Cutting services to prepare for COVID-19 logical, responsible

Northfield News - Mon, 08/31/2020 - 3:05pm
During the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic, patients deferred care and health care providers across the state and U.S. cut back on hospital services and furloughed staff to prepare for an expected surge of patients and prevent the spread…
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GALLERY: Work completed on projects approved in 2018 referendum

Northfield News - Mon, 08/31/2020 - 12:35pm
Work has been completed on projects made possible by the successful 2018 referendum to construct a new Greenvale Park Elementary building near the former school and conduct other renovations.
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Despite nearly $11 million in outside funding, COVID-19 still poses danger for NH+C

Northfield News - Mon, 08/31/2020 - 12:11pm
Northfield Hospital and Clinics has received nearly $11 million in federal and state funding during COVID-19 to offset an $8 million net revenue shortfall caused by the pandemic.
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Comment period open on barriers on 4th St. Bridge and closure of Water St.; Poskanzer stepping down; Jerde gets dream of butterhead!; DJJD buttons available – Horseshoe hunt to start Wed.

KYMN Radio - Mon, 08/31/2020 - 12:01pm
By Teri Knight, News Director The Northfield City Council meets tomorrow night. The last item which has been a hot button issue is the consideration to narrow the 4th St. bridge for pedestrians and to close Water St. at Bridge Square to allow for more outdoor seating. According to their packet it’s an effort to

Moorhead earns 5-1 win to end Dukes season

Dundas Dukes Amateur Baseball Club - Mon, 08/31/2020 - 11:32am

SHAKOPEE, Minn. - Moorhead hit three solo home runs and took advantage of a seventh-inning miscue to score two unearned runs in a 5-1 victory over Dundas on Saturday night in the second round of the Minnesota Baseball Association Class B State Tournament to end the Dukes season. Jon Bishop and Nate Van Roekel had two hits each for the Dukes (11-9). Derek Albers scattered eight hits, allowing two earned, and struck out five over six innings in the loss. 

The state tournament appearance was the seventh straight for Dundas. The loss meant the Dukes would not be playing on Labor Day weekend for the only the second time since 2013. 

Box Score

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A Wonderful Life – Insights on Finding a Meaningful Life

KYMN Radio - Mon, 08/31/2020 - 11:20am
This year has stretched many to their limits, some to ponder… what’s the point? Today’s guest is Frank Martela, PhD, a philosopher and researcher of psychology specializing in the question of meaning in life. For as long as humankind has existed, we’ve pondered the meaning, purpose, and ultimate worth of our lives, and how to

Contact Kenosha – City and County

Carol Overland - Legalectric - Mon, 08/31/2020 - 11:06am

Don’t need more tRump inciting — look how tRump’s invasion of Portland and the TRUMP caravan through town this weekend went. More divisiveness, more incitement, more tension, more outrage? That’s the last thing Kenosha needs. Too many ugly and sometimes threatening comments on my thorough post the other day. White supremacist vigilante kills 2 in Kenosha

Ailing Kenosha on edge as Trump visit looms amid tensions – Most arrested during Kenosha protests not from city

Send emails (easy-peasy cut & paste) to:

City of Kenosha Common Council and City Attorney:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Kenosha County Board of Supervisors:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Governor Tony Evers told tRump to STAY HOME! That’s the most sensible thing to come out of Wisconsin for weeks. And a missive of support to Gov. Tony Evers would be helpful:

Contact Gov. Tony Evers

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Policy changes, curriculum updates among ways district will reduce racial inequities

Northfield News - Mon, 08/31/2020 - 10:22am
Northfield High School administrators say one way to make the district a more equitable place for students is ensuring curriculum more accurately reflects all student backgrounds.
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From milling flour To drinking whiskey in Rice County, History Tour Part II

Northfield News - Mon, 08/31/2020 - 10:00am
Rice County is rich in history,, especially in historic buildings. I value that about this region of Minnesota. I appreciate that many aged structures remain, well cared for and treasured. I appreciate, too, those who share their knowledge of the…
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