Purge Your Pantry

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We put a lot of pressure on starting things right away with the new year. However, you have 365 days to accomplish your goals, and goals need to be addressed in small bites and little steps. Before we are able to bring in all of these new ideas and big aspirations, we have to take a look at what we already have. What is already going well? Where is there clutter? How can you make space for all of the new things that you are going to usher in during the new year? Whether you are trying to create time, earn more money, or make better decisions, all of these things require space both physically and mentally.

During the first week of the new year, think about all of the things that have built up during 2017. Are you going to do 2017 laundry this week? Are you still eating 2017 food? Will the 2018 you thank you for making some changes right away that create space for new growth?

Purge your Pantry

Here we are talking about your literal pantry, but you can apply these principles to any area that you are trying to clean up and make ready for new possibilities. Grab the trash can & a box or bag that you plan to use for donations.

1 – Open the pantry all the way up. Can the doors open? Is there anything blocking you from your food stores? Remove that first.

2 – Take everything out. If this sounds scary to you, you need to lean into that discomfort. You could be scared because there is a lot there or you could be scared because you feel like this will take you a long time. If you are worried about time, just take out a laundry basket and put everything in there – the floor and the counter work too, use whatever is easiest for you. Make it fast and painless on yourself.

3 – Clean. Once everything is out, you have the opportunity to chase down those stray noodles, those dust bunnies that are hiding, and that spider that you have an agreement with. Evict the spider, capture and re-house the dust bunnies, and thank the noodle for its services and see it off. As a side note – all of the things mentioned above are compostable. If you don’t have a composting bin, the trash works.

4 – Keep your dust cloth handy, and start reshelving things. The order doesn’t matter, but if your brain craves organization, start with the stuff that you know you are keeping and the things that have a particular spot in the pantry. Dust them off, check the expiration date, and reshelve them.

  1. Things that are expired, use your best judgment. If you know you are going to use it, and it is a canned item, it is probably safe. If it is 6 years old, please toss it. You weren’t going to eat it when you bought it, chances are you’ll never eat it and, at this point, you should be starting to worry that the food has gone rancid.
  2. Things that are not expired, but you do not intend to eat, go in the donation pile. If it is a sealed container it can go to the food shelf or your favorite charitable organization. If it is opened, or a bulk item you’ll have to decide later. Some opened packages you may be able to give to family and friends who will use them. But, likely you will have to put some of these items in the trash.
    1. Tips for the trash.
      1. Recycle cans, cardboard, and plastic where you can. This makes your process take more time, but it does reduce the guilt when you are heading out to the trash can during step 5.
      2. Compost where you can. Maybe this is the one time that you make a compost container and you drive it out to your local compost pile. Maybe you already have a compost service set up or you are an at home composter.
      3. Terracycle where you can. Certain chip bags can be saved and terracycled. This is an added prep. Step, but if reducing your waste is important to you, it is worth a look.
      4. If it is difficult or cost prohibitive to take these steps. Forgive yourself. Needing to use trash services is okay.
    2. Tips for composting
      1. Stainless steel, ceramic, and glass receptacles work best because these receptacles won’t be stained or damaged in the process. If you don’t have any of these, just choose something that you don’t mind becoming tomato stained.
      2. Check your local composting rules. If you have a service that can take paper towels, tissues, and bones, everything can go in one big bowl together. If not, compost where you can.
      3. Get it out of your house ASAP. If you have a big bucket full of compost, drive it out to your local site that same day. If you compost in the backyard, bring it out there right away. Or, if you have a service, plan your pantry purge the day before a compost day.
    3. Tips for giving stuff away
      1. Know the gift recipient. Will they actually want or use what you are giving them? If you don’t want smoked oysters, ask yourself if they would.
      2. Make arrangements to give it to them right away. Start texting them while you are making your piles of stuff to donate.
      3. Don’t try to give away something that is garbage. Dented or destroyed items, out of date items, and open items should be judged on an individual basis. When in doubt – ask the potential recipient and be okay with them telling you no.
      4. Maybe this can even be a trade. If your friends are all doing this on the same day, you can set up a grocery swap with all of the things that you would like to trade out. Just make sure you have a plan for the leftover, unwanted items. Donate or dispose of those as well.
    4. Tips for donating.
      1. Most donation places only accept non-perishable, in-date items. And some places only accept food products. So check your local place learn what their rules are.
      2. Make sure that you are able to donate the day of your project. You want these things out of your house, so pick a day that your donation center is open.
      3. Learn what items are in high demand. This changes throughout the year. This could allow you to purge a few extra items that you may or may not use and get them to people who do need them.


5 – Now that you have your pantry filled with only the things that you know you want to keep, make all of your trips. Take a trip to the garbage can with the things that couldn’t find a better home. Bring your recycling to the bin. Compost your compost.

6 – Then take your bigger trips. Bring all of the donations to their drop off points. Meet up with the person or friends that you are trading with or gifting to. Drive the composting to the drop-off point.

7 – You should take a day or two to enjoy your new, clean pantry.

8 – Make a list. It is likely that you will start feeling like you have no food in the house and you can’t make anything if you wait too long to restock your pantry. But, I would suggest taking a clear inventory of what you still have and what you need before you go to the store.

  1. Consider your eating patterns and goals for the year. If you cut out processed foods, don’t put those on your shopping list. If you are low on coconut oil, and you use that everyday, put that on the list.
  2. Can any of your things be purchased in bulk or with less packaging? Set up your grocery kit with jars that fit in your pantry and will work well for those items. You can actually set your jars in the pantry and see where everything is going to fit before you shop. Then, remember to put them all back into your car or grocery bag so that they make it to the store with you.
  3. Are there new recipes that require ingredients that you don’t have? This is the time to add those items to the list.

9 – After you shop put everything away in their intended spots. You may want to snap a picture of your pantry so that you can remember what goes where and what you have for the next time you shop or are meal planning.

10 – Enjoy and Assess. New plans and habits take time to mature. Does this layout work for you? Do you feel like you keep running out of flour? Keep changing things and adjusting until it is working well for your lifestyle. A fresh start is just that, a start, a place to begin and build from.

Written by Vicki Scott, Social Media and Creative Coordinator

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The Return of the Piano Man

My Musical Family - Joy Riggs - Sun, 01/14/2018 - 11:07am
The most exciting musical development at our house over the past several months has been Elias' renewed interest in playing the piano. We have La La Land to thank for it. Turns out, Ryan Gosling didn't just save jazz (if you didn't catch Gosling's monologue last fall on Saturday Night Live, you can watch it here). He also inspired Elias' return to the piano bench, through his portrayal of fictional jazz pianist Sebastian (the character happens to share a name with my other son).

Elias, 17, with his Christmas 2017 gift from Nana and Poppa Riggs.Elias started taking piano lessons in first grade from the wonderful DeWayne Wee, who also taught Louisa and Sebastian for several years. Elias has natural talent (inherited from his great-great grandmother Islea, perhaps?) and he possesses the long, dextrous fingers needed to manage those octaves. But during his middle school years he grew increasingly frustrated with the practicing part of playing the piano—not an unusual situation for most kids.

Elias in August 2013, playing the piano in front of Cafe Latte in St. Paul.

When he asked to take a break from lessons at the end of eighth grade, I acquiesced, hoping he'd decide on his own to take up the piano again someday.

Months passed. He became busy with other activities, and the piano mostly stayed silent. Then, one night last winter, Steve and I watched La La Land while Elias was out with friends. When he came home, we discovered that he'd also wanted to see the movie, so we watched it a second time with him, and something clicked.

A few months later, Elias asked Steve if he would buy him the piano music for the movie. Steve ordered it through our friendly local bookstore (thanks, Content!), and once it arrived, Elias began sitting at the piano every day, working on the song "Engagement Party" until he'd mastered and memorized it. He moved on to other songs in the book, and soon he was digging into his old piano books, and old piano books of mine.

At first he preferred to practice when no one else was around. He would sneak in practice sessions when I was out getting groceries, or when I took the dog for a walk. Whenever I was lucky enough to hear him play, it made me smile. I tried to encourage him without making too big a deal out of it, not wanting to jinx it.

My stealthy video of Elias practicing in November 2017.I also secretly recorded him a few times and sent the videos to my parents, who were thrilled with this musical development. Although my dad is more known for his trumpet playing, he took many years of piano lessons and has continued to play throughout his life. Dad has the ability I wish I had—he can sit down at the piano, read a piece cold, and play it as though he's been practicing it for weeks.

Elias began watching YouTube videos of pianists performing challenging pieces, and he became less hesitant to practice with other people in the house. Now he will sometimes sit down and work on a particularly challenging section of a piece, over and over and over until he gets it right, and his patience amazes and inspires me.

Earlier this fall, after Steve, Elias, and I went to see the Minnesota Orchestra perform the music to La La Land during a showing of the movie, Elias came to us with another request. Could we take him to a prestigious piano festival in the spring? Turns out the Gilmore Keyboard Festival is held every other year in, wouldn't you know it, Kalamazoo, Michigan—the same city where Sebastian attends college. Steve, who loves to plan trips, was immediately sold on the idea, and last night, when concert tickets went on sale at midnight, he was ready. We are now set to attend four of the festival concerts in late April.

I don't know where Elias' interests will take him next, but I'm eager to find out. If Ryan Gosling continues to have any influence on Elias, it could be an interesting fall. Gosling's next movie, set to open in October, when Elias turns 18, is called First Man and is about the life of Neil Armstrong, the first man to walk on the moon.
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Behind 17 points from Matthew Stritzel and a game-high 18 points for Kevin Grow, the Carleton College men’s basketball team rode an impressive first-half performance to a convincing 77-52 victory at Concordia College.

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End of Temporary Protection Status?

Carol Overland - Legalectric - Fri, 01/12/2018 - 6:23pm

Yes, this administration is planning to end “Temporary Protected Status” for many legally admitted/present refugees. Here’s the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services’ Temporary Protected Status page.  They’ve been here legally for how long, and now, the rug will be pulled out from under them.

Countries covered include:

And here’s the real news of Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen M. Nielsen doing tRump’s bidding — note it’s coming from Homeland Security, this one regarding El Salvador:

For Immediate Release
Office of the Press Secretary
Contact: 202-282-8010

Nielsen Carefully Considered Conditions on the Ground

en Español

WASHINGTON— Today, the Secretary of Homeland Security announced her determination that termination of the Temporary Protected Status (TPS) designation for El Salvador was required pursuant to the Immigration and Nationality Act. To allow for an orderly transition, she has determined to delay the termination for 18 months. The designation will terminate on Sept. 9, 2019.

The decision to terminate TPS for El Salvador was made after a review of the disaster-related conditions upon which the country’s original designation was based and an assessment of whether those originating conditions continue to exist as required by statute. Based on careful consideration of available information, including recommendations received as part of an inter-agency consultation process, the Secretary determined that the original conditions caused by the 2001 earthquakes no longer exist. Thus, under the applicable statute, the current TPS designation must be terminated.

The Department of Homeland Security has conducted extensive outreach to Salvadoran communities throughout the country. This includes, but is not limited to, community forums on TPS, panel discussions with Salvadoran community organizers, stakeholder teleconferences, regular meetings with TPS beneficiaries, news releases to the Salvadoran community, meetings with Salvadoran government officials, meetings at local churches, and listening sessions. The Secretary met recently with the El Salvadorian Foreign Minister and Ambassador to the United States, and spoke with President Sánchez Cerén.

Following the 2001 earthquake, El Salvador received a significant amount of international aid to assist in its recovery efforts, including millions of dollars dedicated to emergency and long-term assistance. Many reconstruction projects have now been completed. Schools and hospitals damaged by the earthquakes have been reconstructed and repaired, homes have been rebuilt, and money has been provided for water and sanitation and to repair earthquake damaged roads and other infrastructure. The substantial disruption of living conditions caused by the earthquake no longer exist.

Additionally, in recent years, the U.S. government has been repatriating individuals back to El Salvador – more than 39,000 in the last two years – demonstrating that the temporary inability of El Salvador to adequately return their nationals after the earthquake has been addressed.

To allow for an orderly transition, the effective date of the termination of TPS for El Salvador will be delayed 18 months to provide time for individuals with TPS to arrange for their departure or to seek an alternative lawful immigration status in the United States, if eligible. Salvadorans in the United States who benefited from TPS may still receive other protections under our immigration system for which they are eligible.

The 18 months will also provide time for El Salvador to prepare for the return and reintegration of its citizens. During this timeframe, DHS will work with the Department of State and the Government of El Salvador to help educate relevant stakeholders and facilitate an orderly transition. In addition to materials posted online, DHS components will participate in outreach activities such as teleconferences, town halls and roundtables to ensure that affected populations have a full and accurate understanding of their rights and obligations.

Only Congress can legislate a permanent solution addressing the lack of an enduring lawful immigration status of those currently protected by TPS who have lived and worked in the United States for many years. The 18-month delayed termination will allow Congress time to craft a potential legislative solution.

Salvadorans with TPS will be required to re-register for TPS and apply for Employment Authorization Documents in order to legally work in the United States until the termination of El Salvador’s TPS designation becomes effective Sept. 9, 2019. Further details about this termination for TPS, including the re-registration period, will appear in a Federal Register notice. Salvadoran TPS beneficiaries should not submit re-registration applications until the re-registration period is announced through the Federal Register notice.

# # #

Each has its own notice, but some are set to expire and no notice — here’s what’s on the site:

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