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Just filed:


Long story, it’s all there in the Comment. PSC and utilities are trying to do end run around the Circuit Court and avoid additional ugly and embarrassing truths from coming out.

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Hablamos de ordenanza de alquileres y nueva cepa del virus

KYMN Radio - Sun, 07/11/2021 - 5:34pm
Ordenanza de alquileres en las propiedas de Northfield y la difusión de la nueva cepa dentro y fuera de Estados Unidos.      


Tom Swift - Untethered Dog - Sun, 07/11/2021 - 4:06pm

“[T]he way to get bolder and more daring in the future … is to continue quietly observing as faithfully as possible now.” -Vincent van Gogh, as quoted by Albert J. Lubin, Stranger on the Earth (1996)

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Democrate Principles!!!

Carol Overland - Legalectric - Sat, 07/10/2021 - 6:24pm

Alan went to the Cannon Valley Fair last weekend to staff the DFL booth, and as always he went over to the Republican booth for a chat. They were handing out the above flyer. Who the hell put this together? Somebody needs to be fired!

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Tom Swift - Untethered Dog - Sat, 07/10/2021 - 2:57pm

“The world is filled with all kinds of people. You can’t know what’s happening in a man’s heart.” -Buck O’Neil, as told to Joe Posnanski, The Soul of Baseball (2007)

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Two arrested in Montana for rural Northfield murder

Northfield News - Fri, 07/09/2021 - 10:55pm
Montana authorities have arrested two people suspected in a July 2 murder in rural Northfield.
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Art Zany 7/9/21 – Northfield Garden Club Tour

KYMN Radio - Fri, 07/09/2021 - 3:15pm
Today in the ArtZany Radio studio Paula Granquist welcomes Elizabeth Olson from the Northfield Garden Club and Alice Thomas from the Save the Northfield Depot.   Northfield Garden Club Tour 2021– Hope and New Beginnings Saturday, July 10 & Sunday, July 11 from 11 a.m. – 4 p.m. Tickets $10 – Sold at any of

Artist hopes underpass murals create good vibes

Northfield News - Fri, 07/09/2021 - 1:41pm
Well-known artist Adam Turman understands the scope of his work.
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Archer House moving closer to demolition; Rice County needs public defenders; School district active throughout the summer

KYMN Radio - Fri, 07/09/2021 - 12:02pm
by Rich Larson Brett Reese, the president of Rebound Partners, said plans are moving forward as they prepare to take down what is left of the historic Archer House Hotel.  After a devastating fire that left the building completely unusable last November, the remains of the Archer House was condemned earlier this spring and declared a total

Sandi Gerdes and Sam Gershman of Laura Baker Services Ass’n

KYMN Radio - Fri, 07/09/2021 - 9:07am
Sandi Gerdes and Sam Gershman of Laura Baker Services Association talk about the new position that Sam fills called Lead Family Services Navigator. LBSA has family events on the 2nd Saturday of every month starting up again, $20 for family fun from 2-5pm for families of loved ones with special needs. Saturday, July 10 is

The Weekly List – The Roswell Show

KYMN Radio - Thu, 07/08/2021 - 6:00pm
This week Rich and Dan let there inner nerds go wild as they commemorate the 74th anniversary of The Roswell Incident with a collection of songs about aliens and science fiction.

Drought Tolerant Plants

This year’s dry weather and oppressive heatwave have had many of us scrambling to keep up with watering.  Moisture loving plants pout, crisp, and languish in the relentless dry heat. Luckily, there are many plants that can withstand dry periods after they’re established. Read on for our list of drought tolerant plants that ease the watering burden.

Drought Tolerant Shrubs

Barberry This shrub is tough. Hot, dry spells don’t phase barberry one bit. They are tolerant of some shade, but planting barberries in full, direct sun encourages more vibrant color. The barbs add deer and rabbit resistance, too!

Spirea There is a reason Spirea is planted in parking lots far and wide. It is tough and floriferous even in less than ideal conditions and has good drought tolerant once established. Varieties range from large and arching to more compact and colorful. 

Aronia An excellent shrub for problem sites and dry spells. Aronia features spring flowers, summer berries, and excellent fall color. Low growing varieties make great ground cover and taller types make a reliable hedge. Flexible sun requirements but better flowering, fruiting, and color in full sun.

Drought Tolerant Trees

Hackberry You saw this tree on our list of plants for wet soil, and here it is again. Hackberries are incredibly tough. This is a tree that will stand up to whatever nature throws its way, be it drought, heat, or storms. 

Honeylocust A beautiful and drought tolerant tree. Bright green spring growth puts on a spectacular show and thousands of airy leaflets create a marvelous dappled effect as the sun shines through them. Several thornless varieties are available.

Ginkgo These ancient trees have interesting leaves that command attention. Once established, they tolerate dry sites and their disease and pest resistance makes them even better. Plant male selections to avoid the stinky fruit that gives ginkgos a bad reputation. 

Drought Tolerant Perennials

Sedum This darling of xeriscaping is a perfect choice for dry areas and drought periods. Sedum’s fleshy leaves act as water storage units, making it one of the finest drought tolerant plants. Many upright and low-growing varieties are available, so finding a place for sedum is easy.

Russian Sage Russian sage’s preference for dry soil, benefit to pollinators, and minimal care needs make it a perfect choice. Silvery, deeply cut foliage is topped with spikes of lavender flowers throughout summer. 

Heliopsis This perennial prefers poor, dry soil. Tough sites keep Heliopsis standing tall and proud, while rich, moist soil can lead to flopping. Bright yellow or orange flowers stand atop handsome green or dark green to bronze leaves. 

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Special education co-op's three programs now in one location

Northfield News - Thu, 07/08/2021 - 5:00pm
What were once empty spaces in Faribo West Mall are now home to three special education programs, a collaboration of four area school districts.
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City Council Special Regular Meeting

City of Northfield Calendar - Thu, 07/08/2021 - 4:45pm
Event date: July 13, 2021
Event Time: 06:00 PM - 09:00 PM
801 Washington Street
Northfield, MN 55057

Staff View: The importance of supporting students with disabilities

St. Olaf College - Thu, 07/08/2021 - 3:13pm
Steve Romenesko, an advisor with the college's new TRIO Student Support Services for Students with Disabilities program, shares why it's so important to provide resources to enable all members of our campus community to succeed.
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Reese and Schmidt discuss new Paulson development; Roundabout murals are going up; NPB’s summer schedule

KYMN Radio - Thu, 07/08/2021 - 12:02pm
by Rich Larson As Northfield is facing a severe housing shortage, local developers Brett Reese of Rebound Partners, and Steve Schmidt of Schmidt Homes, along with the Stencil Group, are planning to develop the former Paulson Christmas Tree Farm near Greenvale Elementary School.  The group is calling the project The Kraewood Development. As proposed, it will be

West side developers shift plans, community group still opposed

Northfield News - Thu, 07/08/2021 - 10:52am
A new development proposal for a 12-acre site on the west side of town reduces the number of apartments by nearly 30%.
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Northfield woman charged with biting paramedic

Northfield News - Thu, 07/08/2021 - 10:45am
A Northfield woman who allegedly bit a paramedic and spit at a police officer during an incident in late May was charged with a felony last week in Rice County District Court.
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John Fossum on murder in Greenvale Township and more

KYMN Radio - Thu, 07/08/2021 - 8:52am
Rice County Attorney John Fossum talks about charges against one of the people involved in the recent murder in Greenvale Township and more.

National Security This Week with Todd Lefko, 7-7-21, (Russian Politics)

KYMN Radio - Thu, 07/08/2021 - 8:39am
Host Jon Olson talks with Todd Lefko, a business leader who has been doing business in Russia for 32 years, about Russian politics and the Russian economy.
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