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Winterburn on evergreens

Fri, 03/22/2019 - 6:51am

Browning on the needles / foliage of Spruce, Pine and Arborvitae is just beginning to show up as the snowbanks melt away. While this damage is not very nice to look at as it becomes more evident with each passing, day, it may not mean that your evergreen tree is dead.

Many evergreen trees and shrubs that show brown foliage in the spring following a tough winter can recover once new growth begins. Careful examination of winterburned Spruce, Pine and Arborvitae may show that buds and growing points for new growth are intact and capable of bringing recovery to the tree. Patience and careful observation are important. Do not throw out an evergreen just because there is a lot of brown. New growth may emerge anytime from late April to mid-June, and if there are enough places on the tree that sprout new growth, a tree that looked pretty bad in the spring can often make an amazingly good recovery.

Look for more blogs on the subject of winterburn in the weeks ahead. I will focus on how to diagnose the degree of damage, and how and when to cleanup a winterburned evergreen so it can make the best possible recovery.

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From tornado devastation to recovery

Sun, 03/03/2019 - 6:31pm

For property owners who suffered devastating tree losses in the September 20th tornadoes, there is a path forward to a satisfying recovery. Hard work on the cleanup of broken trees and a reasonable phased plan for replanting over several years can produce a satisfying, successful and great looking recovery for your landscape.

We are currently in the process of meeting with affected families to evaluate, consult and map out plans for phased replanting with a mix of quality trees and shrubs that will bring beauty back to the place you love. Contact us to schedule a time for Leif Knecht to visit your property for a free consultation.

We have shade, ornamental and evergreen trees as well as shrubs in a multitude of varieties, sizes and prices that make it possible to craft just the right plan for you!

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Landscape Consultation & Design

Fri, 03/01/2019 - 12:08pm
Backyard landscape design in color.

The snow is deep and the wind chill is cold, but don’t let that stop you from thinking about spring!  This is the time to start planning your yard and garden projects.  Whether you’re looking for a professionally drawn master plan, or onsite input and recommendations, we can help!  Check out the new consultation and design packages we are offering for the 2019 season!

Level 1

On site consultation.

Our level 1 consultation covers everything from garden coaching and pruning demonstrations to Q&A and tree placement.  You’ll want to have a pen and paper in hand for this one! Click here for additional information and pricing.

Level 2

Consultation with a written site visit summary.

Have us take the notes!  A level 2 consultation begins with a one hour site visit.  We take the notes and put together a project program that may include a site visit summary, a list of plant and product recommendations, a plant palette, and/or sketch of the area(s) of focus.
Click here for additional information and pricing.

Level 3

Professional Landscape Design/Master Plan

The benefits of starting with a professional landscape design or master plan are numerous.  Working with a landscape designer provides site analysis, unique ideas, conceptual design, project management, and budgeting, to name a few.  Our Landscape Design/Master Plan package includes a rebate for our DIY design customers, and rebate and project coordination for our landscape installation customers!
Click here for additional information and pricing.

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